Corporations Have A Responsibility: GA Firms Pressed To Stand Up For Voting Rights | Rachel Maddow

LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new campaign to pressure corporations based in Georgia to make good on past ad campaigns about racial equality and use their political clout to defend democracy from Republican voting restrictions. Aired on 03/13/2021.
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Corporations Have A Responsibility: GA Firms Pressed To Stand Up For Voting Rights | Rachel Maddow


  1. The GOP will pizz on people of color, and then turn right around and ask for their votes. And yet they still don’t understand why the overwhelming majority of people of color will never vote republican. Why on earth would they?

    1. @Frail Bones Biden Enough with the rightwing media talking points. Haven’t you learned by now they have absolutely zero relationship to reality and are just republican defense arguments?
      Since the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 60s and every racist in America abandoned the democratic party snd switched their affiliation to the repubs, that party has done everything in it’s power to keep black people from gaining the same full rights as white people. Even right now the republican party is actively attempting to disenfranchise the black voters who voted overwhelmingly to remove that white nationalist sympathizer Trump. Repubs are passing laws in the red states to make voting more restrictive and difficult for people in blue districts in Georgie, Texas etc… No early voting. Limiting mail in ballots and the number of precincts where people can vote to assure waiting lines will take hours to get through.
      Why would ANYONE who isn’t a millionaire ever vote for the GOP?
      Even millionaires should think twice before casting a ballot for a party which is actively doing harm to the majority of US citizens?
      Tac cuts for the rich.
      Cuts to the social safety net and healthcare for everyone else.

    2. Democrats are the dilemma we’re facing now. They’re trying to control and manage people and keep them at a subsistence level of life. It’s the most anti-human movement of today.

    3. @dana cayton What in the world are you talking about? If you look at the history of both parties voting records you’d find that you half described dems (1st part) and half repubs ( 2nd part).
      If there is any doubt just look at who voted for financial help for working people (all the dems) and who voted for no help after a year of quarantine and job losses (all repubs).
      That vote was predictable because of each parties records helping the poor, or in the case of the republican party, not helping the poor.
      Living with the bare minimum is more than the repubs think the working classes deserve, and they vote accordingly.
      You surely have some rationalization for why not a single repub voted to help poor people and all the dems did. That’s the exact opposite of what you wrote, but i never underestimate the power of confirmation bias and people’s self- delusions.
      If you had a clear head you would consider why the repubs voted AGAIN, not to give financial relief to those who really need it. It’s guaranteed if the money was going to the upper 1% the repubs would have voted yes. The very rich are the only americans the republicans care about. Their record is proof of that.
      Tax cuts for the rich.
      Cuts to welfare and healthcare for everyone else.
      That’s the republican’s policy.

  2. As long as the oligarchy continues to divide Americans by stoking racial resentments or immigrant fears or fears of socialism then the oligarchy doesn’t have to worry about a united majority. Divide-and-Conquer allows the oligarchy free reign. It makes the rest of us puppets fighting on a made-up stage.

    1. You sure said a MOUTH FULL!!! and its actually been working for hundreds of years! When oh when, is the entire Working Class going to wake up and realize our True Alliances, and that is with ALL Workers of ALL – races! Bcuz the ONLY Color that the ruling class has EVER cared about protecting, is the Color – GREEN!!!!

    2. Since the earliest people collected themselves together to be governed as a civilization, the universal and fundamental flaw with those governments is not what social philosophy they hold. It is that they are comprised of humans which are the only beings with an ego. The ego is the part of humans that gives them the notion they are entitled and entitlement is what divides. The ego ‘is’, has always been, and always will be. It cannot be vanquished. Therefore the Utopian society will never exist but in the human mind.

  3. Black people should just stop participating fully in the American economy by not buying anything beyond the basics. Once it’s realised exactly how much money Black Americans put into the economy, let’s see how long these suppression tactics are allowed to fly.

    1. @marmac I’m not American so excuse my ignorance but I thought Senate terms ran for 6 years? Why is Warnock up for replacement (in the minds of Trumpers) in two years?

    2. you are a traitor to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. honestly you BLM losers need to thank us for getting Trump out of office rather than continuing to fight us. we rescued you and this is the thanks President Biden gets?

    3. @Helen Short – unfortunately, he is replacing a Senator who was in his current Term (he died). Therefore, he could only be voted in, to finish out that Term. I believe the Senator he replaced, was the Amazing – Civil Rights Icon – John Lewis?!! but don’t quote me on that! Honestly, i never cared much about either “Party” or their Congressional thus and such’s – but after djtrash ran and won and seeing what he did to this country and the world, frankly, i started paying more attention.

  4. We need to make the horror of Voter Suppression – front & center, right now! And i also think more needs be done to pressure Big Business if they not only support the retrumplicans to further Voter Suppression! but also, those who don’t/won”t actually support the easiest and most accessible Voting! Tho right now, i want names & publish -for those supporting more VS, so we can BOYCOTT their sorry arses!

    1. so what you’re saying is you want big business to commit felonies as long as it furthers the democrats agenda.

  5. Oh, and did i forget to mention, that one of the plethora of draconian/jim crow era type voting restrictions that they plan to “legitimize” in Georgia, along with banning Souls to the Polls! is that it would also be “illegal” to bring Voters FOOD and WATER, while waiting in no doubt, long lines, just 2 VOTE! Souls to the Polls – is a favorite of Black Churches!

  6. This is the exact right strategy to save voting rights. Expecting the GOP to listen to reason, get on the side of facts, or take the moral high ground is like expecting a snake not to slither. Hit them in the pockets. Curb donations and shame/boycott Corporations that support GOP representatives & canidates.
    Time to move up to 5th gear, Dems! Don’t drop down to idle during a victory lap

    1. first of all, voting rights are for citizens of the country they voting in, 2nd of all voter ID stops fraudulent votes, third of all to stereotype anyone as biden has done shows he cares not for anyone as long as he gets into office, you can see that by the way he handled the pipeline and the border issue, he gave no thought to any of it, he has a hatred for everything.

  7. Voting in elections should be made easier and made MANDATORY!
    Election day should be a national holiday.

  8. Side note: so refreshing to see my sister’s embrace our ‘Natural’ God endowed all its crowning glory. Keep up the good work! We gotta represent- in the racially challenging climate of today..more than ever.

  9. The equable appeal happily smile because lentil algorithmically attend amongst a coherent monday. hissing, needless hate

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