Community Leaders Still Fighting For Justice After Chauvin Verdict | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Community Leaders Still Fighting For Justice After Chauvin Verdict | The Last Word | MSNBC


Despite Derek Chauvin’s conviction holding him accountable for the murder of George Floyd, community leaders in Minneapolis say the journey for justice “has to continue.” After police shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright just miles from the courthouse while the trial was taking place, one of those community leaders tells Ali Velshi she feels “this trauma all over again.” Aired on 04/24/2021.
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Community Leaders Still Fighting For Justice After Chauvin Verdict | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Dudelookslikealibturd
      My god you people have the social maturity/intelligence of a 12 year old who just discovered Nietzsche.

      Justifying making fun of George Floyd’s death with some half assed philosophy, is beyond cringe.

      I guess this sort of response is what I should expect from a toxic comment section like this one. I am going to go enjoy my life now, away from the sociopathic zombies that inhabit this comment section XD

    2. @Dudelookslikealibturd
      Lol you don’t strike me as a very good person… See, I can laugh 😉

      And thank you, I hope you do the same.

    1. @Guy Montag if you can’t objectively call modern liberalism what it is- apostasy then you are the problem, not Fox News. Fox News doesn’t go on a media blitzkreig calling for riots and supporting the amount of high profile black police shootings wherein most indeed escalated situations with police. Democrats calling America racist, as if they didn’t cause Jim Crow, and then to have the audacity to push racism on the Useless Republicans, after having created the problem, smh.

    2. @Guy Montag MSNBC has renounced its Democratic principles along time ago, they are a paid media wing of extremely rich liberals/socialists. They don’t understand rights because if they did they would understand that they are vehemently attacking them 24/7. Idk what a forward thinking person is supposed to do watching CNN or MSNBC other than be paranoid and emboldened via lies

    3. @Melvin Hardy You’re supposed to do the same thing you’re supposed to do with any news source, definitely including Fox. You’re supposed to use your brain to pick out the facts and discard the spin. Again most definitely including Fox, you’re supposed to take opinion hosts to be just that. Opinion.

  1. “Racism is not dead, but it is on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as “racists.” – Thomas Sowell

    1. @Ms. Dana the only thing I can say is no matter how much we humans “evolve” we are still tribal creatures. We claim to be civil but every civilization in time can be viewed as barbarians. While we all suffer tragedy some how only a few of us matter. You ever hear the saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease?( or something like that) if you dont make any noise or yell no 1 will ever notice you. Look at asians they get a law in a matter of a few months. With all said I dont judge every1 by the action of a few but the lack of action by many. Most people are racist black or white etc they just dont have the guts to admit it.

    2. @Ambria Ashley Horns and crowns are the automobile industry. Rev 13:1 Mark of the beast Toyota. Rev 13:18 Don’t worry, I realize most of them in the U.S. are white.

    3. @therealdavetherave itstrue what’s with you and not addressing the objective facts of reality, and instead use a logical fallacy response? 🥴😂🤣😂🤣

  2. They are a propaganda piece so we hate on each other instead of fighting them and all the democrats and republicans. They are dismantling the country for China

    1. The only people who seem to be full of hate are the conservative trolls complaining about how other people are forcing them to feel hate.

    2. So close. They are dismantling the country for profit, personal gain. Which China will in turn benefit from.

    3. “They are a propaganda piece so we hate on each other instead of fighting them and all the democrats and republicans. They are dismantling the country for China” — lol, The irony of calling out propaganda and then adding their own on the end. Priceless!

    4. @Guy Montag So what about the the race baiting, social justice, offended mobs rioting and attacking people over ideologies… They seem to be really full of hate too.

      Perhaps you are just so full of ignorance that you are incapable of thinking for yourself.

    5. @fomori2 You seem to be suffering from what is a common misunderstanding on the right. The term race baiting refers to intentionally encouraging racism, not encouraging the protest and ending of racism. A good example of race baiting would be a political candidate inferring that all Mexicans are rapists. Protesting racism is the opposite of race baiting. If you feel baited, you’re the one with, let’s call them issues.

  3. There was a time when a town or village collectively cheered when a serial criminal was snuffed out. Now the deceased thugs get murals, gold caskets and demands for “justice”.

    1. @Lee Priest Why? Because I don’t protest when unarmed white people are killed by police either. Wouldn’t that upset me if I was a white supremacist? Derp derp derp……

    2. @B’stard Ted Cruz When was the last protest over a black officer killing/ using brutality against an unarmed black person?

    3. @free markets in this game you are surely the winner. Unfortunately for you I was playing a different game. Go eat your veggies now.

  4. LOL at how this so-called “Civil Rights War” is the liberal version of the war on drugs. Its unwinnable.

    1. It does its job: Destroy society so they can build their heavenly totalitarian utopia atop the corpse of America.

    1. @Nikhil Newse just seems like that on paper. Just because ppl aren’t convicted doesn’t mean they didn’t break the law. Like all the predators that are given slaps on the wrist or probation? It’s so bad in red states that they had to put up billboards that say “she’s your daughter not your date, getting drunk isn’t an excuse.” YIKES!!!!!!!!!

    2. @Julie Manarin I think they should just hand the entire city over to the BLM. They can have it and have it their way. Without police. I’m sure it will grow into that left-wing utopia they all dream of.

    3. @bo gard You’re the wrong dude. Today’s Republican party is more like JFK’s Democratic party. Today’s Democratic Party is more like the Chinese Communist Party or the Soviet Union. Democrats have gone far left and there’s no hope for them. Voting for Democrats is like voting for your own funeral.

