Congressman Lays Out Dems Meeting With Pelosi | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Congressman Lays Out Dems Meeting With Pelosi | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Crystal Giddens Lefties gloat that the President has not fulfilled his promise to build the wall…Yeah sure,..while they have kicked and screamed, blocked and obstructed every step of the way.

    2. @Maharajji NKB You mean like how republicans did with Obamacare? Yeah, I’d rather people have health care than a strip of concrete that can be avoided by a plane or a boat.

    3. Ya genius Im sure Trump called up Putin and brought him up to speed lol Geeze you guys never cease to grasp at straws

    4. yah! isn’t it convenient that now we’ve been told that russia hacked barisma? oh my god Trump got to be responsible for this, fired up the next articles of impeachment oh my god!!!!

  1. A fair trial is the only solution. trump says he is innocent, so a fair trial would give him a chance to prove that. A trial must have witnesses and testimony

    1. I work in the house, Trump is innocent. In the articles of impeachment there are zero crimes listed. First time in history that impeachment articles list no crimes. Not even a speeding ticket. Why does there need to be witnesses? No crime has been committed. We will acquit Trump quickly. But not before we call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the fake whistleblower, and Adam Schiff who illegally met with the fake whistleblower. It’s called karma. And we are winning Biggly

    2. bert l   .……   You bullshitters never give up, do you ?  The ‘witnesses’ that were rejected by the House committees were Hunter Biden ( irrelevant ) and the whistleblower, who is protected BY LAW for anonymity, and whose allegations were subsequently substantiated by other witnesses . The witnesses that were ‘refused’ are the administration flaks that were obstructed by trump from testifying .

    3. @bert larsen I do my best to at least make sure everyone understand they can speak their mind. Unlike FoxNews this left media outlet doesn’t allow comments on their website. So this channel (Youtube) is the way to let these people know what people think about their leftist propaganda.

    1. Thanks for sharing you thoughts, I believe he’s a stand up guy as well.  I’m still new and am going to follow him more closely.  What would you think Amanda about him running for President one day?

    2. Connor Wickline Well let’s ask some of the people in Owatonna Minnesota how much they liked working for Trump. He tried to screw them ,they had to actually take him to court to get paid for the contract that they completed.

  2. Drumpf never accountable to anything all his life, what a spoiled baby rich liar. Remove and imprison if a fair trial would ever exist?

    1. Oh lala. A true heckler. A Trump hater. Yeah lets have a law system that helps us get rid of people because they don’t think in Socialistic terms and values.

    2. oh my god the orange savage drumpf he’s got to go down, we must put him in jail, if not we will never be free our lives depend on it, we must exterminate drumpf and his entire family right? they are all crooks oh my god this is crazy!!!

  3. Impeachment isn’t a legal process, it’s a political process.
    It just happened that it was invoked due to Donald Trump commiting crimes while in office, making it a legal process as well.

    1. But there is no evidence of any crimes, so the second sentence is incorrect. Unless you have specific evidence of a specific crime. But nothing like that came up during the impeachment clown show. Just a bunch of Trump haters, which are a dime a dozen.

    2. @Sux_2_B_U awwww… youre so cute. see… trump refused to release any documents or allow any witnesses to testify.
      thats obstruction of congress. thats what he’s charged with in the articles of impeachment.
      by hiding all the evidence so he wouldnt be guilty… he became guilty of the second article.
      no matter how you look at it… trumps guilty. only the stupidest confederate hack wouldnt think he’s guilty. or you, i guess.

  4. Wow, A well spoken concise Politician, hope he’s in the Senatorial battle ring! Wonder if he has any Presidential aspirations…

    1. @Crimdor Folks who grow up in such neighborhoods acquire some bad linguistic habits which stick with them for life, in the same manner that a foreign accent does. NOTHING to do with intellect.

    1. @Nick Allred So how does this make the other wrongs right, instead of confronting what is wrong your just saying look there which is part of the problem.

    2. Sheik Yo Booty boy you really have something against pussygrabbers. You’ve said that just bout every thread you been on. Why’s that? You prejudice?

    3. Pete fl the problem is individual rights keep getting chipped away at. At the same time illegals criminals get lesser sentences or just not punished at all. Trump is a good president he is delivering on his campaign promises and has a roaring economy. I don’t care how you look at it. The real trouble in America is the Democratic Party turning to Karl Marx political philosophies. Big government low freedom welfare state, has become the Democratic battle cry. Every policy Democrats push call for more regulation or an attack on individual freedom of some kind.

    4. Bumble Blimfield look what happened to the 2016 election under Obama’s justice Department. Either they were to incompetent to see the Russians screwing with the election. Or in bed with the Russians to push socialist communist policies. How much uranium did the Democrats sell the Russians under Obama and Hillary? Keep voting Nazi socialist communist Democrat. The college educated “WOKE” are actually blind sheep marching into the low freedom welfare state.

  5. I’m part of the general public and I have not been worried about how long the congress has held on to the articles.

  6. Joe Scarborough Tells Stephen Colbert Biden Is ‘Like Trump, He’s Teflon,’ But Is Unsure About Bloomberg: ‘We Don’t Golf Together but he is sleeping with Mika!

  7. Dems and media must remind America how much Moscow Mitch fought President Obama when invited to make a unified public announcements about Russia attack on the 2016 election and bills to protect 2020 election are on his desk now Russia hack in Ukraine

    1. It might help if the media also went after trump with stories about what he admitted in a recent fox news report about him selling our troops service to the Saudis.

  8. *Without witnesses & documents it’s just a staged ‘FAKE’ trial for a Lying, Criminal President and his Lying, Criminal GOP! 🤢🤮*

  9. So, you are simply going to present the truth. Good. So far your “truth” that the president did something wrong holds no evidence. But you sure have a lot of presumptions. I say they are not going to hold no value in court. What are you left with then? Oh! It is a coverup now!!! Ok then. Who’s the author of that coverup??? LOL. I salute the illusionists Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. They really managed to dupe you. Totally.

  10. I’m impressed with this congressman.  He speaks well and makes good sense.  I’ll have to follow him more closely.

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