Coronavirus Fears Hit Global Stocks As Trump Response Comes Under Scrutiny | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Coronavirus Fears Hit Global Stocks As Trump Response Comes Under Scrutiny | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


The stock markets continue to take a tumble on the back of coronavirus concerns, as President Trump's NEC Director Larry Kudlow advises investors not to "overreact." Stephanie Ruhle joins Geoff Bennett with the latest from the New York Stock Exchange and Gene Sperling, former NEC Director under Presidents Clinton and Obama, provides his analysis on the administration's handling of the situation.
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Coronavirus Fears Hit Global Stocks As Trump Response Comes Under Scrutiny | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

75 Comments on "Coronavirus Fears Hit Global Stocks As Trump Response Comes Under Scrutiny | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC"

  1. Kudlow’s Short Run to the Liquor Store Correction

  2. HTC one Ali Ahmad | February 28, 2020 at 2:13 PM | Reply

    Whenever they say – short run correction

    It’s time to get out

    • It’s time to get out of Russia oops america.

    • Because you know the person saying that already has and is playing a short.

    • snoop alert seriously? Real investors don’t crap their pants is all they were saying. Problem is today you have all these people using apps and whatever else investing money they can’t afford to invest in the first place now crapping themselves pulling out their $100, $300, $500. Then we have the rich who took profit, used this as an excuse some of whom would love to damage Trump since it’s an election year and now in the coming months will buy low and make even more on the rise back up. It’s a certainty. The stock market isn’t going anywhere. Even if it goes to zero that just means it has no place else to go but up.

      Finally what else are you going to do with money? Bank? Earn .25%? Less than inflation. A CD? Earn what 1%? Gold? Useless gold. The market is it.

    • Kevin Skiles You know you can leave stocks to children, right?

    • @Donald Ducko
      “Real Investors” are the first to crap their pants.
      Because of their advantage they’ve already sold and are changing their underwear before we get a chance to crap ours.

  3. How many times have we been through a global pandemic? Yeah, he’s necessarily WRONG. Wake-up call, HELLOOOO.

    • @David Drake explain the mindlessness please enlighten me. The Trump administration did everything it could do via travel restrictions. In terms of limiting the virus that falls more into the hands of local government, and media…Spreading awareness about safe practices and solutions. All the media is doing is unnecessarily causing more panic by exaggerating the potential effects of the virus on the market.

    • @Nick It did everything too late. We where getting reports of this outbreak in Dec. and they did nothing. Secondly putting Pence in charge after he disregarding doctor’s advice on how to curb the spread of aids in his state. And to nail the point home they are cracking down on the spread of information to the public(in other words if it means it is bad news to Trump we will find out too late).

    • Stop 😭😭😭😭libs …

    • Rosemary Gutierrez | February 28, 2020 at 5:58 PM | Reply

      @mark evans Agree! I Feel This Is All A distraction is All. He Thinks people are stupid.

    • @Rosemary Gutierrez I couldn’t make out what you’re saying you crying

  4. He’s drunk.

  5. Don’t over react, we don’t have nothing to lose!! Only billionaires!! €<£} ¥

  6. Said the guy who confidently blew off the last major recession just weeks before the bottom fell out of the housing market.

    • @Appomattox Rose G.W.H.B is a Democrat?

    • Appomattox Rose Trump never does anything wrong…ever!

    • @Martin Rayner,
      Obama wasn’t President until 2009 well after the Democrat Housing Bubble Burst, but he was Senator for a few years as the Bubble was growing and I’m sure he was in full support of the very Liberal initiative of everyone gets a house whether they can afford it not!

    • Appomattox Rose do a bit of research your making yourself look stupid

    • @Rand Kocher
      The 2007 Financial Crises started a year before Obama became president and was caused by financial deregulation passed when Republicans controlled both Houses and the Executive 2000-2006. The Democrats only took control of the House in January 2007. By October, Trillions of dollars of unsecured debt run up through dodgy bundled mortgages into bonds caused Leaman Brothers to tank causing a cascade failure bankrupting hundreds of banks and several countries like Iceland and Greece.

  7. Kudlow sounds like he’ been drinking.

  8. Patricia Manzi | February 28, 2020 at 2:24 PM | Reply

    Kudlow is a fraud and knows nothing. Why would anyone listen to HIM?

  9. cherrish roseberry-cornell | February 28, 2020 at 2:25 PM | Reply

    He always looks and sounds drunk to me.

  10. “But, but her emails!!”

    • Doug, Trump did not start the coronavirus and so far has handled it well! Your TDS is ridiculous!

    • @Tom Krohn
      Yeah, it sounds crazy to people who aren’t paying attention. Hillary and the DNC conspired to plant Trump into the Republican Party to help her win. It’s in the hacked emails.

    • @Logan McLean Not because it started in China , but because of what he failed to do , AFTER it got to The United States . (To this day , Trump INSISTS that the Chinese President handled the outbreak commendably!) Before too long , It should become clearer to all , just how “efficient” this government has been .

    • L Collection
      Literally only 15-20 cases in the US. The other 45 were brought back from the cruise ship. It’s been handled great

  11. People in America cant even afford to get tested for the virus.

    • @pusher7586 we get democrats who overtax and misappropriate funds..

    • @pusher7586 monies have to come from somewhere to pay for all the programs..where are the funds coming from if not from taxes?

    • @Oty McClintock 1950? We have healthcare for all since 1995. The rest of your comment i already answered or is too stupid to answer. Your republican values should go back to 1950. Under Eisenhower you guys have the highest taxes for the rich in history and you cared about the working people. Now it’s all about the stock market and avoiding taxes while 45’000 people die per year because they have no insurance. Great job!

    • @Jeff Woods Why always the democrats? All i know is your current president and his administration cut social security and the rich get a massive tax cut. You guys have money for endless wars but when the soldiers come home and suffer from war, who cares about this soldiers when they have no insurence? When they aren’t able to work again? Right, you let them die on the streets. Thats how grateful you guys are for the service of your soldiers! This is really disgusting! Humanity over money!

    • @Jeff Woods One thing i can promise you: If you ever get healthcare for all once, you will never ever want to live without it anymore. We were also sceptical, but now even the conservatives and the right wing in my country accept this as a human right. Changes are always a bit scary, but believe me, if you have it once you won’t go back.

  12. Larry the Lush really comforts people with his drunken slurring muttering. The guy who publicly said that the last crash wasn’t going to happen.

  13. Michael Marceau | February 28, 2020 at 2:43 PM | Reply

    Why hasn’t trump paid the virus 125k to go away like he’s always done?

  14. Michael Clagett | February 28, 2020 at 2:51 PM | Reply

    The over reaction this bonehead is speaking of speaks to the Whitehouse’s credibility

  15. Was Larry Kudlow drunk, or did he double up on his meds this morning? That deer in the headlights look does not become him.

  16. When a finger points at the moon, the imbecile examines the finger.

  17. “The US government is not on the job” understatement of the last 3 yrs.



  19. We are so lucky to have a “stable genius” with the “best words” in the Whitehorse. It could have been so much worse.

  20. All t’Rump has done is:
    1) SHUT DOWN the agency that was set up to handle pandemics, and
    2) Use government workers to SPREAD the virus.

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