1. I just tried the App using Montreal then Quebec city as delivery areas. They do not deliver in Montreal and Quebec city.

  2. My family cancelled our membership when we heard they made masks mandatory in the states. We buy mostly from farms now.

  3. Glad for new service options for those that can’t make it to the store, but how does it compare to services from other food stores? Is the 15% (?) to cover personnel wages to go pick out the items? Also, how much is the Instcart delivery charge? Based on travel distance?? How do these additional costs impact on low income folk?

  4. Why?? Because our corrupt ‘government’ is re opening borders to spread the ‘virus’ for more excuses to lock down again…check to see who bought stocks…

  5. Buy directly from farmers or small businesses, stop supporting these mask-mandating big corporations. They are making billions in profit off this PLANdemic.

  6. Not a lot of options online, they should offer all their products that they offer on the store online. Most of the time they dont have the product in stock.

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