1. Personally, something in the milk isn’t clean. A major pipeline shuts down due to a ransomware attack? Sounds to me like somebody is trying to double profit, once from the ransomware and two: from the gain in oil prices from the shutdown of the pipeline. Follow the money

  2. They attack us because we have a weak president that cares about Trans people and rainbows instead of the real issues.

    1. Don’t believe anything the news tells you. It’s possible it was an attack but it’s just as possible we did it to ourselves.

    1. @rounz1 gas was less than $2/gallon and African Americans had the lowest unemployment in history thanks to president Trump. This administration is a joke like all democrats.

    2. @Scott Manerez I don’t know where you live, but gas where I live has been $3.00+ for a couple of years now. “But but but Obama. But Hillary”, Oh and now: “But Biden”. Get out of here.

    3. @Mike Wilson Reading is fundamental. I just said that we’ve been paying 3.00+ for gas for a couple of years now. Get one of your Q pals to explain it to you.

  3. Let me guess, an Invasion of Iran and Venezuela will be the solution to bringing the gas prices down?

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