Coronavirus outbreak: City of Wuhan recorded by American teacher | USA TODAY

'I need to know what's going on': American teacher explores Wuhan amid coronavirus outbreak.
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Dr. Diana Adama documents her days inside Wuhan, China to help people understand the city in the center of the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. “Ok first time walking outside during Coronavirus, this finna be a breeze🙅🏾‍♂️.”

    30 mins later: *Coughs*

  2. “I don’t feel fearful” meanwhile it looks like she’s about to exterminate an infinity war of smh

    1. @CerpinTxt87 the point is clearly the virus is having a large impact on peoples everyday lives and shes trying to downplay it, thats the point idiot.

  3. “It’s not that bad…”

    While she wears a Chernobyl mask, finds dwindling food supply, and comments about driving bans…

    1. They tried to scare us about swine flu and everything turned out fine. She is right, it’s not that bad and everything is fine. Corona virus fatality rate is less than 1%. Swine flu was media scare and Corona virus is media scare.

    2. @David Venegas Actually know according to the doctors in Wuhan the fatality percentage it’s now 3%, but the situation is contained.

    3. @Right David chan if ITS okay in things isn’t that bad why is she wearing the Mask in she can’t harder catch her breath in it

  4. “Everything’s fine” says lady in a gas mask

    When people say “everything’s fine” in a GAS MASK that’s where you run.

    1. They tried to scare us about swine flu and everything was fine. Everything is fine now too. Media just wants to sensationalize to make a story.

    2. She didn’t feel fearful because she was wearing a mask, the streets were emtpy, there were trucks sanitizing the streets, and there were foods in the store. Is that so difficult to understand? Stop bashing her.

  5. “It’s not that bad” – In your upscale area, wearing a gas mask, goggles, dwindling food stock, haven’t been outside in days, no cars on the street, govt employees spraying Gods knows what in every inch of the country, emergency pop-up hospitals, fog of death from the crematoriums.
    Yeah, sure for a second I thought you were Disneyland. 🥴🤪

    1. Great comment. I laughed hard.
      People dying faster and faster. Its likely this will kill 5-10% of entire world population

    2. Sandy Lengerich I think it’s worse then that this nurse said they have like 100.000 people infected and most won’t make it and most mean more like 75 to 90 procent

  6. When I get home I’ll wash my hands 🤪 And what about all the other germy hands that have touched the packaging of the things you bought?

    1. Or the clothes hanging. That’s why many Chinese AGAINST the new mandate to have healthcare worker going into their home to check on them. They said “Healthcare workers maybe save, but the protective suit they wear will have virus and they want it in ours home?”

  7. Lady in gas mask: “I mean yeah the shelves are empty a little bit.”
    Shelves: * have one flavor of each chip left *

    1. hold up… having plenty of flavors of each chip… just a few of each left on the shelves… your wording needs some work

    1. @Jesus Child Well I was just taking a guess, I’m not 💯% sure if it’s propaganda, but I’m just saying, would not surprise me if it was.

    2. @@Leonel Ventura me either but u knows peoples lie for another person i just looks at all the stuff going on over there special the death of that Dr I had the Video he made on my Phone in they took it’s off Why would they put people’s in jail that’s what make me think this Lady is Lying I’m just saying things going on in the Truth will be told after this stuff is Over

  8. “It isn’t that bad.” One car in a city of 11 million people driving on the road while you wear workshop goggles and a mask.


    Chinese Government threatens*

    2nd video: “it’s not that bad”

  10. “Oh wow, they got plenty of rice,” she says.
    Sure, plenty of bins of rice exposed to the airborne Coronavirus.

    1. And then let someone else hold the plastic bag while she put the beans in it??? Uh- don’t touch my stuff- open food- PASS

    2. @Chad it’s still airborne. That’s why you’ve seen workers spraying the streets with some type of mist

  11. “Everything isnt that bad” literally built a quarantine center that is packed wall to wall and there is not enough meds to go around. It is bad really bad

    1. Japanese government couldn’t even have enough test kits for 3800 in the cruise ship and said “too difficult”. Now try that with 50+ millions in 250 millions quarantine zone in China…

    1. @SharonSmilesPhotography Melania speaks 5 languages “Be Best” is obviously a play on “Be Better”. English is probably her 5th language out of the 5.

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