Conservative caucus forms to stand up for unvaccinated Canadians 1

Conservative caucus forms to stand up for unvaccinated Canadians


MP Marilyn Gladu discusses the formation of a civil liberties caucus of Conservatives to stand up for unvaccinated Canadians.

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  1. What about tortious interference, considering how government is interfering between companies, employees and the general public?

  2. Wow! What a bunch of non-answers, using all of the words, to questions that, mostly, asked for yes or no. I think that she’s even better at it than O’Toole

    1. gets worse …BC, Ontario , Quebec REFUSE to publish data like Alberta ( Hospitalisation VS Underlying conditions ( Why hide ????? )
      Condition Death Count Percent died [ underlying ]
      Hypertension 2262 83.3%
      Cardio-Vascular Diseases 1438 52.9%
      Renal Diseases 1372 50.5%
      Diabetes 1222 45.0%
      Dementia 1142 42.0%
      Respiratory Diseases 1102 40.6%
      Cancer 648 23.8%
      Stroke 519 19.1%
      Liver Diseases 119 4.4%
      Immuno-Deficiency Diseases 91 3.3%

    2. U.S. v. Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos.
      Liz is also one of the non-answer types in her interviews, but now she is on trial for many felonies and is looking at being convicted as the trial is going very badly for her.

    1. Pure chicanery – this is now a preventable illness, except for psychotics like you spreading disinformation

  3. This is coming so late after so much damage has been done. Most important is the members who don’t support this.

    1. Yeah, those who don’t believe in science and don’t care to help end this pandemic have an equally valid concern to those who do! …wait, that’s not right.

    1. Why didn’t you come out against credit scores then? You are so selective about what is and isn’t anyone’s business.

  4. Since when are they willing to stand up?? Hope they actually go through with this and not just trying to gain political favor

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