CNN looks back at key moments in Jacinda Ardern’s political career

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced plans to resign from her position on February 7, after serving as leader of the country for over five years. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout looks back at the major moments of Ardern's time in office. #CNN #News


  1. Thank you PM Jacinda Arden for holding that bright and hopeful beacon through out those years for New Zealanders and for the world as well! For now we will have to wait to hear that rumble sound of joys through New Zealanders Haka again …
    To those machos, empathy and kindness are the light to lead you through the hates and enrich your empty poor souls …

  2. The face of evil and hatred such evil and hatred against her own people that bought devastating devastating economic disaster and all so devastating hatred in this country on the children on the children and the children

  3. ‘Polling numbers are in the toilet, people are sick and tired of this smug PM and her hectoring ways, but we’re really shocked at her decision to bail before a crushing defeat.’

    Whoever _repents_ of all his sins (turns from sins) and _calls_ on the *Name* of the *LORD,* will be saved! *He* who died on a cross for the sins of the world, _rose_ from the dead on the third day, and by *His* blood, whoever _repents_ and _believes,_ has full redemption of sins and eternal life!
    Today is the day of your salvation, repent and confess *Jesus Christ* now as your *Lord* and be saved, because you broke the law but *He* paid your fine with *His* life’s blood!

    For those with understanding: Matthew 24:40-41 will take place very soon, this is the sixth seal! This is the generation of the harpazo, rapture, and behold you will witness the trumpet blast that will make the sky recede as a scroll being rolled up! Therefore, be ready and be the five wise virgins, do not be the five foolish virgins! (Parable of the Ten Virgins.)

    1. Where do you hear these “behind the scenes”? Do your sources send actual reporters to these events? Or do they just make things up on their shows?

    2. You need to listen before you can assess and then disagree if you feel it’s warranted. It’s called Critical Thinking.

    3. @Lawrence D’Oliveiro it’s show you there is a difference between you and me, after many sources said don’t believe the first hand crap what you see and hear on Main stream media platforms because there is always a twist and turn in the end.
      As the world already knows about fake narrative news CNN who like to lie about reports anything is possible.if they can lie about 40 years of wars untill today, then surely you are Brain washed by them.

  5. Great and inspiring type of leader with empathy and real effort to connect to the people, I am glad for her she turns to her family and just enjoy life. Greetz from NL 🌷

    1. I’m home-grown in NZ and I believe she did well, very well. 5 years as PM, not counting the years before as an MP, are a lot, enough for anyone probably. It makes me sick how nasty comments are here on yt. For one thing, she wears the effects of covid, the fact that people here hardly saw the deadly version before we got vaccinated, and blame her for the entire dreariness of lock-downs, instead of realising that her swift action saved maybe 40,000 lives, and more serious illness.

    1. Try using negative numbers. Unless you think maths is part of the Great Radical-Left Liberal Hoax.

    2. @Shaun Howard tell that to the people who lost their jobs an livelihoods because they wouldn’t take the vaccine..

    1. @Fly with me He did. Ardern was nothing but a authoutitarian, a smiling one, but a authouritarian nontheless.

  6. Jacinda has gone, all the protestors in NZ have gotten what they wanted.

    TAB should open a betting line to see what the NZ protestors will complain about next.

  7. Great leader. Pure AUTHORITY over her people. Bend the knee or else! And she’ll laugh about it! Stay in your homes because she knows better or get locked up!

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