1. Carl Sagan once stated, …”this is the dumbing down of America…a kind of celebration of ignorance”

    1. @Daydreon Mckinney It’s certainly not about saving lives. Masks and distance are a joke, lockdowns didn’t stop the spread and the jab does not stop the spread or infection. Lives are being destroyed, families ripped apart, businesses ruined and a massive tyrannical power grab with rollouts of health passports and mandated jabs. I most certainly have the right to live my life, travel, socialize and run my business as I see fit. I am a free man and I do not consent to unlawful control of my life or seizure of my property nor authority over my medical decisions. If you are afraid you can stay home and stay safe.

    2. @James Clark you would have turned the lights on during a blackout in WW2. It not all about your civil liberties. I bet if you get it you be the first person whining in the hospital.

    3. @Love Joy All of that may be true but not during a pandemic. During a deadly virus spreading all over the world,things will and should be changed drasticly. According to what keeps the majority alive and safe as possible is what it’s about. Not you…..

  2. My mother used to say: “There is something worse than being ignorant. It is choosing to be”.

    1. @William Parks the shot isn’t more deadly than the disease, that’s misinformation and it’s not even disguised properly to pass the sniff test. Your making a fool out of yourself, do some research, even your fox News hosts know better than that bs

    2. @William Parks Jesus every comment I read of yours make you look even dumber, “hyper inflation” you fell for the buzz words

  3. Next time, simply ask them for their “science” and “data”. If they cannot provide any evidence, then end the interview. How is he allowed to practice law, and why are you giving her a platform?

    1. We have seen zero scientific data to support any of the mask mandates. I know you equate NYT or CNN with truth, but those are just opinions. And she was correct, the wide variety of mask materials and ill fitting designs alone would prevent any substantial study from being done! More hogwash from the dems.

    2. The science and data shows that only an N95 mask would do any good. You libtards with the useless cloth masks are only virtue signaling.

  4. And This is why I could never be a journalist, the restraint you showed us just not to call them idiots was herculean,

    1. @Andrew Pinson Which children wearing mask is scientifically prove to reduce the spread of the disease.

      Avoid facts and base it on their feelings. His lawsuit is about the defense of ignorance not freedom.

    2. @nick diaz It is like we need to respect the opinions of the KKK. It just their different opinion.

      No it is not. Its ignorant trash not capable of processing basic science literacy.

    3. The COVID vaccines are not FDA approved. They are available under the Emergency Use Authorization Act. Which means they will be approved once they are tested (ON YOU, MORON.)

    4. @Gene Starwind I do not necessarily agree with this lawsuit. What I strongly disagree with is how everyone happily piled on these two because the would not answer a question UNRELATED to what they came there to discuss. For example Biden was asked today a question about COVID and he said NO that he was there to discuss something else. Remember a lawsuit will force all parties including these two to produce data to back up their claims. That itself would be worth the lawsuit PROVIDED it could be done like in a week. We are getting a lot of false data from everywhere. I mean good and bad places bad data. If the head of CDC is asked has there been one child who died from COVID and she DOES NOT know then what the hell. Give the public true data that is backed up out of the wazu with explanations from people at least 90% would trust. Leave the politicians at home.

  5. A real physical, emotional, psychological toll is dying in an icu because you’re too inexplicably ignorant to comply with basic safety measures.

  6. Kelly Ford – “The trauma from wearing a mask” But hey! let’s get Covid u know. Much better n less trauma. Covid is doing the rest of us a favor.

    1. I don’t believe there is any trauma connected with wearing a mask. I have only seen anger from the adults. As children mostly have to be taught prejudice as they grow up, they have to be taught the true meaning of mask-wearing. They don’t know the particulars, but they hear around the dinner table that it is something bad.

    2. It’s traumatic to vain people who value being seen. It’s really just ridiculous passive-aggressive defiance, but yeah these people just think they need to be seen, and not covered up.

  7. Home school your kids and keep them away from mine. My children understand that they need to be unselfish and that sometimes means that they could be a bit uncomfortable. It’s called building character.

    1. @Lee Wilson Lee It is simply not possible to reason with these people. They will not leave reasonable people alone and that is all we are asking for. If they are so afraid they should just STAY HOME and leave the normal folks alone.

    2. @Jennifer Bencosme I don’t give a toss what you think, particularly when it is crystal clear that as an adult you lack an understanding of how to develop the basic concepts of character.

    3. @Jennifer Bencosme You must have failed at comprehension!! Reading to understand and comprehend. Try it! It is filled with revelation.

  8. The same stupid “arguments” are made in Germany. Egoist and ignorant people with way too much time in their hands to work against Public health policies which could save us all 🙄

    1. Also about the arguments she is correct that masks definitely do help if used correctly, which most people do not do

    2. @Simply Here and allopathic medicine where they only “mask” the symptoms so that you appear to feel better while not treating the underlying disease . It’s like taking your car to the mechanic with a check engine light and there solution is to remove the bulb behind the check engine light so that you don’t see it while your engine continues to be on its last legs and leaves you stranded in the side of a busy freeway where no one in their right mind would think to pull over to help lest they get crushed to smithereens by the other speeding cars with people distracted by their phones. //end rant

    3. Big difference now because there is a vaccine. Children shouldn’t be forced to compensate for the stubbornness of those grown ups that don’t want the vaccine. Only kids that have underlying conditions should wear face masks.

