Conan’s Greenland weather report cracks up Anderson Cooper

Conan's Greenland weather report cracks up Anderson Cooper 1


Conan O'Brien talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper about his visit to Greenland after President Donald Trump said he wanted to buy it, and showed video of him presenting the local weather forecast in the native Greenlandic language.

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  1. Anderson Cooper and Conan O’Brien in the same video.. My life is complete~!

  2. He reads it better then trump … still can’t believe he said it’s going to alabama smh

    • “Donald Trump” is really “William H”. Notice how they both use EXACTLY the same language? William thinks he’s slick by changing his screen name but he’s somehow stupid enough to say the same crap.
      Go ahead and change your name again, William H? We’ll still know it’s you, closet case dumbass.

    • @TrumpAlwaysWins LearnToAcceptIt you’re hilarious.😆

    • TrumpAlwaysWins LearnToAcceptIt | September 3, 2019 at 10:25 AM | Reply

      jacksoJackson oi vey

  3. Love Anderson when he truly laughs…Too Funny!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Next on The Ridiculist, AC trying to keep a straight face thru Conan’s Greenlandic weather report but failed miserably … 😅

  5. The rest of the world is capable of making fun, and then laughing when they’re made fun of.

    Meanwhile there’s McConnell crying on the Senate floor about being called a name, Nunes trying to sue Twitter over being called a name, and Trump having a teenage girl meltdown whenever he’s called a name.

  6. He read better than CRIMINAL Drumpf reads English.

  7. Cooper, love your laugh and I enjoyed seeing you caught up in the moments of fun with Conan!

    Some time has passed but want you to know that I think about how much you love and miss your Mom. I lost my son and my Dad and understand it isn’t easy.
    And how the love we have for them doesn’t die.
    My sincere condolences.

  8. Does Trump even know where Greenland is? Maybe he thinks it’s green.

    • @Stuck N. Derplahoma
      I am most flattered Sir.
      But my wife would become rather miffed I dare say 😀

    • @Stuck N. Derplahoma
      The repulsive tub of corrupted lard “love” the poorly educated with good reason.
      Nobody else fall for his deranged MAGA barf.

    • I am almost as old as the six times bankrupted scam artist, cowardly draft dodger, shameless tax evader, compulsive liar, radical white nationalist and Russian collaborator Donald John Trump.

    • I knew beforehand that the PO(TU)S would get his blubbery lardarse chewed to bits, if he was stupid and arrogant enough to accept the Electoral College’s arbitrary overruling of the majority vote.

  9. 1wildwackywoman | September 3, 2019 at 12:22 AM | Reply

    Anderson, we don’t know each other, but I know a little bit about your story. Your mother would be content seeing you laughing and enjoying your life. Hang in there kiddo. From just an old lady.

    • Aw.

    • @mcmcdic, that’s a ridiculous plan. What would they call Disney World, “Eurodisney”?

    • @Grizzly Poota, it’s a shame you get so triggered by men having sex with each other. I hope some day, you can overcome your crippling phobia, and realise that love is beautiful 💖 Maybe you need to take a page from the hippies (and Steve Jobs), and drop some acid.

    • @Jules Nagbunga “We always get one idiot! “. You have many. One in the White House plus his followers.

    • @Phelix Kelevra Florida is just full of pensioners waiting to die and trailer trash (on a Venn diagram these two groups frequently cross). It’s a mosquito infested dump and if Hurricane Dorian goes through there it’ll cause millions of dollars-worth of improvements.

  10. Kim Hoffmann Andersen | September 3, 2019 at 12:38 AM | Reply

    “What did you learn in school today? Nothing? You’re gonna love america.”

    • “They thought I was Cate Blanchett..” Lol!

    • don’t laugh yet – China already offered and tried to get them to take development $$$$ so they can owe them favors – Denmark is getting tired of subsidizing Greenland also. trump is an idiot but sometimes he makes a mistake and says something meaningful 🤔

    • And he could be president one day.

