Convoy-affiliated group faces eviction from Ottawa church they’re trying to make an ’embassy’


  1. Is the group there currently who’s behind in rent the same group trying to buy the property? This story makes no sense.

    1. @Paul MacKay well yeah um wondering why they aren’t paying rent but trying to buy a 6.million dollar property. Seems like this isn’t the whole story.

    1. The Church property is reported to be “for sale” for $6 million I’m not sure anyone is thinking of paying that.

  2. This is Canada and they have a right to establish their foundation or business where ever they want. They are not damaging the neighborhood or running illegal business like prostitution or drugs out of the building. This is discrimination.

    1. @Clifford Hanson Set one up in Miss F’s house. Apparently rent is optional otherwise she’s guilty of discrimination.

  3. When will this story start to make sense? It seems to be unwinding in a bizarre fashion without ever the dots ever connecting properly. And the story has the presumption that this group, the occupiers, is being railroaded.

  4. Guess that’s what happens with main stream news there is no beginning or ending and who knows what the truth is ! Smh 🤣🤣 it is all jarble

  5. Nothing is stopping that group from renting a space the way everyone else does. Pro tip: the way that works is you have to pay for the space.

  6. Not a great location. Would be better off close to a major highway. If they haven’t paid rent or bought the place they need to move their operation. If I didn’t pay my bills I would be out on the sidewalk.

  7. Pay your bills, or gtfo. If the owner is trying to get you out, clearly you haven’t paid your bills. Personal responsibility, right? Paying your own way and not relying on anyone else, right? Pay up, or GTFO. DO NOT TRY TO PLAY THE VICTIM. I’m tired of the right wing victim complex.

  8. Wow canada , I am loving this persecution witch hunt attitude because its such a contradiction to what canada’s principles used to be , thanks Trudeau🍁👏🏻🍁👏🏻🍁👏🏻🍁👏🏻🍁👏🏻

  9. This on the scene reporter is in front of a green screen. Look at how the shadow of his mic lands across his chest in broad daylight.

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