Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre introduces himself to U.S. President Joe Biden

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre introduces himself to U.S. President Joe Biden shortly after his arrivial on Parliament Hill.

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  1. Interest rate is currently at 4.75%(8th rate hike since March last year) Inflation at 7% and mortgage rates is at over 7.5% but yet minimum wage remains the same and my retirement portfolio has suffered tremendously these past years, so my question is how do senior citizens retire and live off such unstable economy. The long term game is obviously not for me at this point.

    1. It’s not just you. There’s lots of 35–year-olds living in their parent’s basement.

    2. Corruption at all levels of government must be rooted out and severely prosecuted, incompetence must be punished. It’s the only chance of redeeming the system, or we continue to slowly boil in the pot of corruption and incompetence.

  2. “Loyal opposition?” Asked President Biden. I guess the phrase ‘loyal opposition’ stands in sharp contrast with the USA style of opposition. Very interesting….

    1. That was a smile of embarrassment, he just got taken to school by an old style politician and he knew it

  3. Old Joe, “Who the hell was that” and ” I really don’t have a clue what he’s talking about”…lol.

  4. I enjoyed seeing Pierre’s back and forth here alongside Justin w/ Jagmeet nearby. Even though I find myself agreeing with mostly 1 party, I dont ever feel embarrassed regarding our leaders at the national level. I feel whoever wins election represents Canada well on the national stage whether it be Greens, Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, I often feel comfortable in how they carry themselves.

    1. @T1kr3b3u Current POTUS is well respected internationally, so, no, only when compared to 2017 to 2021 POTUS.

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