Concern about overcrowding at Ontario's popular Wasaga Beach 1

Concern about overcrowding at Ontario’s popular Wasaga Beach


The Town of Wasaga Beach is cracking down on overcrowding at the beach.

Town officials said the Canada Day crowds were the final straw after three weeks of physical distancing issues.

"We saw human behaviour at its worst, quite frankly," said Wasaga Beach Deputy Fire Chief Craig Williams. "Many visitors displayed a reckless disregard for public health guidelines when ignoring physical distancing recommendations."

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  1. Flatten the fear…no seniors there keep them safe at home and social distance them when visiting…

  2. Lock the beaches and everything else back up. If you can’t act like adults, you get treated like children. Play with your toys properly or they get taken away.

    1. Bend over for the government like we always do. If you are afraid stay in your house and shut your mouth.

    2. @walking talll LMAO! you realize the left is the ones protesting right now? You are getting butthurt about a beach, not a real issue here.

    3. @Nanithice the left is protesting. So is the middle and the right . We need to open everything up and move on with our lives.

  3. Herd immunity, all you Karen’s lock yourselves in you cage and put on your little masks…mind Your own business.

    1. Oh, they are, comrade. Mission underway and compliance at 75%. The 25% radicals WILL learn to OBEY,OBEY,OBEY.

  4. Close the beaches and large gathering areas. Just remember our wonderful governments caused this BS.

  5. And I thought it was only the Americans that were uneducated about the seriousness of COVID 19.

  6. Full time residents of Wasaga Beach and area have been very respectful of the virus through the winter and spring months and kept it under control while Toronto and Peel are still struggling. Please don’t bring the virus up here now just for a couple of months of selfish playing. We deserve a virus free summer, fall and life.

    1. I’m a full time resident also and I say we live in a free country if they want to come up and support our economy then they should be able too. If you are afraid stay home and roll up in the feeble position. We are free and it should stay that way.

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