Cory Booker: ‘Moral Vandal’ In White House May Win This Day, But He Will Not Win Our Nation | MSNBC

Cory Booker: ‘Moral Vandal’ In White House May Win This Day, But He Will Not Win Our Nation | MSNBC 1


    1. @Owen Johnson And flip they shall ! Open the door for THE BLUE WAVE ! Time to UNTRUMPH the White House and undo every single thing the gop has done !

  1. Where are the American people? You are letting your Country slide into a country with no truth and no justice.

  2. end of the republican party goodbye mitcho and lindsy is part of the ukraine scandle just like scoundrel nunes.

    1. U forgot they are from Kentucky and south Carolina..they will get reelected again…the people of those 2 states would rather have a corrupt Republicans senator than a decent Democrat…

    1. @Pernell Parham small mind lying coward come on out tell his story he can’t because he tell everything on himself he think he is a king

    2. @Katie Freeman Good because there is a disease cloud out there about cause everyone to be afraid and stay in while they take over

  3. It’s a disgrace the GOP enabling trump’s dictatorship- they are rendering the constitution, congress and rule of law irrelevant

    1. @Danny Vegito lmao! Hey minion you said it. I do think. It’s what sets me apart from the pathetic excuse of a human being you represent. Maybe try doing a little “thinking” for yourself. Maybe you won’t be duped so easy by the dumbest president in history and his senate minions. I honestly feel sorry for just how pathetic you are.

    2. @angela bluebird60 the people are speaking, just look at the president’s approval ratings going up during impeachment.

    3. @Edmund Dobry of trump were a dictator you couldn’t say these things without someone coming and hauling you off, but that isn’t happening so stop with the emotional appeals and deal with facts. Any evidence?

    1. @Sonia Bayer what evidence do you have to support that? The demoncrats don’t have any, did miss Cleo contact you to tell you this?

    2. @Billy Pardew Not even close to an example. There wasn’t a judge in the Mueller report.
      Mueller left and guided the eveidence for the Democrats to finish. Mueller didn’t get his taxes, financial records which will prove the colluding. But hey, who works with facts now days?

    3. @Skalgar That’s not true. tRump did more damage with one statement than any president we’ve ever had. Remember… “There are very fine people on both sides.” NOT!

    1. @The inquisitive biker I agree, I think there will be a huge landslide victory for the Democrats in November. Bigger than 2018.

    1. @Anthony Smith oh, lol! I just realized you were using “snowflake” to describe non-liberals. That’s funny. Funny like going to a Christian Heavy Metal concert. They pretend to do it, but it’s just not genuine. Snowflake is a slur created in 2015 for liberals, especially the ones who literally cry over politics and use devices such as the “scream pillow” to aid in handling their emotions. In case you didn’t know

    2. @Scribbles Scribbles stop projecting. You’re embarrassing yourself. Some might think you’re triggered….. Question is are you a left wing or right wing …..?

    3. @Scribbles Scribbles according to Wikipedia “snowflake” was introduced in 2010. Thought you should know….

    1. Send the Chief Justice this question my friend Eric Sienna Mela what’s to know if you can yell at Adam Schiff and ask him if they still want Eric do come over after he leaves John Brennan’s I’m asking for a friend

    2. @Crimdor What a silly comment. Trump is endangering the world as well as the US. Thanks to the Internet, we can follow every word Trump utters, no matter how he mangles the English language and watch the majority of decent Americans working to remove the babyman in the WH. Remember, Americans make up less than 5% of the World’s population. One angry move could seriously affect the other 95%

    3. @Eliza Grogan Trump is endangering the cash cow that the Bidens, Pelosis, Romneys, and Kerrys have tapped into. They’re afraid of discovery , it’s not the world Trump endangers, it’s the totally corrupt progressives.

  4. John Bolton – hold a presser in the Rotunda of the Capitol and tell what you know. There are a couple of documents on display there that say this is all right .

    1. Jimmy Jazz hey jimmy… indictments come from a grand jury and initiate a trail in criminal court. Impeachment comes from the House of Representatives and initiates a trail at the senate. They are comparative but are still governed by a different set of rules. For instance. Most impeachment trials only review witnesses testimony. They don’t actually recall all the witnesses. Why isn’t the house asking the other for the other 17 people to testify at the senate trail? You dimwit… keep eating paint chips

    2. @Kyle Gawryluk… Don’t forget American history. What white law makers did to the Natives, the Africans and the Asians is worse than what Koreans are reported to have done. Now, they are going to screw any White Folk who do not Hail Trump. You sure cant believe the American News Media that carries the lies, especially Fox.

    1. @Jam Who Call BOLTON – He was there!!! That is what a witness is for at a Trial. NOW do you understand?? That would be PROOF!!

    2. @Dre Day : He wasn’t investigating anything but his own self interest, but he loves that gullible folk like you believe he was interested in “corruption.”

  5. The proof of Trump’s guilt is in the fact that he keeps his minions from telling the truth and witnessing to the facts.

  6. I just listened to Professor Bowie (who Dershowitz cited as his defense source) completely destroy Dershowitz’s defense argument calling it a ludicrous, absurd, irresponsible joke!

    1. I saw it too – what good guy!  Just unbelievable when he explained it – wouldn’t you think Dershowitz would have spoken to this man.  I think he was desperate to do anything to help Trump. Watch this space.. . .

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