CNN's Christiane Amanpour shares ovarian cancer diagnosis 1

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour shares ovarian cancer diagnosis

CNN's chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour revealed to viewers that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Amanpour, 63, is one of the best-known journalists in the world. She has been off the air for the past four weeks due to the undergoing surgery.

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  1. Put up a fight girl, don’t give up.
    I hope you over come this disease.

  2. Oh man… I remember my mom losing her battle against cervical cancer 2 years ago when there was still no virus. God bless all of you who are battling cancer.

    1. @danuta dobrowolska
      Maybe you should gyrate on some of those preschool nursery rhymes about the ghetto you jiggle to before jo mamma whips out her transgender pipe

    1. Sure you are the most brilliant intelligent and intellectual media celliberity
      Wish you quick recovery

    1. How long are you in media going to sow your discord deceiving yourselves and the children, repent before God judges you, tell what you know and did mercy is better than perishing, for you who believe this garbage news, wake up your strait up in a very ignorant place,, repent

    2. @GrandmaWeeb stop! Anyone following this news believing this station , cannot have the spirit of truth, so wake up and media tyrants who are sowing discord among the children your in danger repent before it is too late, tell truth what you do for money will be dried up and you too Will whither unless you repent

    1. Really, cuz your master goat Lucy rides in on the wind bringing misery and despair, the prince and power of the air masquerading as an angel of light, lucifer, the exotic cesspool maggot has come to make
      To make you an abomination to God before they rip your soul into the slithering muck

  3. I’ve loved you since I was a young child. I’m Iranian American and you’ve always been such an inspiration. I love you so much!

  4. SO brave and inspiring!! Your strength gives other women strength. Thank you and good luck
    Thank you, thank you thank you!!

  5. Always a favourite Christiane, a constant reliable voice ever since I was 12 years old. Thank you and all my best wishes for your health and treatment. Kia kaha, stay strong, from New Zealand.

  6. I have so much love and respect for this woman. I think she is a wonderful journalist and interviewer. I wish her a quick recovery and all the best in this battle.

  7. She’s the best voice and presence in journalism. I heard that type of cancer is quite difficult to overcome. Wish you the best.

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