CNN fact-checks false claims Trump made defending Roger Stone

President Donald Trump made a series of false and misleading claims as he lashed out against the government's handling of the legal case involving Roger Stone, his longtime adviser, who was convicted of lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing a congressional investigation. CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks the President's tweets and public remarks. #CNN #News


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      Its not the government jobs to artificially increase their pay. paychecks are better then demo rats food stamps and every can agree, having a paycheck is much better then having food stamps

    2. cessna caravan

      No investigations found “no collusion”. Collusion is not a crime. It is cooperation with nefarious intent, which Trump CLEARLY did.

      What news story is inaccurate? Here are some things the media reported about it. Tell me, what’s false in the following?

      – The Trump Tower meeting was a QUID PRO QUO with members of the Russian GOVERNMENT to trade illegally obtained DIRT for SANCTION RELIEF.

      – 16 Trump associates lied about 140 contacts with Russians after Trump said there were no contacts whatsoever. Mike Pence was asked if there was any contact. He replied, “Of course not. Why would there be?” With that statement, he ostensibly admitted there was no good reason for any of the contacts.

      – Trump publicly asked Russia to meddle in the 2016 election. “Russia, if you’re listening…”

      – The Mueller Report details 10 instances of obstruction of justice by Donald Trump.

      – Trump’s campaign chairman, convicted felon, Paul Manafort, attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting. He offered polling data to a known Russian intelligence officer. 21 states’ voter rolls were hacked. Manafort had been a lobbyist for Putin. He helped install a crooked, pro-Russian dictator in Ukraine.

      – The Trump campaign requested one change to the RNC platform, to eliminate language that affirmed US commitment to giving military aid to Ukeaine. At the convention, attended by Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, a Trump staffer made this request. The staffer says he was asked to do it by senior campaign members. Campaign manager, Paul Manafort and candidate Trump publicly denied any involvement.

      – Trump campaign strategist, Roger Stone, a self described “dirty trickster” was convicted of 7 felonies in connection with the Russia investigation. He bragged about being in touch with both the hackers and the disseminators of the stolen DNC emails.

      – Stone and partner, Jerome Corsi “predicted” the DNC email hacks with astounding accuracy. Before Clinton campaign mgr., John Podesta’s email account was hacked, Stone emailed an associate, saying, “It will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel”.

      – Trump’s personal lawyer, convicted felon, Michael Cohen, has named Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator in an FEC case that involved bank fraud. Cohen was involved in a real estate venture to build a Trump Tower in Moscow while Trump was running for president. Trump lied about pursuing the deal, leaving himself vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians, who obviously knew he was lying to the public.

      – Trump foreign relations advisor and convicted felon, George Papadopoulos, suggested to the campaign that Trump should meet with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

      – On June 7, 2016, Don Jr. set up the infamous Trump Tower meeting. He denies he told his father about it, but later that day, Trump announced, “I am going to give a major speech on probably Monday of next week and we’re going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons.” Both Steve Bannon and Michael Cohen say Trump knew about the meeting.

      – Trump’s son-in law and Sr. advisor, Jarred Kushner, met with the head of a SANCTIONED Russian bank to discuss setting-up a back-channel to the Kremlin to get around monitoring by US intelligence They discussed a deal in which the US would provide sanction relief in exchange for help with Kushner’s failing 666 5th Avenue real estate venture.

      – In a private meeting with Putin, Trump took possession of the notes of his own interpreter, and instructed the linguist not to discuss what transpired in the meeting with administration officials.

      – The FBI asked the Trump campaign to call if they saw anything suspicious, as they do with all political campaigns, but nobody did. Later, Trump would say, (about the Trump Tower meeting), “I think anyone would have taken that meeting”.

      – At the Helsinki Summit, Trump said he didn’t see why Russia would meddle in our election. He later lied, and said he meant to say he didn’t see why they “wouldn’t” meddle. After that, on several occasions, he clearly expressed his doubt that Russia meddled after all. Trump does, however, trust the intelligence services of Ukraine, a country he calls corrupt, over the CIA.

