Constable Lotoya Garriques | An Inseparable Bond | TVJ News 1

Constable Lotoya Garriques | An Inseparable Bond | TVJ News


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  1. Wow amazing I hope she will adopt him she will b a awesome mother to him da world needs more ppl like her I really applaud u constable

    1. She has a heart full of compassion, just like our loving creator. He is very pleased to see his children displaying love for each other and he blesses them.
      The day will come when only decent god-fearing people will be allowed to live on the earth. I’m pretty confident that this beautiful lady will be among them. PSALM 37:10 and 29
      REVELATION 21:3-5
      Much love!

  2. Can u get the opportunity to adopt or foster little Ayden? I hope you do. That’s very nice of u officer. My eyes welled up with tears by just listening to this story. Good luck and blessings on life’s journey with Ayden .

  3. Boy Ma Lady you make me cry. Thanks for rescuing Aiden and blessin always. This shows we still have loving Jamaicans especially in the JCF

    1. She need to get an award, she is totally different from the one that cut the young miss hair. Way to go Constable, u r one in a million.

  4. God bless you officer, you are a woman of God. I pronounce healing, coverage, protection and success upon your life amen. Continue to show that child love and affection your blessing is coming from God

  5. Hats off to this officer. I was moved to tears. May God bless you with long life and great health that you continue to be rays of love and hope in this child’s life.

  6. More blessings Officer. She has done an amazing job. Little Ayden seems to bond with her in a special way. I pray for speedy recoveries for him, both physically and emotionally. Some of these parents need help. That father lacks love and must be going through very tough times. I hope she will be able to adopt that child.

  7. Wow…Such a wonderful, insperational, heart and soul moving story…Madam officer; i salute and lift my hat off to you…God bless you most richly for what you have done for this little child. The bible says that the angel of children is ever in the presence of God Almighty beholding His face…

  8. We need more people like her here in the so called “United” states… Much love TVJ for the news story

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