Controversial Pastor Kevin Smith Was Convicted & Deported from Canada | TVJ News – Oct 26 2021

Controversial Pastor Kevin Smith Was Convicted & Deported from Canada | TVJ News - Oct 26 2021 1


    1. Nuh bring a good game (chess game) inna di nastiness weh nuff Jamaicans a defend inna dem favorite church.

    1. Only to let them appear to be doing their job!
      Jamaica has so many lazy and complicit media representatives! This is why certain Vloggers/Bloggers are becoming more popular. Because, they deliver what the mainstream media houses have failed to deliver.

  1. Looking back at it all now with a constructive eyeโ€ฆwe have to be careful who open up church and we jump in! He literally stepped out of jail, got a few robes, opened a building, gave himself a title, and start collecting tithes! Unfathomable people fell for this

    1. @876 Plug he is a satanist he came in and use the name pastor as a cover to get to the people and mess with their head, he was the biggest conman, this is why the bible say you must study the word si you don’t get deceive.

    2. @sharon hall 99% of pastors are satanist then, using the name pastor to become wealthy from the poor. Last time I check being a pastor is a profitable job. Or you can call your Christianity a big cult because it’s been use to enslaved and kill people because of their different beliefs(pagans).

    3. @Kyng Wagak bro what???
      Who’s fooling u dawg
      Ur taking the Bible’s words out of context which many people do
      That’s y they brought down the rep of the religion

  2. Everyone is now reactive now that the horse run gone through the gate and deadโ€ฆ. Where was the investigative journalism when he was going on with his anticsโ€ฆ. All of you have failed the people of Jamaica miserably.,,,

    1. If there was no indication that something was happening what reason would they have to investigate, if nobody from the church was having issues and bringing it forward, if everything seemed okay, why would they investigate. There was not a reason to investigate until somebody brought attention to it.

    2. Yes your so right the man been around from 2011, getting all big kiss from former Prime Minister and no one run a background check ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ

  3. Highly irrelevant at this time. Smoke screen. Why throw us chicken foot when we need oxtail. What am saying basically, the people of Jamaica need to know information prior to and after the accident. Who’s the driver of the other vehicle and the status of that driver now.

  4. What’s wrong with these so-called journalists how y’all go to do a interview about what happens in Jamaica an y’all letting the prosecutor telling y’all about Canada an didn’t ask her about she same one drop charged against the man when him plea guilty to molesting bwoy in Jamaica we isn’t going to let y’all distract the Jamaican people

  5. Isnโ€™t it Paula who dropped the case with the 12 year old after smith pleaded guilty how was that possible after pleading guilty to a felony the case dropped may Jesus of Nazareth have mercy on Jamaica and itโ€™s people

  6. True talk says I wonder which of the police officer was driving the car ..on where was the pastor man sitting in the car back or front me this look away..I was wondering what if the police officer on the pastor man died before the car get lick by the car or truck

  7. The only difference between Pastor Kevin Smith and the other that he got Caught ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  8. Omg..thats speaks to his rainbow color settings in the back ground of his church.The only seafood life style God like is the one that lives in the aquatic!!!

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