CNN reporter on how Finland joining NATO could affect Russia

Finland's President and Prime Minister released a statement confirming the country's intent to join NATO. CNN's Nic Robertson breaks down the statement and explains how this decision may affect the country's relationship with Russia. #CNN #News


    1. @Brian Stelter And yes I know you eventually fought for your freedom n altered them laws etc alot, Canada did the same thing when we burned your white house down with help from the British. But point is your country only exists because of countries much older than you, as an American youd still be living like north sentinel Island if another more advanced country didn’t come by n set things in place.

    2. Absolutely, one fin solder stated during the soviet invasion of ’39 that there were more russians than they had bullets…they nearly repelled the Soviets

  1. Please remember: Ukraine is occupied in part because it is not a member of NATO, not because it is. Belarus is not a NATO member and is occupied as well.

    1. @Sean McAllister sure, that’s maybe why we should pay attention to our own houses before trying to fix the neighborhood up.

    2. @Shawn Murray sleep in my car history and politics pass time when I don’t have to b at work

  2. In Sweden as well as Finland we have not felt Russia was an actual threat that would actually do anything and thus there was no urgent with to join Nato. Putin changed all that by one decision and made Russia an actual threat over night. Putin is the worst strategist who by his own actions made all the things he claimed the invasion of a sovereign country would prevent instead happen.

  3. Before Ukraine, maybe they thought NATO might step in even for non-member countries if Russia attacked. Seeing Ukraine having to do it alone after all is a wake up call.

    1. @Cellar Door so any army playing defense never gains lands after the battle, yeah its not like russias biggest military victory that’s exactly happened

  4. Having built one of Europe’s largest and most advanced national armed forces, Finland is a major addition to the Western democratic Alliance. We are proud to have you and are stronger because of it. Welcome to the club. Toronto, Canada.

  5. Russia brought this all on itself, Finland would have never joined NATO had Russia not invaded Ukraine.
    Now, many other Countries are looking for defense, and NATO offers just that.
    Good Day!! 🙏

    1. @Serron Serron my friend uk can have what it like just one russian sub with 500 nukes will end nato and usa in about 15min uk not even have what one sub have wake up 🤣

    2. @knowledge The UK has nuclear weapons ICBM’s. And the problem with Russia if they launch missiles getting equal response from France the US and so on. If France is destroyed so is Russia.

  6. I’m just so thrilled that Russia decided to strengthen NATO like this by chasing Finland into our waiting arms

  7. Ukraine! A neutral, sovereign, independent country was attacked by putin in a “preventive act” as heself claimed.
    There was no talk about joining NATO before 2014, then russia started their aggression.
    This is the reason why Finland and Sweden now will apply NATO, an defending alliance.
    We will both strengthen our security in both our contries and strengthen NATO as well.
    Putin! Is it all going like planned?

    1. “attacked by putin”.. Hate to be pedantic but it’s actually Russia doing the attacking, and the Russian people need to know that they can’t just shrug this off as someone else’s mess. They do actually own this and need to deal with the person who has done this in their name.

    2. @Jimbo Scooter Sounds like you haven’t been reading the news lately. Please try and keep up.

  8. Well, Putin meant the invasion as a message to other countries: this is what happens when you want to join NATO. It is having the opposite effect. Finland now wants to join NATO.

    1. Non NATO countries that have had separatists armed by Russia or an outright incursion by Russia : 5
      NATO countries that have had separatists armed by Russia or an outright incursion by Russia : 0
      Message received loud and clear, Vlad.

  9. I’ve seen videos of Finland’s soldiers asking to join NATO and that’s probably who really matters. The people who are going to be fighting directly. Make it happen ASAP!! Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇸

    1. @squireson lol “soliders” you’re definitely not a man of the people

    2. @EMS 76 I’m not saying you’re wrong. Just keep in mind the roll Russia played in the 2016 presidential election. After effects that we are still dealing with.

    1. It’s sad that people think the only correct way is western when we have something called gender identity not to mention so much corruption

  10. Really this doesn’t seem like a surprise. This seems like something Finland has been working towards since the end of world war 2. Why else would Finland have their military up to nato standards with an ability have an interoperability with nato? Who can blame them after Russia attacked them during the winter war.

  11. “It puts NATO right at [Russia’s] doorstep.” Why do people keep saying this crap? Russia already borders 5 NATO countries and two of them are closer to Moscow than Finland is.

    1. @Valdemar Partanen That’s true, NATO doesn’t necessarily need Finland, but on the other hand there’s no reason for NATO to deny Finnish membership either – it’s an asset in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic sea anyway. Be that as it may, got to give it to you guys in Estonia, you have been right all along. When Finland has been a bit naive (me included) about Russia’s development into a ‘democratic state’, Estonians were mostly warning that you can never really trust the Russian regime. However, we’ve not been too naive: after WW2 the Finnish defence forces have been kept fully operational and ready for any potential threats. And even though no one has said it out loud, everyone knows that the threat would not come from the west.

    2. I think they says that because the Finnish border with Russia is longer than all NATO’s border with Russia and the most historical “the tsar’s city” St.Petersburg is close to the Finnish border.

    3. Also, Finland has been dealing with having Russia at their doorstep since forever, and lost 10% of their territory to those despicable monsters. So f*** Putin and his fears. As we say in my country, “You’re afraid? Get a dog.”

  12. NATO already *was* on Russia’s doorstep, specifically Latvia and Estonia are both bordering on Russia and are NATO members. So Putin’s claims about the Ukraine war being about keeping NATO away are nonsense.

  13. I believe Russia doesn’t have warm memories from the latest wars with Finland. 500 000 Soviet soldiers died (1 500 000 total casualties) + Finland took 70 000 prisoners (The Winter War & The Continuation War)

  14. Love and solidarity to the people of Finland. I pray to god that together we can work for peace, unity, and democracy in Europe.

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