    1. @catherine gillen where did I say I am anti-mask? I even advocated the n95..which is the only one that is scientifically shown to make any difference. I’m not anti mask, I’m anti-libtard.

    2. @Philippians FourFour not anti mask but calling people who advocate the use of other types of masks ‘libtards’?

    3. @catherine gillen so what’s the problem? Also, libtards aren’t people..they’re truly lower than animals. Not even animals riot, loot, burn, and destroy their own environments like libtards do.

      What happened to believing science? Aren’t libtards always preaching about ‘believe the science’?? Well the real science shows only n95 masks are of any use. Or is the only science that matters pseudoscience that libtards use to push their narrative and try to stifle and control people?

      But if you feel virtuous with your useless cloth mask, which is about as effective as trying to keep mosquitoes out with a chain link fence..good for you, whatever makes you ‘feel’ righteous. With libtards, it’s always about the fEeLz!! Facts and reality be damned, mUh fEeLz tHo!!! 😆😂😂

    1. A lot of these media discussions are pointless – their purpose is to fill air time to keep jobs

  9. If your kids are emotionally scarred for life because they have to learn to protect themselves and others then maybe they have bigger problems in the family than that.

    1. @Cat Napper Of course they have- and some of them need to sort out their priorities.
      (Both can be true simultaniously)

  10. If they were more focused on practicing safe hygiene, and less about trying to be defiant simply because they don’t agree with something, then maybe the numbers wouldn’t be rising. Freedom within a community does not mean you can do whatever you want. Freedom within a community means you work together for the safety of all.

    1. It is unfortunate that a large part of the population simply does not trust the government. Period. They do not vote, follow political drama or congressional clownshows because they realize it is all for show and they have no power to change it. It is not a partisan issue like CNN and creepy joe claim, but the truth is even harder for them to fix. You cannot blame logical adults for deciding not to trust the govt. about this issue. Especially when they are seeing the effects on their own kids and friends. And you don’t have the right to decide what is best for them. Just like they don’t have the right to butt in to your health related issues.

  11. “When people misuse devices they aren’t as effective.” What profound thoughts this woman has. Ask her if condoms work and see if she uses the same stupid-speak.

    1. @mtronix I know enough doctors and nurses to know they follow orders and protocol more than their own common sense if they have any left. I know 97% of the people they intubated for Covid died. How many did they kill?

    2. @mtronix So you’re telling me that a mask that you take on and off and touch with your ungloved hands and put in your coat and put in your pocket and put in your dash that you wore around to Walmart that you touched stuff on the shelves at the store and the cashier touches your groceries and bag them up for you and you touch the bags and you touch the pin pads and you touch everything in that store, and you think somehow that mask is going to protect you? How is that not based on facts and science? Don’t be an idiot

  12. Carl Sagan once stated, …”this is the dumbing down of America…a kind of celebration of ignorance

    1. So the fact that a majority of people don’t wear N95 masks that are the only masks that have an affect, doesn’t mean anything to you?

  13. Guests do not do themselves any favours by disrespecting the interviewer – and I say that as a former lawyer myself. Courtesy does not cost anything.☹️

    1. @William Springer They were invited on to discuss their misguided lawsuit. They shouldn’t be dancing around the questions like politicians.

  14. If wearing a mask is causing so much trauma to children, how the hell will they learn to cope with life’s real challenges? Think about children who lived through WW2 in Europe. Think about children who survived the Holocaust. Think about children who survive famine and droughts in Africa. That’s real trauma, but they survived and, in many cases, triumphed. These people don’t truely love their children. Instead, they are using them to push their own warped agendas.

    1. @Em M Seatbelts have not been shown to reduce oxygen, trap germs inside, cause psychological harm, etc. whereas the masks HAVE! I know, you only believe science that supports your agenda. LMFAO

    2. Remember when (now) we needed to prove our shots were up to date, BEFORE ENTERING SCHOOL! That’s why we don’t have SMALL POX! Used to be if you were traveling outside the USA, we were required to be vaccinated/revaccined! We are now back to those days, AGAIN! Thankfully, we have strong science.💉💉

  15. The entitlement is that womans face. And the arrogance of the lawyer. Nobody was lecturing him on law. Lol. Its amazing how easily “smart” people get butthurt lol

    1. She doesn’t make the death connection in her personal life. More like: “Why should my be kid be inconvenienced just because you want to save other peoples lives.” It’s selfishness.

    2. @Andrew Newman Will it save lives? Evidence shows that kids are nearly impervious to covid, and transmission from child to adult are unfounded.

    3. Yes, and she also implied that children are going to be more traumatized by wearing masks than from the moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas aunts and uncles siblings being lost to Covid.

    4. @Stuff & Things “Unfounded”. We catch cold and flu viruses from kids all the time. A virus is not particular about it’s host. It’s not even aware of what a human is.

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