      – During the campaign, former National Security Advisor, convicted felon, Michael Flynn went to Moscow for an RT event. (RT – Russia Today, aka, Russian propaganda), and made a speech disparaging US/Russia policy. He lied about his compensation. He failed to register as a foreign agent.

      – Trump security advisor, Carter Page, went to Moscow and made a speech disparaging US/Russia policy. (Page got caught-up in a Russian spy ring in 2013).

      – Trump said, “NATO is obsolete”. NATO exists to protect Europe from Russian aggression.

      – At a NATO summit, Trump refused to reaffirm Article 5, (The ‘all for one’ article only evoked once, by the US, after 9/11).

      – Trump chose Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon, as his first Sec. of State. Tillerson had received Russia’s highest award for a foreigner. Exxon lost a $500 billion oil deal with a Russian, state-run, oil company when the US sanctioned Russia for its illegal invasion of Ukraine. Trump fired Tillerson the day after he publicly criticized Putin.

      – Putin did NOT want Clinton to become President. As Secretary of State, she was tough on him. Since taking office, Trump has defunded and refused to fully staff the State Department.

      – Trump has NEVER criticized Putin.

      – Trump has never expressed anger or disappointment with any of his people for dealing with Russians, supposedly behind his back.

      – Trump repeated Russian propaganda many times. He said the USSR occupied Afghanistan in ’79 because of terrorists, and was “right to do it”. (The US was instrumental in driving out the Soviets).

      – Trump ordered a troop withdrawal from Syria. (a day before Putin’s annual press conference). Russia is in Syria to protect the Assad regime. This prompted the resignation of the Secretary of Defense.

      – Under Obama, the official US position on Syria was that Assad should go. Trump changed that to allow Assad to stay for now.

      – 80% of the communication requests on a server in Trump Tower came from a Russian bank. (19% from Sec. of Education, Betsy DeVos, and her brother, former Blackwater chief, Eric Prince. The remaining 1% comprised all others).

      – The Special Council’s office charged and jailed a suspected Russian spy, Maria Butina, in connection with funneling money to the Trump campaign through the NRA.

      – Russian born gangster, felon, and Trump business partner, Felix Sater, is reputed to have been working to get Trump elected. He worked with Trump on the Trump Tower Moscow project. Trump said he didn’t know Sater well, and “probably wouldn’t recognize him if I saw him”. Sater was at Trump’s election victory party. Sater once said he could help make “our guy” president.

      – While Putin was running a disinformation campaign against Montenegro, Trump said he thought Montenegro might start WWIII.

      – Trump is trying to discredit US intelligence conclusions that Russia meddled in the 2016 election so he can lift sanctions put on Russia over that meddling.

      – Trump blocked the release of a State Department statement condemning Russia for seizing Ukrainian ships.

      – Trump is pushing Ukraine to make a deal with Russia in order to lift sanctions imposed on them over their invasion of Ukraine.

      – The debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine hacked the DNC in 2016 was originated by Russian military intelligence.

      – Trump has repeatedly insisted that Russia should be re-admitted to the G7, without any change in their behavior.

      – Trump took funds from the Pentagon budget to fund his wall that came from programs to safeguard Ukraine from Russian aggression.

      – Trump refuses to release tax returns that could inform the public of any business dealings in Russia, and lied about the reason he will not release them.

    3. cessna caravan – What? You can’t prove Trump lies without proving Dems don’t? What kind of logic is that?

      I’ll put it in perspective for you. Obama lied 148 times in 8 years. Trump has lied over 16,000 times in 3 years, and he’s doing it more frequently.

    4. @J Groovy Mueller report ??? oh my goodness . Where were you when mueller by his own admission, infront of millions, said, no collusion and no obstruction ?
      Did you not heard the few other magic phases like , not my perview ? I dont know and no comment ?
      Kid, where have u been ? Mueller report is not even worth picking up dog poo now ! and what did Horowitz report said ?
      You talk about lies, yet, ironically, everything that , you have written are just lies …
      And using Mueller report, how dumb could u be !

