CNNi: Dire situation at hospital pushed to the brink by Covid-19 1

CNNi: Dire situation at hospital pushed to the brink by Covid-19


A second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, mainly driven by the South African variant, is bringing hospitals in Malawi to the brink. CNN's David McKenzie goes inside a hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, where the doctors are working around the clock to battle the pandemic amid a shortage of vaccines.
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  1. It’s time for African to start believing in African , those Europeans knew what they are sending won’t work but they did.

  2. What a shame…..surely country’s can get together and pitch in what vaccines we are able to spare. Something needs to be done about this.

    1. You’d think? It effects us all, on a global economy with goods and services going everywhere. If America had gotten Covid under control, when it had the chance, other countries wouldn’t be nearly so badly hit. Blood on trump’s hands. Sorry to sound like a broken record but it’s just a fact. Science doesn’t care what you think . . . SMH

  3. Hey you’re supposed to stop talking about covid after November 4th. Or are we waiting for it to disappear in April again?

    1. Great, then the people that come in contact with you have a higher risk of catching it from you. That seems fair for them.

  4. When you see stuff like this makes you realize life is the most precious thing must not be taken for granted

    1. @Richard Reese Hospitals need people like you, cause you don’t need PPE, so close your trap and enlist already, this is your chance for doing the only thing Nobel in your life……LOOSER .

    2. Skip the rules, skip the hospital, sound fair? If you do not want to wear a mask, get a vaccine , social distance, or wash your hands, no problem, just do not go to the hospital when you catch it. You get to decide what makes sense, the end result is the same. Everyone will catch it, there will be herd immunity, those that followed the rules will have fewer problems and deserve medical care if they need it.

  5. It really saddens me a lot to hear these bad news from Malawi.. This covid pandemic is taking a heavy toll in the lives of countless people all around. My country in South America is also suffering a similar fate. My utmost respect to the medics, these noble brave souls who face death valiantly. Please bring the vaccine to all mankind…

  6. May God bless our health care workers. They are overwhelmed yet day after day they report for work. They are real heroes!

  7. I would willingly spend yet another year locked in my home if I could donate my vaccine to Doctors Without Borders.

    1. I was pondering the same thought. I’m relatively young and fairly healthy. I can wait, mask on, until all Vulnerables are safe. Regardless of continent

    2. Skip it when you get the chance, it would just increase the chances of those you come into contact with, of getting it from you. Bet they would appreciate that.

    3. same here, i’ve been staying in my home, long before it was required, so i would gladly donate my vaccine to these people if i could.

  8. Throw it out in America because you cant even agree who deserves it in time, and no one else in the world can get anything. Classic.

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