Corey Lewandowski ‘Was Talking Directly To Donald Trump’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Corey Lewandowski 'Was Talking Directly To Donald Trump' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Democrats pressed Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski at a contentious House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Ari Melber and former Sen. Claire McCaskill join the discussion. Aired on 9/18/19
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Corey Lewandowski 'Was Talking Directly To Donald Trump' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

76 Comments on "Corey Lewandowski ‘Was Talking Directly To Donald Trump’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Why isn’t Lewandowski in jail for contempt and perjury

  2. My momma once said, “If you are honest and righteous in your words and actions, you speak up loud and proud.” Cory Lewandowski’s momma should be crushed by her boy’s lack of moral character.

  3. Lying lew lied about not remembering if he lied. And why no comments regarding the despicable performance by the republicans in the room? They clearly were not out to get the truth but were also sucking up to Criminal trump..

    • @Trumpocalypse IT IS ONLY in your mind and the delusional TDS suffering minds of liberal in this nation. YOU lost a HUGE MONSTROUS election in 2016 and still have not come to terms with that fact!!!!!!!!!! So you make up lies to placate your pain and rage. Grow up and stop watching this network! It is only manipulating your emotional pain over losing the presidency. Stop compounding your stupidity with imaginary crimes and cover ups. There is nothing… or Mueller would have sent down more indictments on the cover up even if they president himself could not be. Get over it and get help!! When the president wins reelection you will need that body of help built up to dissuade your anger again!!!!!

    • ‘TDS’…
      ‘Trump’s Damnable Schemes’.
      Too bad *everyone’s* ‘onto him’ now.
      *Every* state, *every* bank, *every* insurance company and *every* country that #45’s *lied to* in his filings *ARE* ‘comparing notes’…and *finding* ‘faults’.
      And *soon* #45’s life becomes…a *neverending nightmare* of litigations and losses. ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ“‘๐Ÿ‘‹

    • @brian gardner Seek some help, you conspiracy- spouting nut job.

    • christopher weise | September 18, 2019 at 6:17 PM | Reply

      “The Right to vote is God given just like the right to speak your mind or defend yourself. The Democrats took that right away with laws that were unconstitutional and then years latter and after a lot of Republicans and good Democrats got rid of the governments ability to stop anyone from voting.”

      Says the guy who supports the party of Gerrymandering. YOU can not be serious.

    • christopher weise | September 18, 2019 at 6:23 PM | Reply

      “It is all a hoax you have fallen for”

      YOU would know about falling for a hoax since you fell for Trump hook, line, and sinker. Wait til he goes full dictator and declares Martial Law. Then, even YOU people afflicted with TDS (Trump’s Dumb Supporters) will have zero rights, and zero rights to vote. Then will YOU still worship him?

  4. I hope he is not on tax payers payroll. Low life traitor all the way he has no respect for America.

  5. Not surprised. Lewandowsi sounds the last name of the couple from N Jerzey who sold me a POS car ๐Ÿ˜‚ crooks

  6. And guys like him invoke the name of God when he claims to tell the truth.

  7. The disrespect for the process was amazing what happened to being held in contempt of Congress

  8. Of course they had many talks. Duh. U will NEVER see this on faux news, i mean fox news.

  9. That a//hole is shaking in his boots. One talking head called him a knife fighter, only against brown babies and quadriplegics.

    • Eva Sartorius haha this guy is a legend!

    • Lewandowsky? Or do you like snivelling hangers on.ย  The talking head aid that it was his job to go in and exact retribution.ย  Berte looks like that to me.ย  He apparently won a case for Duetchabank.ย  Trump won’t be to eager to try and mess him up. Lewandowski is twisting in the wind.

  10. Trump promised a wall, but this stonewalling doesn’t count.

  11. Corey wasn’t lying to the press, he was lying to us. Anyways, the “Well, they lie, so I can too!’ excuse, doesn’t cut it. Trump’s “yes men” must be required to check their self respect and integrity, at the door.

    • @Brett Nine then go get your nerf gun and go arrest him

    • I’m with Corey on this one. When he treated the American public with contempt by lying to them on national television on more than one occasion he wasn’t under oath so it wasn’t a crime. Just like when President Tump treated the American public with contempt by lying to them on national television over the “Send them back!” chants at his rally he wasn’t under oath so it wasn’t a crime.

    • @Eddie Ray If that’s your best argument, then Trump’s in more trouble than you realise!

    • @Cliff Hanley So, it’s not immoral, undesirable, or dangerous, if it’s not a crime?

  12. They should stick with the skilled prosecutor exclusively.

    • Blink Once on Sunday! | September 19, 2019 at 10:13 AM | Reply

      @Mikevdog Because it’s not a trial. It’s just information gathering. They are investigating and questioning witnesses before making the case. The cross examination will happen in front of a judge. As for taking the 5th, he didn’t actually follow through with his task of meeting with Sessions, therefore he didn’t commit that particular crime and there would be no reason to take the 5th. And the 5th amendment plea only applies to his own crimes. Lewandowski can’t take the 5th on behalf of Trump. Furthermore, he has no grounds for claiming executive privilege because he was never employed at the White House. If he doesn’t answer the questions, it is contempt of Congress.

