Cop Shot and Robbed | Replant the Trees | TVJ Midday Feb 15 2022


  1. Am just here thinking about how many fatherless children will be in Jamaica. Due to how these lunatic behaving 🤦🤦

  2. These people who are in position to build a good island are just acting like a bunch of drunkies. All these ministries are failing the citizens on the island.

  3. This must be frightening if the police was on duty, that means he was in uniform and if criminals can shoot a police in uniform off his bike this is very very serious.

  4. Mr. Samuda should suggest to the mining companies that *THEY* replant the areas that they have strip mined. But would that even happen in Jamaica?

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  6. Many parents have failed their kids in so much as politicians has failed the people of Jamaica. The dividing of the people with the garrison don system created by Michael Manley and Edward Seaga should have been dismantled years ago, but to win elections the people was left separated and dons turns to gangs and the criminal Culture evolved to the wickedness we see today. This is the main reason laws from the 60s and 70s were not upgraded as politicians needed garissons to remain dunce, dependent and aligned to them. This selfishness of politicians allowed crime, shootings, extortions, murders, gang risings and the importation of guns and ammunition into Jamaica to become too overwhelming as some gangs are equipped now to even overthrough the government if they were ever revolutionized. There is presently too many illegal guns and too many wanna be gangsters in Jamaica. We can only hope that this is really the turning point in Jamaica’s history where our political leaders step away from all associations with gangs and dons and finally upgrade these laws to fight against crime and also be a deterrent so youths can step away from crime. Make Jamaica safe again so Jamaicans can be proud again.

  7. The police need to be in pairs when they’re on the beat. These criminals are brazen. I’m glad he survived. God bless the passerby.🙏🏽 Scary world.

  8. It is wonderful to know that there are still good people out there, that is willing to assist others in need of help.

  9. We must drop names and whereabouts of criminals in Post office boxes so Crimefighters (Police) can get information to work

  10. First off, add Trench Town on the tourist brochures as a must see place alongside Dunns River and them. Sell the place so much so tourists will flood there, pump money and help boost local economy.

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