CNNi: EU makes stunning admission about vaccine rollout 1

CNNi: EU makes stunning admission about vaccine rollout


European Union President Ursula von der Leyen says the bloc is not where they want to be with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and admitted mistakes were made.

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    1. @dan dansen
      Its called “Whataboutism” By simply picking a random “fact”, which may or may not be an actual fact at all, and throwing it in there and shouting “Oh yeah. What about this thing” Whether or not its even relatable information at all… There would be about a BILLION different deciding factors involved and to fully answer such a question would require an enormous amount of actual insight and research.

      This technique is frequently applied in the modern american denial-culture and by conspiracy nutters.

    2. Through the use of viruses, the Fourth Reich strengthened its control over Europe, and the second Unternehmen Seelöwe used viruses to attack Britain.

      Not with WAR but while talking about VACCINES(Undeniable)
      Want to be neutered?
      Bill Gates preaches that healthy people will have LESS children, It’s not how nature works NOW,
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      what is the mark of the beast is it just one thing?
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      Do hospitals get paid extra $ for a person dying from Covid? Like
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      on the CBS broadcast video, inside the next link)
      $13,000 for admitted with covid
      $39,000 for getting placed on a ventilator,….
      37,000 if they are listed as WITH COVID when they die no mater what they actually
      died from and plus a extra 20% on TOP of their regular rates.

      “Did the US Government Just Open the Door to the Mark of the Beast”
      new development from Minister that thought it was NOT the mark of the beast.
      until the Government made a change to policy.

      This is a big Government document so to find the vaccine section question just search
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      if you dont know how to do this just click in a open area of the page THEN press CTRL-F
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      Is Covid-19 a Fear-Mongering Operation?

      CEO of APIJECT HAY WALKER admits CHip in vaccine. Like a barcode and each
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      Your right THIS is what the First inventor of the chip said they Chose the Right
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      Wow!!!:Project Engineer Who Made Bill Gate Microchip Speaks The Truth, & White
      Doctor Compliment This was Decades ago it is probably even smaller now. youtube
      keeps cesoring it so I will link it to one of the competitors sites.


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      Several LINKS BELOW Who said Bill Gates is not trying to vaccinate the Entire worlds
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      DIRECTLY on VIDEO link below.
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      Video and titles in case Bitchute goes down Misterioously again.



      Proof Corona is a bioweapon patented by Bill Gates


      Three days later… black nurse after vaccine


      elderly people dieing hours after vaccine

      Bill Gates meet with and sets up a fund to benefit jeffrey epstein

    1. True. The effing Donald botched it up (as he always did – and still does) and the rest of the world has to suffer the consequences.
      CNN should rather have an eye on the way how it’s done, when things are handled in a relatively transparent and honest manner in comparison to the tactics of tRump admin.
      I am not a huge fan of Mrs von der Leyen, but I appreciate the way the press conference was conducted. The world is still watching. Greetings from Germany.

  1. Enough with NEWs on this topic involving the US; EU; and, UK: what’s the situation with the REST OF THE WORLD that all Media seem to be ignoring, or so it seems?

    1. @chez moi I can appreciate this, but would it not too, be informative to know somewhat the state of advancement or reduction in the spread as it seems, given the variants spoken to, migration is still taking place globally.

  2. Stunning admission? CNN behave. It is called informing everyone. After 4 years of Trump – who allegedly admitted no mistakes at all – it is disappointing but count me informed.

    1. Well the Trump lowered the bar so much even a slug could crawl over so it might take a while for the media to respond.

    2. It’s a bit sad that it is communicated as if vaccine companies not being able to produce as much as is needed is the fault of the ordering countries.

    1. Except this report is not about the EU’s reaction to Covid but about their failure to secure enough vaccines for their population. The US is doing much better with 2 million vaccinations per day when France, for example, has vaccinated 2 million people in a month and a half and secured less than 4 million doses.