    5. @J Groovy Trump tax returns ? What about it ? What do you mean by he wont release ? is the IRS going after trump for not releasing his taxes ?
      Can you show me a link, that says, that IRS is going after trump for refusing to file his taxes ?
      Hey kid, the irs have all of trumps tax returns . If the IRS with thousands of specialize accountant and lawyers , many of them are specialist in a branch of accounting called forensic accounting , and they dont see anything wrong with his accounts , why should i care ?

      I voted trump to enact policies, i have no business knowing about his tax returns. Thats between him and the irs, if the irs, does not raise any concern, neither would i.

      if you lib turds want to run around chasing his tax returns go ahead,keep on running around, we will just laugh , the way we laugh at cats chasing laser pointers!

    1. @Uncle Ed That piece of 💩 is mentally ill all the way around. The sad thing about it is that in his little warped and twisted mind he believes he should get an award for what he is.

    1. You media bashers are ridiculous. Always mocking their accuracy and honesty, but never actually refuting the facts. And to do it in defense of an habitual liar like Trump is almost comical.

    1. @Curunir So a Senator is a judge/juror who swears to be impartial… if the evidence is missing wouldn’t they demand witnesses? If facts were what they were after?

    1. @Dominique Brasseur You’re right. I did cross the line with mockery. Its just that I am one who prefer clear thinking along with logic and reasoning. I mean, I have a sense of humor, but politics is a serious matter and that kind of comment he or she made sounded just like the man in the Oval Office that is down right unprofessional, disrespectful (Notably with the late McCain) and completely reckless. I’m not much of leader material, but I will challenge a leader with good faith. I can admit when I am wrong and don’t rub it in when I am right. That is the attitude that Washington just don’t have. I am very disappointed with ALL of them and that comment reminded me of my disappointment.

    2. I’m with you Judy. The trolls are so boring. Can’t even be bothered to listen to them anymore windbag trolls

    3. Hildebeast Clinton – Good going. You thought Clinton was crooked, so you elected someone much more corrupt who had no experience, and now look the other way as Trump rapes the Constitution. “Tear it all down!” with no plan to build it back up. Stop defining yourself by your opposition.

    1. North The Great – Other news outlets that compete with them, fact checking organizations, and the subjects of the fact checks. It’s a free press.

    2. @J Groovy But if somebody fact checks somebody else’s facts that have checked somebody else’s facts and they have lied, then their facts are not facts. It’s the other guys facts are factual. So who had the facts to begin with?

    3. North The Great – Then that wouldn’t be fact checking. That’s just copying. News outlets independently fact check. If a story is well sourced, outlets will report that another outlet reported it, and that it hasn’t been verified, but they even take a chance doing that.

      They compete to sell their product, which is fact and analysis. They also compete for speed in reporting the facts. Competition is a cornerstone of capitalism, so it sounds crazy to me when right wingers insist that the media is in cahoots with the “socialist” Democrats. They deal in sensationalism, and loyalty to one party only cuts into their profits…unless you’re FOX News, who can afford to be one sided because they have no competition.

  1. I wonder what would happen if Bloomberg bought twitter and then shut it down.

    In Trumps own words, he has the absolute right to do so.

    1. OH wouldnt that be awesome …..just to see the orange goons face……………worth a million== Go Bloomberg

    2. B.J Cameron As abhorrent as that situation is, there is a higher cause. The only goal at this point is to rid this country of the malignancy that is D.J.Trump. There’s time to work on other important injustices afterwards. If DJT isn’t removed by any means possible, nothing is going change. He’ll continue to demean and destroy the United States. We will all be harmed, we will all lose every right guaranteed by the Constitution/Bill of Rights. This is the most important thing we’ve ever experienced as a nation. I only pray we succeed.

  2. BUSTED! Roger Stone lead juror just got caught again! Under oath, the jury foreman in Roger Stone case testified that she had no recollection of who Roger Stone was. Ironically, if she never wrote the CNN piece none of this wouldn’t have been made public. Her desire for fame will land her in prison. The jury foreman lied under oath. This is a federal crime.

  3. lemon, lemon. You have been making a fool of yourself too long with your totally biased and foolish comments. You have lost your credibility and people’s respect.

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