Coronavirus: What to do if you believe you're infected | Just The FAQs 1

Coronavirus: What to do if you believe you’re infected | Just The FAQs


What to do if you believe you are infected with the novel coronavirus: experts discuss.
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Cincinnati Enquirer staff writer Ann Sacker explains the steps you should take if you believe you have the novel coronavirus.

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  1. Healthy people are dropping dead. Go to the er i work in a hospital and i wouldnt listen to this foolishness!

    1. hahahahahahahahah hahaha hahahahah if you tell lies this kind of lies it can be very expanive in the end if you realy should work in a hospital and may be your pahrmazy products are the reason for..many …things happening ..

    2. susi meier I am cringing and losing BRAINCELLS. Also, DR YouTube is correct. Healthy people are dropping dead

  2. These experts need to address the real world. stay in a garage? use separate bathrooms? What if you live in an apartment with 1 bathroom? I know the answer…make sure you sanitize everything, etc. I’m just bringing up how “tone deaf” some of the answers from the “experts”.

  3. What to do? Wait until you can barely breathe, then call 911. Hopefully, they will arrive before you pass away.

    1. oh my god …stop watching tv start reseach und start thinking…a flu is aflu and over 7ß years old patient to get a lounge infektion is day by day to see in retiree homes so dont let you panic by media and some sort of tv…

  4. go to bed and so like you always did please tell is loude and clear as it is the truth…….and stay away from clinik as in france and spain the bring oldery 80 years old to death like a the pet dr does so and be nice most media around the world stop this panik sooooo mannyyy mdeical dr telling it is a rugular flu and show us all your evidence or were you part vo bill gates the depolulaton master vaccine king..his event 201 stop to paink and go and let all the medical dr virulogic dr talk here and not only 1 dr . media has the duty to controll politic and to tell the truth all thruth not only one …side and ..nothing else go and read the england medical jounal there ist to read it is a mild flu and you hype next year with this report you can cancell and if a media only tells propaganda and not the trhuth is a very expensive act in the end if more and more people think about to sue this media as a media is not a propaganda tv for one groupe ..go and reseach and stopp this hiype as some sue will come around soon in many countries as poeple have enough now..dont let the cliniks be oberlouded with saisonal flu sick older peoles becouse they panik becouse of media reseach please and stop your panik .

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