Comey: Trump Warps People Around Him, Wraps Them In A 'Cocoon Of Falsehoods' | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Comey: Trump Warps People Around Him, Wraps Them In A ‘Cocoon Of Falsehoods’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Fmr. FBI Director James Comey joins Nicolle Wallace for his first interview since the IG report on the origins of the FBI investigation of Russian collusion during the 2016 campaign was released by the Department of Justice. Aired on 12/9/19.
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Comey: Trump Warps People Around Him, Wraps Them In A 'Cocoon Of Falsehoods' | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. The sad thing is that I am so cynical about the behavior of the GOPers that even if the facts come out, they will not prevail. We are living in the world of the Trump jedi mind trick…..

  2. Senator McConnell is the chief obstructionist by letting a raft of House legislation sit dormant and refusing to allow any Senate versions to reach the floor.
    McConnell also ballooned the deficit after misleading members and voters alike that the Trump tax cut would pay for itself.

    And he has also:
    > blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee;
    > blocked election-security legislation to prevent foreign interference with our elections
    > eliminated the last vestiges of the filibuster for appointees;
    > has rubber-stamped a slew of corrupt, incompetent and unfit nominees — many of them executive branch picks who already washed out;
    > partisan judges with scant experience;
    > deflected criticism of President Trump’s vile racism and constant lies;
    > has refused to read the Mueller report, let alone recognize its findings.

  3. The only people being lead, are those that can’t think for themselves, and the lawmakers who are bought and paid for. Those are the ones that must be removed by votes.

    1. Bob Marshel keep trying Booby. Nothing will come of the Durham report as all the crap never comes to fruition. Laughable little Booby

  4. Barr is worried about intrusive investigations into presidential candidates but he has no problem with Trump pressuring a foreign nation to investigate Joe Biden…

    1. William Barr doesn’t have a problem with Republicans breaking the law but he will not allow them to be investigated Democrats in American citizens are okay they can be investigated according to Republicans

  5. I really don’t think those around Trump are warped by him. They already share the same immorality and spinelessness he does. Their fully accountable for their actions and coverups.

    1. Robert, I fully agree. They have hidden for so long that they now feel safe in relaying their true feelings.

  6. Trumps adderal abuse has made him irrational and jis bipolar moods are also firectly telated. You cannot snort that stuuf witjout damage. Get real america we need to get jim help but first get him out.

    1. @C M Socialisation is a key developmental releaser of maturational insight which is an important milestone in human growth. When children never confront their own identities and the boundaries of personal space governing social dynamics they don’t make adjustments for balancing the ‘other’ with their world view. They never ‘grow up’.

    1. Trumped ignorances calls all Democrats socialists societies lol

      & only because his cult’s aren’t allowed to read write or thinks for themselves lmfaooo


    2. Face it guys. Its your egos that cant handle trump. Its blinded you to the point of insanity. You obsesse over him more than his supporters. You got him elecected in 2016 by continuing to follow the so obviously currupt establishment dnc that has yet to change. You will get him elected 2020

    3. @Y Not You actually EDITED this response? What pray tell did you actually accomplish? (Other than another ‘view’ for a failing Communist network). You’ve done nothing but expose the fake infiltration of American. I Pray you have a programmer. Most here do.

  7. Barr is burning all his bridges with career public servants. What a legacy – I’m sure his family are as proud as punch

    1. When Barr begged for his position, he emphatically stated that he doesn’t care about his career or reputation because this is his grand finale.

  8. These guys must be robbing and stealing beyond their greedy dreams while they’re destroying any agency that exists for the safety and welfare of the country. They’re just greedy MFrs. no mystery here

  9. I refuse to attribute any super powers to Trump. The men who are drawn into his “cocoon of falsehoods” are showing their selves

    1. True, he brings out of them their real self. Filled with hate, and greed. Their false personas are gone now. This is them.

  10. Trump is a complete liar in the people he surrounds himself or caught up in his criminal and it will not go unchallenged

  11. No one should make “compromises” where their integrity and pride are concerned; once you make one, it’s easier to make the next and the next.

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