Cop Freed of Murder Charge | Lawyer Believes SOE’s are Being Abused #TVJMiddayNews

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  1. Drains and weeping hose/ channels needed B4 SCARLETT and any ROAD resurfacing…Mall/lime is good for packing on FLAT ground with little or no Water…Graded land surface need to be prepared with tray style interrupting ERROSION during rain FALLS.WEEPING TILES should be located to drain water from accumulating under the roads.

    1. A country run for 22 years by one person balance some what then jlp take power 12 years and they reck the country. A person that love party or self and over Jamaica will never see any problems

  2. Fix the people them road now mr mayor it’s hard to coming oversea where road are good to come live into a deplorable road condition .I will advice all Jamaican oversea don’t go back home until we have better governance

  3. I glad that Mr councilor Douglas good at maths.but yet he still pay poor people $2000 for a day work

  4. I know when I was going to school ny siblings and I were hungry going to school and hungry at home too soh how come we did not get into crime?

  5. I work with the Broward county public schools food and nutrition services an the children gets breakfast lunch and supper free free free

  6. Now unu understand why some people don’t want to return to jamaica, not because we don’t love our country but because the are tired of the crime and the foolishness in jamaica.

  7. What happens to the tax payers money? It a damn shame and the government is encouraging people to come back home and invest.

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