Conservative MP Chong on expulsion of Chinese diplomat | Diplomat Zhao Wei expelled

Conservative MP Michael Chong responds in the House to the government's decision to expel Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei and says he's 'comforted' by the decision.

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  1. Whose names are on the CSIS list of over a dozen Canadian politicians who have received money from Beijing?

  2. explanations. Essentially, when faced with competing explanations for the same phenomenon, the simplest is likely the correct one.
    I’m 100 % ready to vote ☑️ Justin in out.

    Poilievre!! Next PM

  3. I try to stay out of politics for the most part, but even so I’m impressed by the outcome of this and Mr Chongs clarity in speech, so refreshing listening to a well spoken person

    1. Agreed. However, the Conservatives’ repeated call for a public inquiry is nothing but political theatre. They know full well that security-intelligence information cannot lawfully be made public. They rely on Canadians not knowing or ignoring that so they can keep stoking the anger fire. If they really wanted the truth, they’d agree to a closed-door committee.

    2. We need to at least know what the threats were. Mr Chong doesn’t even know what the threats were.
      It would also be nice to know how he was influenced by threats he never heard.

    1. @Andre argument of what having an opinion that diplomats should be subject to our laws instead of diplomatic immunity to our laws

  4. Wow, this is new and refreshing eloquence from what we have accustomed to Traudea in the last eight years or so. Thank you Mr. Chong for such clarity among truadea’s smoke screen and murky water.

  5. We need to ensure this doesn’t happens again. I’d say if this ever happens from any other country, we need to revoke their diplomatic immunity AND kick them out of the country. Any threats or intimidation from a high-level official is simply unacceptable.

  6. it’s very clear Trudeau is not on the side of canadian but more of. his personal interest – sickening

    1. I wonder if you can demonstrate that claim? Like Chong you make claim after claim with little or no evidence.

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