1. They charged and suspended the Parkland school officer for failing to do his job. They should do the same with these guys

    1. @PittyPablo source your information..nothing i found says that..everything says in 2021 a superior judge confirmed what a lower judge tried to throw out.

    2. The Parkland school cop got his job back with back pay. Tax payers paid him to sit home for a year while to lazy to get another job.

    3. “The police officers obeyed lawful orders to allow innocent children to die. Like it or not, there is a chain of command here.

      The existing procedure was correct, just that nobody anticipated a police chief that would wilfully violate the procedure and deliberately allow innocent children to die. That was rather unexpected.”

    4. @packerpf I was told this at a conference they did a debrief about Parkland. Most recent things seems to be they delayed the case for the charging not dismissed it. Guess I got told bad info.


    1. @jean-claude schwartz I have them blocked too and Youtube removes most of my “Make America 500 Nations Again” posts

    2. @Dan Strayer I keep reporting but YouTube allows it but give the middle finger emoji and you are removed asap

  2. What there was a lack of that day was bravery and courage to get inside of that classroom and save as many children as they could by taking the gunmen out. Personally I blame the cowardly cop’s as much as I blame the shooter

    1. @Robert Smith Er… have you heard of the chain of command and obeying lawful orders? Or you personally favour mutiny?

    1. @Jeremy Backup individual cops have qualified immunity. You can sue the police department and the city. But not individual cops.

  3. The day when so called good guys with guns ran away from a bad guy with a gun.
    What if Firemen showed this amount of cowardice.

  4. Being a coward in a police uniform is bad enough but stopping the parent from running in and protecting their own children is unforgivable.

    1. @smokingthereefer92 Maybe you’ll figure it ouy, but my happy ending id that you don’t. Selah

    2. They cops couldn’t let them go in, that would make them look even worse. They could care less about people or children.

    3. They stopped All But ONE Hero… a Little Latina Hero who saved not only Her Babies, but many others as well.

  5. I find it odd that when cops pull your kids over for loud music or accelerating a little to quickly, they are tough ! They call for back up and treat you like a criminal. Then when they are REALLY needed, they act like cowards.

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  6. Man he can’t even condemn his fellow officers. Even though every armed coward at the shooting should be stripped of their badges.

  7. I watched the entire one and a half hour video and all i can say is, when you see grown men some in their 60s cowering in light of
    10 year olds being killed. the outside views were the most telling when the shooter was hiding and started to fire on the police,
    they ran for their lives instead of getting into defencive positions leaving the killer free to enter the school.
    they should all be charged with the murder of those 23 people.

    1. @cgaskin00 That is quite literally police policy and training 101. People need to realize police are under no legal obligation to risk their life to protect yours and the courts have affirmed this.

    2. @J S well from the report it seems there were some degrees of policy not being implemented. But I agree that we all have to come to terms with the policy of officer safety. It doesn’t feel comforting at all…

  8. After this gross ineptitude by all responsible, everyone should be fired including the Mayor, entire police force, and the school board. This school district should be put under receivership.

    1. @King_Laws Sitting at home doing nothing is still more that the cops bothered to do at Uvalde.

      Hell, considering the fuel costs and the cost of training, it’s actually better to sit at home and do nothing.

      USA! USA! USA!

    2. What really makes my blood boil was when the police were helping then kids out the window I would of been in there asap thrue that window on got on the door to take the ideit out period!!!!

  9. This gets my blood boiling.
    Those initial 4 cops that entered the school at 11:36 (in surveillance video), had bulletproof vests, assault rifles, backup, knowing there are children in the class and hearing children screaming and still didn’t stop an active shooter. *COWARDS!* They cost little kids’ lives. *Absolutely disgusting inaction*

    1. @John Smith Were there, in fact, any who actually did anything to rescue those little kids or to neutralize the threat? I fear your defense of what transpired isn’t going to go very far. It is the height of depravity.

      Your concern is greatly misplaced, indeed, out of order. Three hundred thirty-six law enforcement officers surrendered both their honor and their dignity on the day in question. There’s plenty of blame to go around, no failures of others speaks to the culpability of those who first took an oath to protect and serve and then accepted hefty compensation for their fraudulent commitment. One cannot help but wonder if your children feel confident that you, merely as a parent, would endeavor to protect them in such a situation? Or do they lay awake at night, fearful that you would sacrifice them to preserve your own safety? Have you sense of decency sir?

