1. @synco pated
      PS…the President doesn’t have to tell Congress jack. None of the past three Presidents followed the rule of law on the War Act. Hahaha

    2. @synco pated – yes, because it could have just conduct the military operation and left. But a lot of money and lives are invested in Iraq. Wished it never happened but we can turn back the clock.

    3. @synco pated dude, tbh, maybe you should’ve just kept that to yourself and thought before making that response, its not like, “oh, he got me, I was wrong” its more like “😑 dude did exactly what I said you shouldnt do”, but don’t get me wrong, your evidence is real but on deeper inspection on the information you provided and what you added to that information just didn’t prove anything, tent cities already existed before trump and obama and that camp was a prison for terrorists, I don’t know if you know that camp held a significant portion of high ranking terrorists from al-qaeda whom most of them were extremists and very religious and manipulated other terrorists which most had no record of violence, I really don’t know what you were trying to prove

  1. “I’m not a smuck. Even if America & the world are going to hell in a hand basket. I will not lose a penny.”

    1. @Josey Wales nobody voted for us to stay. The quorum needed to pass the vote were reached and it’s legit under the Iraqi constitution that we helped them write.

    2. @E Garza Trump designated the IRGC back in April because the Saudi-led coalition was killing innocent civilians in Yemen, so Iran supplied them with the means to defend themselves. And then they (the Houthis) shot missiles at the Saudi oil tanks to send the message “We don’t want a war. We don’t want casualties. But we will hurt you if we have to, and fight for our freedom.” And after that, Trump designated them as a terrorist organization.

    1. synco pated THERES one problem with your statement. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon. We have a few though we can send one to each of their capital cities if you’d like.

    1. Narako Toshio It was awesome when we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To this day, Japanese kneel before our Hiroshima Victory Dome!

    1. So where did the money go? the Goat Herder is wise. Obama is disrespect throughout the Middle East because he did not barter but gave the Goat herder everything he wanted. President Trump is respected because he takes care of his people. He does not sell the US People out on BORROWED money like Biden in the Ukraine.

    2. @Joy Phillips ….exactly…Obama thinks like an American and not like someone from the Middle East. Iranians are smart and wise and they make DEALS that can be broken at sunset. The Islam Religion will never fit comfortable in the WEST. President Trump has Iranian FRIENDS in NYC and he respects them and they respect him. CNN is part of the Democrat Media Network (my thoughts).

  2. That’s a lot of leeway considering they just lost their top military general. And I can say those crater really comes from big explosion

  3. CNN I use to love your station I loved watching you but you lie so much I quit watching stand up for our President or continue being FAKE NEWS.

    1. Mike Benjamin – Your eyes are no open to what a lot of us have said for a long time. Trump is right- cnn is the enemy of the people

  4. Iraq: “Please leave.”
    USA: “We just pulled out totally Sir!. Oh, by the way we have flown them back in for your protection, as we just left!!”

  5. cnn settles Sandman
    defamation for $250 MILLION


  6. Everyone trying to pull us back in a deal giving Iran money before the Iranian tyrants lose control of the country & we have peace .

    1. My wifes cousin was killed along with 1500 protesters 3 weeks ago CNN where are you not a word only anti American propaganda.

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