    2. There are like three countries in the EU that have higher cover fatality rates then the US so calm the hell down.

    3. @Grant Anderson
      USA: 144 Covid deaths per 100.000 population
      Belgium, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Italy: Hold our beers.

    4. Disgusting reacting from CNN reporters acting with happiness for EU failure on secure enough vaccines, no wonder why US news channels are so frowned upon by the American population.
      Reporters should be more professional, not taking sides or giving personal opinion distorting facts trying manipulate viewers thinking, good reporter must be serious and impartial.

    1. She didnt day the truth though.
      She blamed it their belief that orders would arrive on time
      Thats an utter cop-out. The eu started vaccines late and at a much slower pace. They ordered fewer vaccines for the entire EU than the UK did

    2. Always read the news beyond the show. They need the views, they make the show. Unfortunately show sells… Otherwise everyone would be watching PBS.

    3. I believe I can name a few non-American politicians over the years that haven’t exactly been beacons of truth haha. “Only stunning because A̶m̶e̶r̶i̶c̶a̶n̶s̶/ every country in the history of the world are not used to politicians telling the truth.”

      There ya go

  3. Of course we are better together. We have a single market and the Schengen area and it would have made no sense to vaccinate Germany completely while it’s neighbors trail behind. Also, we have more people to vaccinate than the US, UK and Israel combined.

  4. As a US citizen, I laugh when they are debating how to do better. In contrast, there are plenty of states and people refuse to accept this virus is existing.

    1. Half Trumplicans won’t even take the virus vaccine “mind control tracking microchips” and the other half is cutting in lines. Not to mention Trumptard’s “hunger games” no planning roll out.

    2. @D Jaquith So what? “Timmy, you have an insufficient, but that does not matter because Johnny has a 0.” Worse does not make bad good.

  5. Turns out trump’s White House did almost nothing. Democrats area not getting vaccine? Sent kids back to school, while grandparents babysitting, can’t get the vaccine. Me and my husband! Death sentence for us?

  6. I would not call the admission “stunning”. It’s called honesty. Still, I have to say that they should have done a better job.

    1. Not much honesty if you are standing against a wall. Von der Leyen hasn’t been the best choice when she was the head of the ministry of defense in Germany. Some .. let’s say .. irregularities became obvious in the context of buying new rifles for the military. — On the other hand, you also need to take into account that the EU is far from a “United States of Europe”. Things tend to be very difficult if you have to coordinate 27 member states which still have their very own national interests.

    2. @Michael DiTraglia I very much doubt it. It might not feel like it, but the vaccinations are going so much better in the States than in Europe.

  7. The drug companies told governments around the world what they wanted to hear. They got all that lovely money and while people are dying CEOs are buying their mistresses brand new cars.

  8. There are many lessons the EU can learn here, however this report omits to note that the EU insisted on product liability for manufacturers also it did not approve the vaccines on an emergency basis. Hindsight is 20/20 but you can justifably argue other countries took big risks with public health and public finances.

  9. what are these reporters laughing at? what is so funny to them? they are laughing at what, that the people are dying? unbelievable

  10. Ah, sorry but no, this is also a result of Von der Leyen price gouging.
    She’s been defense minister in germany for years *failing with every single project*.
    Her position now was an upward sacking with unintended consequences.

  11. The decision to centralise procurement was the correct one, unfortunately the execution of that decision was not good.

    1. where have you been when they were trying to stop the UK getting vaccines after they saw how well the UK was doing???

  12. Europe: there’s a problem let’s solve it
    USA: there’s a problem we can’t shoot let’s do nothing corona doesn’t even have oil

    1. Europe: “There are only 28 people who have legislative power that impacts 500 million people and because of our insufficient way of voting laws are turned into huge package deals which means that politicans have to vote yes or no to a huge package of laws of which 30% is against what they want. Yet, nobody calls us a banana republic.”

  13. Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.
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