1. Imagine being out there in the “Warzone” fighting for your life, and you see film crews running around😂 “Is that a bird? A plane? No it’s a channel 6 drone! Say hi!”

    1. Combat news reporters have been a thing since Vietnam. However, you won’t get any combat coverage because of the west knew how many Ukrainians are dying every day we would not be funding them as much. There’s no coverage of the actual fighting just these little propaganda stories. That Ukrainian girl at the end, she was another one of these propaganda stories that purposely don’t show you the front line or what it’s really like going on over there probably a government employee.

  2. Thanks for doing what you van to keep democracy going strong. Solidarity and positive vibes from New Hampshire, remember to be kind to each other and yourself during these trying times.

  3. America finally understand the difference between fighting weak countries and claiming themselves to be superpower versus fighting Russian military and it’s struggles to carry on the war.Russian military barely received any support from its allies while American led Ukrainian government receives aid and military support from 40+ countries on a daily basis.

    1. I hate to break it to you. The Ukranian military is beating russia by itself. They are receiving equipment but they are the ones fighting.

    2. @Speak Plainly Sports stop lying. Plenty of Polish,British, Americans died in Ukraine others got captured by Russians. What are you talking about?🤡🤡🤡

  4. This is what a war looks like, it’s just people trying to survive, fortunately this time they look more like ourselves, instead of people in many other wars, and that is perhaps more telling and tragic. 😵🌎

  5. Frostbite, change your socks keep your feet DRY keep the circulation going. I feel for him. I learned the hard way too.

  6. Great reporting, Ben. Thanks so much for all of your efforts covering this war. We know that this type of reporting is genuinely risky. Wishing you and your crew all the best!

  7. Sending reporters is unacceptable in this day and age. Sad to see news stations don’t care about it’s own employees

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