CNN President Calls Donna Brazile “Disgusting!” 11/1/16

CNN President Calls Donna Brazile "Disgusting!" 11/1/16

Donna Brazile Resigns – Donna Brazile Fired – Donna Brazile CNN – November 1, 2016



  2. What better for a group of the criminality challenged then to be led by one
    of their own kind.?
    CNN is upset only because they have been caught a 2nd time in debate
    improprieties. CNN should be barred from further involvement in debates of
    any kind until the public can be assured they have swept out the corrupt
    who seem to be consistently challenged. The DNC cannot make meaningful
    change as it would require finding someone from within that organization
    that DOES have scruples. The DNC might have to outsource the position.

    1. Mike Barycza the democratic party exists now in name only… these people
      are not democrats… they are fascist socialists

  3. now the media plays the…I DIDNT KNO THIS WAS GOING ON CARD.all of you
    needs to be removed from your positions….you signed on to these positions
    knowing who runs them , knowing the character before hand…murdock
    bros.??lol….for all of you who signed on to the slave
    masters(desquised)as a job…you all should be terminated/fired… one
    gets a pass.

  4. How long is the FREE PRESS which is supposed to SERVE the GOOD OF THE
    REPUBLIC going to be allowed to remain A SHOW FOR ENTERTAINMENT purposes
    only just for PROFIT like everything else has become. nothing but pretty
    girls with long legs and talking heads spewing nothing but opinions about
    opinions and gossip where the only thing worth watching is the WEATHER for
    actually informing the public and everyone knows how useful and accurate
    that is.

  5. yea she IS disgusting but what about hag Hillary???? that POS is running
    for our president!!!! shouldn’t she be disqualified for this??

  6. Why can’t Democrats fire out Hilary and put another candidate because she
    cheated–not being done in all the electoral US history–where is the US
    going??? Integrity , accountability, these are just passe words in the
    past–not at this time of modern history??? Americans should rise up to the
    occasion and vote for somebody who is more credible and experience CHANGE ,
    a platform away from the traditional politicos..time to risk for change and
    who knows its a much better deal—emails shows who HILARY is–a fraud!

  7. If U dont no about this system U better listen good there saying everthing
    about this voting from emails Investigation, from deleting, Nobody is
    saying there using dead peoples Votes instead of the ones there used up
    already nobodys votes count It’s was rigged since the beginning SMDH

  8. there you go Bernie fans. “so what if the system was rigged” against him?.
    stop whining and vote for Hillary as per the establishment.

  9. She has NO integrity. She is vile. Is it DNC policy just to lie about
    everything, is the whole obama presidency built on lies? It does seem to be
    the only thing they do & not that well. Now we know clinton is corrupt, a
    pathelogical liar & thief, We need to ask what does this say about the
    people & companies that support this kind of activity. They obviously have
    no problem operating illegally, immorally & a no problem with lying to
    anyone & everyone to profit. Boycott these people, Boycott their business,
    Do not allow them in your church.

  10. Person of character, Integrity, true professional???
    WTF how is this setting an example for kids in America……you are saying
    that lying and cheating is now acceptable and you are praising
    her……..this is brainwashing of America and turning everything that is
    so wrong into the norm

  11. to late CNN
    you sux.Fox & certain YouTube sites are the only place I come for truthful
    unbiased news.We know Soros has CNN bought off.Soros wants us to be a 3rd
    world country with a King.Hillary is his puppet.So is Obama.Why don’t you
    report all those pedifiles in the white house.No matter pedifile Anthony
    Weiner is turning over some old old rocks & lots of old snakes are coming
    out.Hillary is a DOCUMENTED Liar & that is the least of her sins.I think it
    is funny,a young pedifile is gonna get a lot of old pedifiles in
    trouble.Paint the Whitehouse Red b/c it contains bedrooms for Demons

  12. hey media… you aren’t controlled by the establishment and start
    demanding she drop out, a criminal should not be running for

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