Community Vaccine Campaign on the Way | TVJ News - September 1 2021 1

Community Vaccine Campaign on the Way | TVJ News – September 1 2021


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    1. My neighbour lost his mom and brother last week. My coworker lost his grandfather yesterday to the virus. The hospital was so full that he had to go there to give his grandfather a bath because the nurses had their hands full. His sister is now infected. I will never tell people to not take the vaccine but I will not force them either. More people are dying now because hospitals are full. We cannot afford to have the situation that occured in Italy and New York.

    2. You get vaccinated or injected and you are still required to wear a mask and Social Distance so you are no better off. Fellow Jamaicans, live as healthily as you can and trust in the Lord.

    1. Well I spoke to a immune friend like you all today he said he and others at his job were in the hospital..yeah anti vaccers in florida so the choices are yours..immune boost is always good.

  1. expect people to be dying off suddenly in weeks, months and years without no explanation.
    i wont be surprised.

    1. Lord when will they stop giving this vaccine can’t they see, or hear that those who received double vaccine are spreading it. Did these people take the ten thousand dollars (chicken feed )and take the vaccine

  2. All Jamaicans need to do is boost their immune system eat a lot of vitamins C, Zinc and vitamins D. Along with fruits and vegetables high in flavonoid , examples grapes 🍇, chocolate 🍫 and green tea 🍵

    1. @Umar “Scam Artist” Johnson Really? Why would you do Dr.Umar Johnson name like this though? Oh my gosh ,that’s not nice .

    2. People who took every vitamins in the Alphabet, eat right, and still died days after hospitalized. Some will stay home and live, some will end up in ICU and drop out.

    3. @Lucy Green You know nothing about what you’re saying, just be quiet.

      You don’t know what people eat daily.. You don’t know. You’re not feeding anyone. Plus, you don’t know if those people had underlined illness.

      You need to do a proper research before trying to refute my point.

    4. Look here probably you don’t live yah where we must get money to purchase those things when we can’t find food Fe nyam .yes we would gladly by the whole pharmacy and the gardens off fruits and veggies but no work no money no safety net from the government no help . We need food good food but no work no food no money .this is not a fairy tail it is a night mear

  3. Has andrew holiness encouraged his cabinet and himself fi tek it yet and make sure they follow the protocols..i doubt it.

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