Could a 4-day workweek bill pass Congress? Here’s what we know | JUST THE FAQS

Progressive Democrats are pushing to make four-day workweeks federal law. Here's how that could affect workers and employers.

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Progressive Democrats are renewing a push to make four-day workweeks federal law, with lead sponsor Rep. Mark Takano of California saying the change will give Americans more time "to live, play, and enjoy life more fully outside of work."

Takano introduced a bill earlier this month that would reduce the standard workweek from 40 hours to 32, effectively ending the traditional five-day cycle.

The legislation follows a shift in workplace trends after the COVID-19 pandemic influenced conversations about what the future of work may look like.

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  1. Can we really rely on how well the press keeps us informed when they seem to waver as much on a particular issue as a congressman or the president would.

  2. 4 day 32 hour work week. Means that the company at 32 hours would be considered full time. Making McDonald’s and dollar store and company like that. To provide vacation and insurance to there employees. That right now are all part time only working 32 hours.

  3. It shouldn’t pass. I worked a 4/10 hour shift, in a call centre, and loved it, however, not every job would benefit from a mandate like this. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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