    2. @Demaury Jackson thank you so very much ,,😭those babies and the families mean so much to me,,I am a grandmother of 7,, God bless you for your support ,,keep well stay strong

    3. One of the cops running away from the teenager pats his head desperately asking if he is bleeding. Today many police call themselves a family with a code of silence like the Mafia. These civil servants re-wrote their sworn duties they are paid to obey and openly say their ‘Number One Priority’ is ‘Officer Safety’, not your bleeding children

  10. Don’t explain what happened, we know what happened; explain why those cops still have jobs. Explain why they’re not being prosecuted. Explain why the Mayor of Uvalde is talking out of both sides of his mouth and doing nothing. Explain why the local DA is effecting a cover up. Explain why the Feds haven’t come into town and dismantled the local law enforcement agencies and taken charge of the situation. Explain why Governor Abbott doesn’t take responsibility for the misconduct of his state officials.

    1. Also explain why the police are harassing Angeli Gomez. She’s the mother who ran inside unarmed & saved her kids. She said the police are parking outside her home & harassing her, they pulled her over in a baseless traffic stop and they’re threatening to charge her with “tampering with an active crime scene.”

      Big tough cops that harass a single mother and two young kids. Seems like they only like confronting innocent, unarmed people half their size.

    2. @Jane Doe if I messed up on my job and 22 innocent people were blown to tiny bits by a deranged gunman I’d hope it wouldn’t be necessary to fire me, because I’d have terminated my position immediately.

    3. @DAVID LANGFORD “Wtf”? Changing demography consequent to the global collapse of birth rates, supply chain disruptions that depleted inventories then led to demand destruction, total collapse of labor availability, an aging workforce with retirees exiting the labor market at such a rate as to be the largest exodus of expertise and experience from the workplace in the history of the country, retirees whose shifting financial strategies will soon collapse the financial markets and deprive the economy of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investment capital, collapsing infrastructure combined with a severely compromised tax base, Shall I continue?

      Dude, get a grip! Double digit inflation has been a certainty for the American economy through at least the next decade since before Obama took office. If you want your personal finances to avoid total collapse you’re going to need to let go the juvenile fantasy obsessions you harbor. Trump’s America First policy manifested in the real world as an American pull back on the high seas. Consequently, global supply chains are now more vulnerable than ever to major disruption (see for instance the Russian blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports). With no one to assure stable, secure access to international sea lanes raw materials and value added goods cannot reliably flow. The United States would need to IMMEDIATELY double it’s industrial output to stave off double digit inflation. It will take a minimum of seven years without impediment to accomplish that goal .

      You ought to grow up and learn to distinguish reality from fiction if you want to survive the next twenty years of economic and financial downturns. Nothing anybody can do will significantly alter the inevitable eventualities. Your mindless, irrational rages will become the bane of your existence if you don’t come to grips with what’s actually transpiring.

  11. What do police say to citizens? “If you have nothing to hide, you’d cooperate with the investigation”. They want their Civil Rights protected while trampling on Citizens rights.

  12. The entire situation is pathetic but Commissioner Garza takes the cake. How on earth are such inadequate people getting into these kinds of positions? I think there’s a little too much of “let George do it” in our society these days and these are the consequences of such apathy. Yellow bellied cops and dead little kids!!!

  13. It’s all just SAD. The horror these little kids went through is just heart breaking in my mind. God bless them and there parents. My prayers to them.

    1. I’m focused more on the survivors. Like the woman being harassed for not listening to the cops and saving her own children, I hope she sues and wins big time. I understand wanting to keep people away from a dangerous situation to prevent further injury – its like a fireman trying to hold a parent back from going into a burning building – the parent going in anyway and saving their child faster then the fireman – then fireman showing up with the police to say how dare you rescue your kid and trying to use it as a parole violation to arrest her? When that doesn’t work, lets follow her and randomly pull her over looking for illegals! When that doesn’t work, well keep following eventually they will be able to use something… She was basically the only hero in this whole thing and she has become the enemy… what the hell.

    2. @h82fail @h82fail I could not agree with you more. She is prove of love for her children, and truly being mistreated. But there so much wrong with this happening in America. It’s all SAD for the families. Thanks.

    3. And yet the same police officers demand half the municipal budget for weapons. This is why they need to be partially defunded. They’re not even going to use these weapons anyways unless they have every single advantage.

    4. i know there was only ONE of those officers on duty, at the scene, that day, who had a kid at that school.
      how many other officers on duty have kids going to that school?
      maybe the fact that most of those cops didn’t have any kids at that school contributed to their NON-action. they just didn’t care enough to forsake their lives.

  14. The one question that needs to be asked is: If the police in the hallways of the school were told not to breach the classrooms…….who told them not to? No one is owning up to that. Frankly I think they are all cowards.

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