Cosmo Editor-In-Chief: Gender Is Not A ‘Deciding Factor’ In 2020 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine Jessica Pels joins The Beat to discuss the interest in politics amongst young women. Pels says gun control is a ‘primary issue’ for many young readers. Pels adds that gender is ‘not a deciding factor’ but mainly ‘a candidate who can get Trump out of office.’
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Cosmo Editor-In-Chief: Gender Is Not A 'Deciding Factor' In 2020 | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. If any still following Donny Dumbo Trump you’re a fascist plain and simple. Logic doesn’t matter, he just come out and lie every day!!🤪

    1. Dittzx .. don’t be so dumb to nominate someone who young-voters and change-voters won’t show up in a general.

  2. What is hard to believe is that 31% of of people still “think” RACIST TRUMPUTIN is bring in us all together

    1. It is all angry white males, they feel they losing the power over women, over colored people, over their homes .. in essence they blame everyone instead looking at them self. They blame the good looking males in Hollywood for them not getting women, instead they do not shower, shave or dress properly. It is so easy to blame some vulnerable group of people for your misery.. it has been done in the past and it will happen again. Most likely the jews will wear the brunt again.. not the state it self of course.

    2. TAMAIMCJE It’s much higher than 31 percent – more like 70 percent – you’re in the 30 percent or less. That seems important to you. I’m not sure why.

    1. Corporate Media and this Corporate Magazine Editor have to promote Bought & Owned, no-policy-having, Dementia-ridden Joe Biden…. forget the groping of women and particularly young girls. Elites will fire them if they don’t promote Dementia-joe.

    2. Just glad it was clarified from the magazine’s leader that Cosmo is actively trying to manipulate their readers for the establishment elite’s candidate. Good to know.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful human, those eyes are so alluring, the hair style is flowing like waves in the ocean, the voice is that of an angel singing a sweet tune and Jessica is pretty hot too

  4. why would gender be an issue with you liberals and socialists, you have 400 different genders. I’ve have always known to be two, girl and boy and that was it.

    1. Must be tough these days working so hard to remain ignorant. Do you enjoy the benefits of infrastructure, education, and social security? If so you like socialism.

  5. These people trained to vote for women dont get me started on the film industry make original all that bs trust all women no trust facts and logic thank you very much

  6. Cosmo on misogyny and other important topics …Cosmo where we all go for news and information – as opposed to the lipstick winner this month … or best handbags for fall 2019 – ya know, important stuff…Kamala 2020! Aka Headboard Harris

  7. Elizabeth demonstrates the best performance and commitment with solutions and results for real problems. She really think things through before she speaks or acts. I even think she would make a better POTUS than P. Obama, and he was the best. She brings facts, logic and clarity. Plus Trump needs to get punched in the face by a girl.

    1. These elites are required to promote Biden’s bought & Owned dementia-ridden Establishment status-quo self.

  8. These elites are required to promote Biden’s bought & Owned dementia-ridden Establishment status-quo self.

  9. Truly good to see that the youth of America are becoming politically involved. Embarrassing what my generation has done to destroy everything we touch.

  10. …new Republican rock band: * Donald J and the Dysfunctionals * – perhaps amusing to some – but not so much to others – considering this ‘band’ occupies the highest office in the United States of America and represents ALL Americans…time to wake up – if 31% of the USA truly wishes to follow tRump down a path of self righteous destruction then this same 31% needs to ELECTIFIED to the point of no return in 2020!

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