Controversial Church Congregants Charged, More Charges Pending | TVJ News

Controversial Church Congregants Charged, More Charges Pending | TVJ News 1


  1. You people need God you are saying this is really strange if you didn’t have God u would have know long time

  2. That’s what I’m telling you about people you just see a church an run there you need to let the Lord lead you in this time you have to wait on the Lord I would never go to that church the first time I think about it an let the good lord show me. So my spirit is strong

  3. I don’t have nothing more to say but in this time we all have to just fast and pray and ask the Lord to lead you so he really did the right way and actually he will fill you up with the holy spirit so when you go around people he will just show you then

  4. When you go around good people even actually show you and when you are around bad people he will actually show you and tell you to move that’s how my…God work

  5. Thank you Jesus you are who you said you are Lord have your own way continue cover us under your blood

  6. How can they ask for a go fund to assist the cult leader when him mek a million a week,nonsense,only go fund I would give to are the children who was obducted,they need after care

    1. Did you say, GO FUND? Not even past members, current members or expected members should contribute one cent for his defense, period. Anyone who tried to help him should be charged with him.

  7. So, make me ask this question. What happened to all the money 💰 that he was Scamming from his members? Even behind bars 🍸, he’s still Scamming. People should not contribute to his Go fund me page. He has money 💰, and he is hiding it.

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