Combating Covid-19 misinformation | CITIZEN by CNN 1

Combating Covid-19 misinformation | CITIZEN by CNN


Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Abby Philip join Dana Bash to answer viewers' questions on all things Covid-19, including lessons learned from a year of lockdown, guidelines for vaccinated people and what the new "normal" may look like going forward.


  1. The worst disease in the world today is corporate media corruption. And there is a cure: Tranparency.

    1. @Lem Lovel what argument? I’ve stated nothing but facts while you ramble on about dysentery and racism, how is that an argument? For the last time, seek help.

    2. ​@Lem Lovel Ridicule is the first and last argument of a fool, The Corporate Media is the main conduit for government disinformation, propaganda and distractions… you are a living example of it.

    3. @Peter SantCleare “Dysentery kills almost a million children per year but Privilege McSpoiledbrat thinks TV is the problem.”

      That’s where you got owned. It’s over.

    1. @Cadet McGregor No they won’t, you’re still missing the point in this discussion…..something experimental was rushed through but before big pharma even got started they obtained hold harmless agreements….legal immunity….your argument here trying to validate is ludicrous….

    2. How would you compare a car company, where the responsibility goes to the driver, but with the vaccine, the responsibility is still in the hands of the vaccine company.. plus u can live without a car, u can’t live without a body

    1. @Mímir If CNN is neutral, why did they lose a multi Million dollar lawsuit to Nick Sandmann who stood next to a Native American man?

    2. This isnt directed at you, I 100% agree with you. People dont understand that journalism and the media are dead. How many HUGE stories turned out to be lies? Plus the bias runs with the narrative. And the narrative doesnt run with the truth. It runs with the agenda. Give me neutral coverage and I’m a viewer. Ignore a year of riots, ignore people questioning elections and the border and a laptop, I’m gonna click off. The right calls out Fox, the left thinks CNN is gospel. Come on, wake up.

    1. Ever notice how they all just say “fact check” and provide no source and when they do its clearly edited

    2. @Bannedfrom Youtube13times they typically set up flimsy straw men and then debunk them instead of addressing the real fact that’s presented. That fat goat and her cheating cretin of an ex-husband at Snopes are the champs when it comes to this.

    3. There is another definition for “check” that actually works…
      Check: 2a : to slow or bring to a stop : BRAKE
      b : to block the progress of

  2. Best way to convince skeptics — pre-label everything they say or ask as “misinformation,” and provide no rational argumentation for the “public heath experts'” proclamations

    1. @Steve Lamberts nope, fox is corporate media trash as well. Your assumptions reveal your ignorance.

  3. For the love of dawg, can no one remember to silence their phones before appearing live on national television? Put it in airplane mode for a few minutes, or (shudder!) leave it in another room while you’re on the air. Sounds crazy, I know.

  4. Matthew 5:9
    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

  5. Psalms 27:10
    When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.

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