    • all this over a note.. lol.. how sad.. the dems got nothing so they play games with our tax money

    • Tell *that* to *disgraced former soldier and awaiting-sentencing felon* General ‘Mischa’ Flynn, jeff. ๐Ÿคจ
      Or *disbarred attorney and convicted felon* Michael Cohen.
      Or *convicted felon* Paul Manafort.
      Or *convicted felon* George Papadopoulos.
      Or *convicted felon* Rick Gates.
      Or *’evicted from America’ and convicted felon* Nick Van der Shwann.
      Or ‘awaiting trial’ Roger Stone.

    • @CynAnne1 dont forget .. comey and mccabe

    • @CynAnne1 and strzok

  13. So Lewandowski admitted that HE was making FAKE NEWS on FOX News!! ๐Ÿคฎ

  14. don’t stand with fish kips cory!!! he is a criminal. and a clown .. cory if you reading this *spits* on your face

  15. ElPocho DelMundo | September 18, 2019 at 1:41 PM | Reply

    “I have no obligation to be honest with the media . . . ” This is an extremely dangerous attitude, and one which is directly contrary to our most basic institutions. There is no better paradigmatic example of the Trumpite objective of smashing our very most basic principles. This is very sick stuff.

    • Koustav Pramanik | September 19, 2019 at 12:08 PM | Reply

      The look on their face would be priceless after 2020…๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ If the Democratic establishment does not reform itself, soon they will cease to exist. Good Riddance.

    • @Phil Cutler so what about the Russia thing there’s the Muslim ban, the many many attacks on transgender people through executive orders, there’s Charlottesville, there’s the synagogue shooting, Texas, Vegas, helsinky, the admiration of Putin and Kim Jong un , there’s the flip flopping on guns there’s the attacks on the squad when obviously what he should be doing is displaying their “antisemitic ” statements there’s his open call to Russia live on air for Hillary’s missing 30, 000 emails, there’s the constant golfing, there’s the bashing of journalists, there’s the brushing aside the murder of Jamal khashoggi, I think I’m paying attention

    • @Phil Cutler oh lest I forget the money hes funneling into his businesses which he hasn’t divested from, and using military funds for his luxury wall to keep out what did he call them again?

    • @Phil Cutler oops almost forgot Puerto Rico

    • @Koustav Pramanik It is the Moscow Mitch Republicans, electorally shrinking into a few economically and educationally backward areas, whose existence is doubtful.

  16. This is how you handle this
    Take notes
    Every person who plays like this
    Obstruction Charges for them too

  17. Waste time.. just lock him up with traitor trumpanzee up

    • How is Trump a traitor? Don’t answer that.
      Better yet, how do you live with yourself knowing that MSNBC and CNN have you brainwashed so bad that you’re hopeless.Over 960 days non-stop bashing of a president. And so many times they’ve been caught and had to retract/edit/apologize etc.Next, you’ll assume I voted for Trump and support Trump.
      You literally just called Trump a traitor and you only have about .000000000001% of the facts.

    • “How is #45 a traitor?”, max asked… ๐Ÿค”
      Let us ‘count the ways’:
      1. #45 smiled, *saluted* and shook hands…with the men *who murdered* collegiate Otto Warmbier.
      2. #45 smiled, danced and dined…with the men *who murdered* journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
      3. #45 posed, preened and puled…with the former *KGB agent who attacked our country* via our electoral system.
      *’Three strikes’* …and *#45’s ‘out’.*
      It’s *beyond* shameful…and yet *utterly* unsurprising, considering #45’s affinity *for* our nations adversaries. ๐Ÿ˜’


      BENGHAZI โ€“ 4 Americans killed, countless others affected.
      IRS SCANDAL โ€“ The IRS intentionally targeting conservative organizations.
      FAST & FURIOUS โ€“ The illegal sale of guns to drug dealers, resulting in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
      HILLARYโ€™S EMAILS โ€“ The former Secretary of Stateโ€™s mishandling of classified information.
      BOWE BERGDAHL โ€“ Released for five Taliban prisoners under suspicious circumstances.
      IRANIAN PRISONER SWAP for $400 million cash payment.
      HILLARY PAY TO PLAY during her tenure at the State Department
      VETERANS ADMINISTRATION โ€“ Long wait times and poor conditions that resulted in the deaths of countless veterans.
      LORETTA LYNCH and her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.
      UNMASKING of private American citizens for political purposes.
      SOLYNDRA- The funneling of funds by Obama administration to private companies.
      SECRET SERVICE prostitution scandals during presidential overseas trips.
      HURRICANE SANDY relief funds that never found their way to New York and New Jersey.
      OBAMACARE WEBSITE that cost over $600 million and didnโ€™t work.
      Isnโ€™t the double-standard just flat out DISGUSTING?


    • right after they lock up crooked Hillary

  18. Dude caught lying and then blame the media about it. All angry and self-righteous about it. Hilarious.

  19. Lewendowski is a despicable human being.

  20. Oh say does that star-spangled
    banner yet wave,
    Over the land that’s without laws
    and the home of republican traitors?

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