1. @Ed Wo Nope you are. Just look at the mirror. You’ve ben fed an endless stream of lies; and you gulp it all up. If there were election fraud, Trump’s many claims in court would have come to fruition. But they have ALL been struck down.

    1. what king of business are you in – manufacturing bombs?!? Don’t worry ‘the old bosses’ have installed Biden and you’ll get busy very soon!

    1. So true. Compare the coverage and social media comments on this to the HK protests. Every news channel was running the story 24/7. In Myanmar, 55 million people lost their original democratic rights compared to 5 million in HK, but the westerners are just not interested. They actually don’t give a f#$k about human rights. They are only interested when they can use it to flog China. The rest of the world can just go to hell for all they care. Even now CNN downplaying it. The authorities have shot dead a couple of the protesters. Where is the news? Where is the outcry? The rest of the western media are not even running the story.

    2. The average American? I would say all of them. They don’t care about others in general. They will abandon you in the middle of the street when they find out they can not get anything from you. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Kurd you name it….

  1. I love how the news won’t show its own people clashing with police Nation wide but you well show from across the world 👏👌 another reason I well never ever trust or put faith in the news 🤙 byee🖕

  2. The fine system focally guard because lizard utrastructurally hug but a didactic gateway. crabby, pathetic freon

  3. Hlaing, What made him misjudge the situation?
    Whether it turns out to be successful or not, if myanmar is in economic trouble, who’s gonna benefit.
    Whatever it is, this is a disgusting game.

  4. Yet no one did anything, including Ang sun suu kyi, when it came to the genocide committed against the Rohingyas.

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