1. Grateful to live in a country I don’t have to escape from. Can’t even imagine how difficult their journey has been. Especially with children.

    1. @Lisa Kuzma sadly yes. May God bless the soul of your late father. Their numbers are indeed dwindling every year. The courage and tenacity of those brave airmen flying Lancaster and spitfire is absolutely hard to imagine in the context of today’s modern military aviation. My father generation in the rcaf is post WW2. He earned his wing flying caribou and retired flying C-130 Hercules. Très bonne journée, madame!

    2. @shelby Yes. I’m sure the country they’re fleeing gave them access to adequate birth control. 🙄

    1. Okay, what do Venezuelan migrants have to do with Tejanos or Mexicans that were always in the southwest United States? Not the brightest bulb are you

  2. The story neglects to mention that the ‘safe third country’ agreement is a problem because a Superior Court Judge ruled the US is not a safe country for detainees. The Court found that in US custody, detainees are subject to cruel and usual punishment, and sending them back to America would violate their basic rights under Canadian law. It was overturned on appeal from the Government, but is now being reviewed by the Supreme Court of Canada.

  3. See how our police arrest you here: Hello, I’m sorry but we have to arrest you now. 🇨🇦

    1. @SomebodySomewhere And American border patrol greets (5 million , now ) and gives them a ticket to the city of their choice … , healthcare, clothes , food , and the works….. Disgusting that people enter your home (country) and take when veterans are homeless on streets

    2. @steve harrigan Why, is this the matter, that we have had such a smarch face, so full of frost, of storm and retchedness

    3. @Suzanne Clerk Fort Simpson/Liidlii Kue. But lived in lots of different places, not as far east as you though. When was very young in Ottawa for a year, that was the furthest east. The last ten years or so just here. Mon francais est le francais de l’ecole dans le Alberta, plus je fail.

  4. Why the U.S is giving Visas so easily to these people to get to the USA in the first place? Most of them came with a flight with a tourist Visa.

    1. Not paying attention are we? They entered the US trying to claim asylum, and once released headed north to do the same in Canada. The one lady from Colombia was specifically noted to have NOT received a visa. And no, the ones flying from Mexico into Canada to the cross into the US do not require a visa to travel to Canada.

  5. My family had a summer house in Canada, (which dad sold when he remarried) but we were only what’s called “landed immigrants”, we never applied for Canadian citizenship. Canadian citizenship involves a long process, which could take years, you also need to pledge allegience to the British throne. When I was considering migrating to Canada (after Trump was elected) I made several calls to Immigrations Canada and was told what I should do to become a Canadian citizen. They don’t accept just anyone. There are strict guidelines. The best way, if you can afford it, is to buy property and reside in Canada as a landed immigrant while you go through the long immigration and naturalization process. I wish these refugees all the luck, Canada is a great country, I am still contemplating a move there.

    1. @zrk9a Our place was a SUMMER house, in southern Ontario, on lake Erie. We lived there in the summer, and wintered in Buffalo. Dad commuted to work over the Peace bridge.

    2. @Max Audet I checked out the price of houses around Toronto- I would almost need to win the lottery to afford to buy one.

    3. @AndyGinterBlues yeah Toronto’s like in the top 3 most expensive spot in the country, along with some places in Montreal and pretty much anywhere in Vancouver

    1. @Maxmartin this is simply not true, the vast majority of these migrants do end up staying in Canada. The numbers of illegal crossings back into the US from Canada is practically zero compared to the ones entering Canada from the US.

    2. @meanwhileincanada They are not ILLEGALS. They have already been processed by US Immigration. The only way they can stay in Canada is to claim refugee status. Over the past 3 months over 400 have crossed back into the US when they were told the process to “legal immigrant” status as a refugee in Canada takes longer than just waiting for their status interview in the US.

    3. Double standards of NYC mayor. He didn’t like it when Greg Abbott bussed them to NY yet the mayor still thinks its ok to bus them elsewhere, even though he bragged about NYC being a ‘sanctuary’ city

    4. @Daniel Goring The US Immigration processed migrants could get bus tickets anywhere in the US. I doubt the mayor personally said, “send them to Plattsburgh” and hopefully they’ll find Canada. The migrants were duped into thinking Canada would process them faster. Canada will take them only if they claim asylum and tear-up their US paper-work. When they find out the process is LONGER in Canada, they go right back to the US and await their US Immigration status interview. This is just theater! 😅

  6. It’s very sad.. lots of people talk about these people as if they are not human. One day, you can be like this. You never know. So, before you speak, think.

    1. The thing is if Canada lets people cross its border that easy, many people will try their luck by continuing to do it and risk their lives

  7. “You will be arrested. Ok then, allow me to welcome you to Canada. I’ll take yer bag.”

    God bless that country. The people are SO nice.

    1. As an American living in BC you cant get or buy anything without MSP unless its over the counter in which case its the same price as in the US (cant even make an appointment to see a dr and pay in cash completely denied every phone call I made), I went to the ER cause they wont turn you away and paid in cash a couple grand cause without MSP its no different than US without insurance, only except that I applaud is insulin is afaik way cheaper and over the counter in Canada. (also I didn’t come up here for treatment, for the same price the quality was better in the US, just a heart issue arise during IEC)

    1. @Moochy So…about 6 people tried that Along Alberta’s border with the U.S. last year in February…and the RCMP respectfully disagreed with that approach!!

    1. @John  it never was “my” country, nor the country of my ancestors 6 generations ago when they got here. It’s always been first nations land.

  8. I love how stereotypical their accents are at the border, in case you aren’t entirely sure what country you’re going to.

    1. @Paul Z It’s funny because I bet you a lot of those people are Haitian and likely also speak French. So you have two people whose first language is French communicating in English.

    2. @ImaginingMonitor Typical of Canadian bilingualism. French people have to learn English but English people do not care about French…

    3. 🤣That’s not stereotypical Canadian, 90% of Canadians don’t sound like that. It’s Quebec, of course they’re going to have an accent. Are you saying Drake, Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves etc talk like that? 🤣

  9. The major friction from my perspective as a Canadian was finding out some US officials, such as the mayor of NYC, are helping bus migrants to Canada, which is completely unacceptable and violates our agreement.

    1. They called out governor Abbot for ‘Human Trafficking’ them to NY yet they think it’s perfectly ok to bus them from NY to Canada. Typical Democrat double standards as usual

  10. That’s awesome. I went ended up on this road one time and they actually pull you over before you get to the end so I don’t know how taxis are getting that close

  11. I’m all for people coming here to Canada, as long as they get a job, pay their taxes and keep their noses clean. Priority should be given to anyone with specialized training like doctors and trades. Honestly just about every doctor I’ve ever seen was originally from India or was Asian. I just don’t want to have a translator to understand them, we need more people like that with some kind of education and training.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 too bad we don’t get to chose, millions have come into the US and we know nothing about their background or have proof for their grounds of asylum seeking.

  12. Not gonna lie… seeing that baby’s face at :12 really just kills me on the inside. I can’t help but feel so sorry and sad for them.

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