    1. @DDDloki it’s not blaspheme: it is the truth. You obviously never read the bible, nor understand any doctrine. Good luck!

    2. @DDDloki again, good luck. Time to prepare today. In death, you won’t have a body to make a choice. Life doesn’t end on Earth, this is just the beginning. Have hate in your heart? It’ll be with you for all eternity.

  5. They’re just looking for an excuse to smash windows and steal anything they can get their hands on.

    1. @UglyMofo24
      When your negative observation is that the entire race has a negative impact on your community… Yeah, that is racism.

    2. @UglyMofo24 just remember that it’s not the entire race. Did you ever watch Chris Rock’s famous bit about the differences between black people from his 1996 comedy special. You have the normal hard working, productive members and the trash who cause all the problems. The trash behavior is what we are seeing running wild today.

    3. @Kyle K. Horns and crowns are the automobile industry. Rev 13:1 Mark of the beast Toyota. Rev 13:18

    4. @Curt Brockhaus mark of the beast is more likely the covid vaccination. Next we’ll be restricted to buy anything without it.

    1. @erick le BLM protests are full of white people, so I’m reluctant to just accept your conclusions as to why someone was killed. Putting that aside, you can’t judge an entire movement based on the actions of a tiny number of people. It’s no different than saying Trump supporters are violent, police attacking insurrectionists because of the actions of a minority of the protesters at the capitol.

      When I really think about what my motivations for social justice are, I think a large part of it, when it comes to oppression of non-white races in particular, is that, as a white person, I’m embarrassed. It is positively humiliating to think someone will see my skin and might, even for a second, judge me by the actions of a bunch of evolutionary throwbacks like them. It makes me angry, because I’m like them and I know better, so why don’t they and why do they keep making us look bad? Does that make sense?

    2. @3lement2010 sorry facts hurt, Progressives are only 8% of the voter base, and weird, I know ALOT of POC who are conservatives. You have to also know BLM doesn’t speak for all Black people or ALL POC… same as the Klan doesn’t represent all white people…

    3. @IronskullGM You can’t say there’s more conservatives just cause you know a lot more conservatives than Democrats.

  6. How dare the police save a black woman from another black woman trying to stab her to death!!!

    1. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. No not racist why couldn’t that been a man Moe Ron…. go read facts find out it was a birthday party it was a argument on cleaning the home, find out who was waiting to speak with law enforcement find out why grown men kick kids,stupid grown ups in that house got her killed.. learn facts,,reenact state run mental hospitals

    2. In the future, they won’t. They’ll drink coffee, eat donuts, listen to dispatch describe the scene, and only move in when it’s all over. Black neighborhoods will have no police, just a clean up crew.

    3. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. why didn’t she retreat into her home but resort to using a deadly weapon? doesn’t the party frown on individuals defend themselves with tools such as guns and other defensive objects?

    1. When you don’t have any direction or purpose in life, you get bored. In the past, people would go on a journey to self-discovery to know themselves. But here creatures are dealing their lack of purpose with outrage, violence, looting, shooting, screaming, etc.

    2. @Afeef Rb

      It used to be having a family, but now most men realize they are just wallets in the modern marriage racket.

  7. I sit here and wonder if these people really think they are fooling anyone. Its so apparent what they are doing, creating disorder, division, etc.

    1. @Lando First off… before I waste my time trying to educate.
      Are you an American? Are you under 25?

    2. @Guitarman 420 LOL you’re sure of something you have no idea about it. That clown emoji must just be your signature

    3. @Lando Tell me, do you think the police force is corrupt? Justice system? Education system? Health care? Financial systems?

    4. @Jake Plant Jake that is a good question, further more why do these Republicans feel they need to dictate what is right and how all others should live. Who gives you the or the government the right to tell another human being what they must do with their own body?

  8. “community leaders still doing the one thing they know how to do because they can’t understand life without war.”

    1. The people saying this are not “community leaders”. Leaders dont blame everyone else for their problems and they work to elevate those in their community, not bring everyone else down to their level.

    2. @fomori2 “Leaders dont blame everyone else for their problems”….really? Seems exactly like what AOC and the rest of “the squad” have been doing since their time in D.C.

    3. @Roger , which leads us to ask the obvious question: Are AOC and the rest of the squad truly leaders in the pure sense of the word we grew up with, or are they instigators and demagogues… a corrupt version of that same concept?

    1. because a bunch of neckbeards with ar-15s are gonna stop a military assault on the civilian population

    2. @Hellmuth4
      Lol I question neckbeard’s abilities to determine what is an actual military assault on civilians, and not policing.

    3. @JJ Tall
      Lol sorry that the truth offends you so much. Calling people names, doesn’t change the validity of their statements 🙂

    1. @Killaron Jones Your still talking…..go get your wife bro…stop worrying about me and take responsibility for your life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Dijon John there actually have been people interviewed who admitted as much. There have even been ads for people to join up

    3. @Steve Barnes
      That is some interesting evidence of foul play. Not exactly a smoking gun though… Pretty easy to fake.

    4. @Dijon John many things are easy to fake but that’s pretty legit. George Soros has been regularly funding Antifa and BLM.

  9. “Small victory in a larger war.”

    That they believe this to be true is why racism and inequality will never cease to exist.

  10. This is a perfect example of media pundit goal post shifting.

    Two weeks ago: “we need justice for George Floyd”

    Now: “even though Chauvin somehow got convicted of both knowingly and unknowingly killing floyd and more than 200 state bills for police oversight have been passed, we still need REAL justice”

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