1. Blackface, every time you talk to some other leader of another country there seems to be money sent out of Canada!

  2. Trudeau’s usual tactic – can’t dazzle them with my “brilliance” , so… I’ll continue to (try) to baffle them with my bulls*it. Justin, it’s time for you to leave! But before you do, just for the sake of “transparency” , mind if we do an audit of the Trudeau Foundation, to see who your contributors (ie. CCP/PRC) are??!

  3. Trudeau is a common thief and a gypsy scammer.
    I look forward to justin Trudeau facing his charges of crimes against humanity.

  4. Trudeau is making calls to try to gain a temporary seat on the security council at any cost.

  5. Aren’t other countries busy with the pandemic as well, what can Canada offer except bribes?

  6. O.K. now, NOT a pandemic, not even close. The only crisis is that we’ve destroyed our country for a flu, a highly politicized one at that.

  7. The Prime Minister needs to resign, He has lost it. He can’t handle a simple debate sounds nervous

  8. Why even ask trudeau a question he doesn’t know how to answer anything. I think his iq has dropped below 10

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