    • @Lixie Lugo Andrew Yang 2020 please look over his 21st century policies thanks 👍

    • @Janet Airlines
      Maybe you should learn why the show was cancelled. It had great ratings, but not in the younger demographic that advertisers pay the big bucks for. Since it not owned by ABC, the cost was higher than shows produced in house,and Tim Allen’s contract was up for renegotiation, which would probably mean a big raise for him and a higher cost for the show. They also cancelled the comedy “Dr. Ken” which followed Allen, because they decided to switch Fridays to all dramas. When it was picked up by the CW, they were able to negotiate a lower price than ABC had been paying and the show fit their audience demographic better. Now, FOX is trying the show.

  11. I like how easy it is to tell the trolls/bots from real people in videos like this. They are incapable of fun and need to rant about unrelated things. =P

    • I thought is was easy just by the regurgitation of the same 40 comments. But you are also correct. 🙂

    • bellmeisterful | September 3, 2019 at 5:51 AM | Reply

      Well given the topic of the video, or the non topic I should say, Id think a change of subject would be welcomed.
      I dont know…maybe something a little more worthy of our time? This is politics. No? You want to stick with silliness and minutia and avoid policy and performance at all costs?
      I understand completely.


    • Richard Darlington | September 3, 2019 at 11:14 AM | Reply

      @pixel girl
      Data is a toaster.

  12. Conan O’brien would make a better president

  13. That way Funny!  I agree Anderson has a genuine contagious laugh.  He’s very refreshing.

  14. Conan O’Brien for president, hes smarter ,funnier, and has more common sense than the idiot we have now

  15. Anderson has a beautiful Nerd laugh. Very wonderful!

  16. Responsible, revered and trusted. Conan for U.N. Ambassador. Bringing faith back to American Diplomacy.

    • bellmeisterful | September 3, 2019 at 6:02 AM | Reply

      The UN? Its a worthless org of corruption with no accountability. Which is why Trump slashed our funding to it 40% when he won while changing how they track money given and report on what they do with it.
      Imagine that.
      I know, you had no idea. By the way. Responsible and revered?
      Thats a job anyone can do. Sitting in front of a teleprompter and read?
      Have producers say things to say in your ear during interviews?

    • @bellmeisterful Trump can’t read from anything, let alone a teleprompter! But hey, Trump can’t do anything. He doesn’t even master the English language. So, not everyone can do it

    • @bellmeisterful wow, no one asked you for the overshare. go back to your hole and don’t forget your tinfoil hat on the way back.

  17. alphaphotoandvideo | September 3, 2019 at 1:18 AM | Reply

    Tomorrow at Fox and friends: “cooper and the left laughed evilly at Trump’s expense”

  18. We also thought Trump was joking 🤣 but no 😳 but I love Conan and Anderson 🤣👍greetings from a Dane

  19. “in the Icelandic language, which is very difficult…” (and I might add) almost impossible for most Greenlanders to understand. Inuktitut is their language

    • I think they also might learn Danish in school. So maybe they’ll understand bits and pieces. Though probably not.

    • mrwensveen I am lead to believe Icelandic is the most difficult language to learn, even their citizens do not fully comprehend some parts. Essentially as it has portions such as Old High Norse which in of itself a ‘lost language’ Also Eric the Red had influence there & his dialect would have been interwoven. Icelanders are truly hospitable people. I did watch a fascinating doc on a guy who was on the extremes of autism, but his one amazing ability was to speak multiple languages. He was asked to converse fluently in Icelandic after only 4 hours study. The interviewer & production were flabbergasted when he did speak flawlessly & with the correct syntax & intonation. The brain is a an incredible organ.

    • I read about the autistic person too. Truly impressive. I’m not convinced Icelandic is the hardest language, but it is quite difficult. I learned Danish and Norwegian in a few years (not fluent but I manage), and I could understand some Icelandic, especially written.
      As to what the hardest language is, I’d go for Georgian (see NativLang’s channel, it’s superb)

    • G J CENTRAL Radio | September 3, 2019 at 11:58 AM | Reply

      Yeah sounds like Connecticut. Hard to understand them too and they speak in English…or do they.

    • mrwensveen beers thanks I assume you are referring to the Georgian language of the Utah’s? I will check it out.

  20. After America attempts to buy Greenland, Denmark have responded by saying they want to buy Washington DC from Israel

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