Commemoration for COVID-19 victims in the House of Commons

Marking a national day of observance to commemorate those who died due to COVID-19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says March 11, 2020 will be remembered as the day when life in Canada changed.

Delivering a speech in the House of Commons on Thursday, Trudeau said in a "heartbreaking" year with much loss, Canadians have showed persistence, solidarity, and compassion.

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  1. Every Canadian should sue the government for their handling of this virus problem and still we have homelessness….?

    1. You can’t they signed a bill awhile
      Ago saying they can’t be sued for anything to do with covid 19 problems

    2. @kelly mitch no they have there own thing government passed a law for themselves protecting government from any lawsuits

  2. When will we have the commemoration for all those who have died from untreated heart disease, cancer and mental health?

    1. @Ghazi Abu-dayyeh What you did was ‘moving the goalposts’.
      The op responded to the notion that we need to commemorate the huge numbers of deaths in Canada, and responded with OTHER causes of deaths that go unmentioned.
      Then YOU moved the goalposts and made it an argument of what is contagious or not.
      Try again.

    1. It’s not meant to … til the world either embraces fascism or stops cooperating with their enslavement…

  3. The pandemic didn’t start last year today, it took the government 3 months to figure it out that just in.

  4. Canadian’s will remember the incompetence and naivety of a government unprepared for such a crises. Trudeau and Dr Tam should accept responsibility for their shambolic early response which allowed the virus easy access to Canada

    1. And that sad part is Dr. Tam was a coauthor of a report highlighting Canada’s failings of the original SARS pandemic. She should have known better but chose to do the politically correct thing rather than the medically correct thing that would’ve saved Canadians lives and businesses

    1. Anything for an emotional sob fest to show how empathetic they are. In reality, Trudeau hates Canadians and proves it every day.

  5. History in the making!!! A memorial for victims of the flu. About the same as every other year in history. Amazing!!

    1. @knoxiscool Ask Blackface. That’s the one grade it actually finished, it did take he/she two try’s tho. But it did finish

    1. The day the Trudeau government utilize the Canadian military as a dispersal system For the Covid bio weapon!

    2. Canadian mainstream won’t ever show the truth. I try to post as many vids as I can. This country is toast.

  6. What about the commemoration for those who died from lack of health care, suicide and anxiety due to the manditory lock downs and c0vid restrictions?

    1. @Drunk Viggo Of course. No one mentions that the ICUS are used by those suffering respiratory illness from years of cigarette smoking, who (may) have contracted covid19 being in a high-risk group, and having their deaths pad covid19 numbers.

  7. Canadian military members arrive back in Canada sept 2019 who had flu/Wuhan Virus symptoms and Derek Zoolander and the military hid it form Canadians

  8. When will they commemorate those kids who killed themselves due to isolation and despair because of the government imposed lockdown?

    1. He wants death, look how excited he is to use these “covid deaths” to seize power and indebt the nation.

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