Cop Killed in Jamaica | Where is the Crime Plan? | TVJ Midday News 1

Cop Killed in Jamaica | Where is the Crime Plan? | TVJ Midday News


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  1. All mad man suppose to lock up in their own cage not to b on the street killing the innocent…government step up

    1. The Government need to have some plans in place for mentally challenged people, i remember when a family member of mine was mental and abusive, we begged for help to get her to bellview hospital we were always told that unless she does something really harmful they could not send her there, so no one in the government cares enough for the mentally challenged. And for others safety until something like this happens.

  2. No guns are made in Jamaica, how do they keep getting new guns and bullets?
    Crime doesnt affect the political class so they dont care.

    1. My mother once told me that it’s the U.S sending us those guns and bullets, so I think that’s where they are coming from. If not I’m not sure where else.

    2. Any country can send guns anywhere. It’s up to a nations leaders to ensure that criminals are so scared, that they would turn in anyone who even tells them of the whereabouts of a gun’s magazine. Criminals and potential criminals must be committing suicide on the regular to how scared the leaders must have them.

    3. @ken bxnds so Haitians make guns, poor as they are supposed to be, and Jamaica makes nothing. Haitians outsmarting Jamaicans Lol

  3. I am a resident of Linstead and I know about this man of unsound mind. He has committed multiple acts of hurt and harm to people around him.

  4. This is just sad, it’s time the Government build facilities for these insane people and get them off the streets.

    1. No they have to build a new long is it gonna take government with this so call crime plan I think both parties should come together and deal with this crime monster

  5. Ssp you need to know what to disclose during an investigation, as a senior officer you can speak publicly about the the method you are using to investigate a case, you can miss your way because of that public comment.

  6. We must “BUILD” Back the Morality of our Society; more people interactions, especially in the Ghettos..continue meeting with the people. Give the SLUM A TRY* ONE LOVE.

  7. Family members of the police officer must sue the state, it’s the government job to remove deranged people from the street..

  8. When the government turned out mad people from Belleview hospital, they never thought it would backfire. Houses are being builts on the site of the hosptal, and now those sick people are attacking citizens on the street. Mental health is not considered a serious problem in Jamaics.

    1. You a go hear say a covid cause it like how them plaque of hospital shortage Fi donkey years is now because of COVID and the unvaccinated say them

  9. That man did exactly what the counselor was waiting to see happened before he acted, why didn’t he called for the mans arrest when he broke the woman’s hand or wounded the pregnant woman?

  10. “Too many people has “LOSTED” their lives”…is there such a word as “LOSTED”? And she is the DA? What does that said about this administration?

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