‘Compassionate approach’ to illegal border crossings | Immigration Minister Sean Fraser

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  1. Sean,we don’t want illegals got it,I really don’t understand how you can call out Pierre Poilievre for Prime Minister

    1. you would think…. but liberals have better ideas apparently. if ppl can just walk across the border nilly willy…. why would anyone do it legally?

  2. We should send criminals from our prisons to the boarder and sneak em in to New York .. Not just any criminals either , the worst we got …

  3. How many more years is needed to fix this problem? How will you address the 76000 cases awaiting a hearing that is increasing everyday?

  4. Compassion? It is a security risk for all Canadians not having legal due process and security background checks in entering countries borders.

  5. Imagine if I asked for compassion for illegally breaking in to this mans home and illegally robbing him because I was poor and hungry. Gfy!

  6. oh that is the way… i ve been studying and working in Canada since 2018. Paid money for a school program, Immigration applications, English test, taxes, etc. The CEC (canadian experience class) immigration program has been paused for how long? 7 months and now that the express entry draws are in place again i will need 500 points or more. I wasn’t aware about the “illegal border crossing” program. Thanks

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