Cohen Assesses Prosecutors Have Enough To Charge Trump With Or Without Weisselberg | Rachel Maddow

Michael Cohen, former personal attorney for Donald Trump, author of "Disloyal" and host of the Mea Culpa podcast, discusses his eighth visit with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and what the millions of pages of Trump Organization financial documents are showing them. Aired on 03/20/2021.
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Cohen Assesses Prosecutors Have Enough To Charge Trump With Or Without Weisselberg | Rachel Maddow


    1. @Daniel Arcadia Right. Voter suppression laws. The only reason for these voter suppression laws is to give Republicans and unfair advantage at the polls AND the GOP has openly admitted in court. One would have to be a brainwashed moron to think otherwise. These bills are complete nonsense and have absolutely NOTHING to do with “election integrity”. Just look at the BS laws! Example: In Georgia there is a long standing tradition in the black community to vote after church (souls to the polls)… now the GOP introduced a bill to stop voting during these hours. Why? Fraud only happens on Sundays after church? OR! How about the GOP making it a crime to give food or water to people waiting in line to vote. WTF? What kind of moron would believe this law is aimed at stopping fraud? These bills are deigned for one thing and one thing only…

    2. Lauri Rohr…yay yay 👏👏Forgive me but I lol’d soo hard at your 1st line 🤣🙈🙈…always thout he was a little weasel, sure looks like one!! 😂😂😂

    3. Corruption to the core. Trump {The biggest fish to catch.} And he has many corrupt legal eagles in the pocket. If he ever pays them at all.

    4. @Herr tRumpenführer What title would you give this movie you ask? “THE BIG LIE” Because everything Trump says has been a lie.

    1. @M. W. look at Jeff and Joe here….
      Both accounts run by the same HATE FARMER…
      Look at them staging an argument… Trying to draw people into the mix…

    2. @Uniquely Lily you’ve probably looked at all my ranting on this thread….. How nuts do I come off?

    3. @mr Pepperidge Farms I have? Not really. But what you said is probably true. Unfortunately, most people don’t think for themselves, nor do they use commonsense anymore. I just thought it was interesting myself

    4. @Uniquely Lily not sure what comment you’re referring to…. I went on a couple of diatribes

  1. So proud of you Micheal to turning your life around for yourself and your families and doing the rights things by speaking out rights and wrongs .👍

    1. @Bruzer What’s wrong with “rats” aside from the fact that they own up to what they have done and seen that is against laws we the people have enacted? IF Trump broke any laws would you want to know?

    2. @Richard Hybels ‘We’ never ‘enacted’ a thing. There is no ‘We The People ” as found in the Constitution, therefore the Constitution does not apply to 98.8% of Americans

  2. lil donnie and his whole clan need to be WATCHED 24/7. I expect them to flee. Watch all Bank Accounts and Ground all Aircraft

    1. Since Trump never pardoned himself or his family, they can be assigned a Federal arrest warrant… only way he can escape is to flee the country.

    2. @CellGames2006 They can have what known as “Pocket Pardons”. The President doesn’t have to release the names of everyone he/she pardons. So Trump could have had them written up and signed before leaving office.

    3. @Victoria Williams And only pardoned, therefore of Federal crimes. Those pardons can not be used to free anyone from State charges.

    4. @CellGames2006 ahhh , but no body knows that except Trump if he pardon himself until charges and indictments are issued against him . Only then we will actually know if he pardoned himself and his entire family .. Plus , that would only be for Federal crimes , not State crimes which he cannot pardon anyone for ..

  3. Make no mistake, Trump will throw Weisselberg under the bus in 3 shakes of a lamb’s tail like he has EVERYBODY in his lifetime.

    1. @Renae Ferguson You are so out of touch its unbelievable Trump lowered taxes to every one kept the immigration under control so the lower class could get descent paying jobs. The ones that benefitted most out of Covid have all been big Democrat donors Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, the list goes on take your blinders off. They respected Trump thats why they new they had to get rid of him. Biden is a push over the last three months is the start of USA down fall.

    2. @7thpilotwhere is this lower tax that you speak of? My paycheck withholding increased not the other way around. A trillion dollar debt was added to the GNP that future generations will have to repay. The immigrant work force performs labor that no one wants here in the states. They work for slave wages and I guarantee you that if you were offered their job you wouldn’t take it. President Biden has done more for the American public in the first three months than tRump did in his entire term. I bet you cashed the check so don’t preach about having blinders on when you so clearly do.

  4. We probably won’t see fireworks on the 4th of July but I hope we see flaming pitchforks from these indictments and boy what a sight it will be!!!!!

