Controversial Deaths Spark Fury in Clarendon Jamaica | TVJ News 1

Controversial Deaths Spark Fury in Clarendon Jamaica | TVJ News


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    1. @Move Over don’t need to be there police are lying what they are saying don’t make. No sense

    2. @TPN Phoenix after they came out the car I saw video were the police saying this one get shot too

  1. Get a independent autopsy …the bullet will prove if police shot them or not why was the youth the one driving the van with 9 people ?

  2. How is it all those demonstrators have not said anything about the overloaded car? Everytime police turns up on a scenery they are the culprits. Hope they’re planning to fix the road they’re destroying. If the police shot them then we’ll know.

    1. They are sum fools if a did gun man did kill them.. them they wouldn’t block road n behave like that

  3. Unmarked car’s must not stop civilians period. That is what criminals do dresses as police!

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