1. @Shlep Messing but but but but bu- Biden 😂
      Hey did you know Florida still has the electric chair? I heard they save it especially for traitors, wait well how about that, it looks like trump is a Florida resident! Say it with me:
      Trump for the electric chair 2024 😂😂

  1. So glad that Mr Warnock was re-elected. If Herschel Walker had won, they would have had to hang garlic over his Congressional office to ward off Vampires, and the Congressional police would have had to stock up on silver bullets for the Werewolves.

  2. I’d like to thank all Americans, the whole American nation for supporting Ukraine. I’m from Kiev, we suffer from Russian aggression every day, thousands of Ukrainians people , among them hundreds of children,have been already killed, but we are ready to continue this struggle. I pray you, don’t stop your help, we really appreciate everything you do for us and we will never forget this in the future.

    1. Well, if you didn’t want “russian aggression”, maybe you should not have allowed a U.S/N.A.T.O-backed coup to happen in your country 8 years ago. This war is YOUR fault.

    2. @JonBenét Ramsey how disgusting to exploit the name of an innocent murdered child to use for trolling! I have one word for you — Karma!!

    3. @Elliot James I believe it was the late great Edgar Allan Poe that said “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see”.

    1. African Americans in Georgia went from picking cotton, to picking who will decisively run the United States Senate.

  3. Hallelujah!! The good people of Georgia showed up for a good man! And yes, I agree. Thank you so much for saving us all from that wacky unintelligent Herschel Walker.

  4. The fact that the margin was still so narrow proves it was never about helping the people of Georgia. It was always about control of senate and Herschel.

  5. My God… it’s a good day for democracy. I don’t live anywhere near Georgia but thank you for putting our nation on track.

  6. I have been ecstatic to vote for him all 5 times he’s been on the ballot in 2 years. He and Ossoff represent our state exceptionally well.

      (All power to the Soviet’s!)


      (Long live Comrades Lenin and Stalin.)

  7. Has that clown 🤡 Trump said anything about this?
    Is he going to said it was rigged or it wasn’t his fault Herschel lost?😂

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