  5. Oh, Michael, “They don’t find me funny.” That cracks me up because you are hilarious. I was doubtful about your seriousness at the start, but now I’m on board with you and your point of view.

    1. @Adam Drury Actually, um, which part specifically is false?
      How the 2020 election related suits/cases, 50 of which you mention, brought forth by the Trump team were never actually heard, and thus could not have resulted in actual judgements for/against but were simply shut down on procedural grounds….or the 2/3 figure I described?

    2. @Patrick Fitzgerald The man is merely a product of his environment, hardly better nor worse than the public/private, commercial/personal system that he was surrounded by or the rather unique and particular set of physical and logistical criteria from whence was raised and along which the course of his parh unfolded

    3. superhero!? Dude hes an ex-con trump lacky turned rat. Itll be nice to potentially see trump sink but this dude a superhero… nah.

    1. @DJ Jones Don worry kid, trump’s jail sentence won’t rely on Michael Cohen. Just stay tuned, relax, and keep your dumb mouth shut and all will be revealed.

    2. @Swi vel He’ll be going to jail right around the time Hillary does. I’ve seen tax cases take 8+ years. Too much detailed paperwork and no one’s in a big rush because it’s considered a “victimless” crime. We don’t jail people over civil suits, either. Keep dreaming, though. 😆

    3. @Swi vel He’s 74 right now. We don’t put 82 year old men in jail for tax offenses, either. Even if convicted, he’d get fines & restitution. 😆

    4. @Swi vel Oh, by the way, the IRS has over $2.8 million in tax leins against Al Sharpton to this day. Far from being in jail, you can catch him on CNN. 😆

  6. Let me know when Trump has to go before a Judge and say these words…”I will tell the truth, the whole truth, etc, etc

  7. As a Financial Analyst by profession, I’ll thoroughly enjoy watching this continue to play out. Stormy Daniel’s payment is a grain of sand.

    1. @ApfelDerZwiet Funny, Trump is up the creek none the less. It’s also noted who you sleep with tends to reflect who you are…just a thought.

    2. @ApfelDerZwiet yes he did and the court threw her case out, Also her lawyer and the crazy Ford woman’s lawyer is now in jail for Fraud. All that stuff regarding Trump is garbage no ons is taking him to court all I can say they are very slow doing it.

    3. @Margo Thatcher Yeah but the essence of the matter here is being ignored. Reality remains, Margo, that you and those who continue to support Trump are morally bankrupt. How can you not be? Look at the behavior you tolerate. After huffing and puffing about China Joe, you STILL will be too cowardly to answer why you tolerate so much disgusting behavior from Trump and his ilk, whereas WE BOTH KNOW if Obama had done a fraction of what Trump has you would be absolutely LIVID.

      But go ahead with your inevitable song and dance….

    1. @HsuFetish How Obama Let Hezbollah Off the Hook
      Josh Meyers

      Trumps DOJ shutdown Hezbollah operations.
      Obama aided them in the trafficking of narcotics, cash and human slaves.

    2. How can you trust a narccissistic, incompetent, grifter??? His father knew he was as stupid as they come.

    3. @Jeff B Fred Jr. wanted nothing to do with the business and he certainly wasn’t going to let any of the girls run it.

    4. @Dale SnyderFred Jr died because he was a drunk.
      Fred pursued his dreams of flying, although a battle with alcoholism forced him to step down from his job as a pilot in the 1970s as he knew flying would be too dangerous. By the end of the decade, Fred was divorced, living back in his parents’ home, and working on a maintenance crew for his father.

    1. If it were you or I, we’d have been in jail a long time ago. I agree, just lock him up already.

    2. They won’t be able to see his face when he’s surrounded by a sea of dudes in orange jumpsuits. At least for a week or so, then he will turn as white as an albino salamander, and he’ll be bald (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    3. Still mad about him shutting down your transnational child luring operation on the border pervo?

    4. Many people are saying it’d be great to see the orange menace in an orange jumpsuit. It would be absolutely tremendous.

  8. “Over a million documents…” Wow…This is going to be very interesting, to say the least.

    1. All of the people who were killed and died in this country while trump and his dirty republicans didn’t even care about us. His republican friends are going to prison also. They are too stupid to realize that they are just as bad as trump. I can’t even imagine how many lawsuits with all deaths and shooting crimes because of the trumps and his followers. These families that have lost their love ones are going to take the law in their own hands. If I were them I’ll be afraid for my life.

    1. Isn’t his family a part of the Ukrainian mafia?
      I suspect that maybe it’s YOU that should get some protection from Cohen.

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