CNN projects Joe Biden will win North Carolina 1

CNN projects Joe Biden will win North Carolina


CNN projects that Former Vice President Joe Biden will win North Carolina's Democratic primary. #CNN #News


    1. Zach Addington that’s a threat to the president bro I’m just sayin. It’ll get you put on a watch list

    2. @DSM DOM people hate trump so much everyone will try shotting trump everyone is talking bout rioting if trump wins , trump might have to call the military in

  1. Yay Joe !!
    Winning in the important swing states. Democrats are uniting behind an actual Demcrat.

  2. I wonder if trump will try and challange the supreme court when he’s told he has to leave the White House his staff will state well our interpretation of the law says this so were going to challange it

  3. Bernie won Colorado and Vermont. Look like he also has Texas. So CNN, why haven’t you posted this information?

  4. Sanders 2020 Joe Biden is just continuing the establishment same BS more wars and more laws and regulations

  5. Lots of people here doubting Biden. Why do you think Trump risked losing his Presidency to smear Biden ?? Biden 2020

  6. More people died from getting subpoenaed to testify against the Clinton’s than have died from coronavirus in the US.

  7. It’s like Biden became popular overnight once they saw he was capable of winning one state.

  8. Bloomberg needs to get out. We need a center right candidate, Joe Biden. Sanders is trump on the left. Democratic dont need him. We need to get our NORMAL back not a revolution.

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