Could this man replace Putin? Hear Russian journalist’s answer

Yevgeny Prigozhin, who leads a major mercenary force fighting in Ukraine called the Wagner Group, is rising in power, but could he replace Russian President Vladimir Putin? Russian investigative journalist Mikhail Zygar discusses with CNN's Erin Burnett. #CNN #News


  1. Putin needs Nicolae Ceausescu justice: Trial at 8 am, conviction at noon, sentence at 1 pm, firing squad at 2 pm — and everyone goes home for dinner.

    1. @Scott Mason I think Putin knows better than you what he is doing. Just accept that presidents know better than you what to do.


    3. @Annie Yeah, Ceausescu was oddly tame for a communist leader. Didn’t make the policies of his regime suck any less.

      Any good he did for the country was just to satiate his pride, to say “Look world, look how great my rule is” to other world leaders.

      A megalomaniac with charm, that’s all the dictators are in history.

    4. @robert wisniewski spare me the rosy lenses. You’d not be typing this here today if that trial hadn’t played out the way it did.

      The hand of justice reaches everyone eventually. But for a tower to crumble, all it takes is for the foundation, Causescu, to fall first.

    5. @Shade Lunatic
      There was no single country behind the iron curtain where high profile commies got what they deserved…
      In fact in most cases they became successful politicians, bussines owners…etc…
      (CzechRep. former PM Andrej Babis is a very good example as well as ex German Chancellor Angela Merkel…
      They were both communist activists…
      Andrej Babis was directly involved in Czechoslovakian communist secret service…
      There is highly probable that Angela Merkel worked for STASI as well
      (these are widely known facts)…
      So i assume that in Romania things are not much diferent from what they are anywhere else…
      Ceausecu was nothing but a “Patsy”…or whatever….you name it…
      Your simplified vision does not match reality…at least in my opinion…

    1. @Ales Ponec you dont get what I was saying, do you? There is this thing called google translate. Maybe use it before judging, you bipedal paraquat.


    3. @Apokkalyps did they freeze the brainfarts and keep them on a shelf until thaw season? Because I’m seeing far too many too

    4. @Olen Mees brainfarting has been practiced secretly by the oligORCS for decades. Have you ever opened a Fabergé egg? Please don’t – that’s where they are hidden

  2. Prigozhin is more Putin than Putin in the kleptocratic gangster sense but he lacks the cold blooded long game tactics that Putin learned in the KGB.

    1. @Games Cooky Not so hard to reconcile. Puta’s meat grinder chef (wagner) is paid in mineral rights, never rubles. Start from there. The Bay of Pigs wasn’t about nuclear missiles, it was over 1,000 expats going back to take out the commie who was exerting Russian influence in South America. Putin has troops in SA today

    2. @Gospel of Jesus Christ Please shut your hole – it’s such a rude offense to preach your mental illness to people. I find it highly offensive

    3. @MWENDA That’s why Clinton had to go into eastern Europe – you ethnic chubs thinking one is better than the other. That’s what scares me about the PUTA fans in America, white chistin natiionlists could just as well be nazis – SO UNAMERICAN
      იოსებ ბესარიონის ძე ჯუღაშვილი was a genocidal maniac

    4. @Ace Kelizers The Us never attacked Cuba. The US sent out a Navel blockade blocking Russian Ship who where trying to deliver nukes to Cuba.

  3. I had the impression that the guy wanted to take over and eliminate Putin for a long time time. I got his name wrong early on but his behavior reminded me of the generals who would stab each other in the back (sometimes literally) for the Ceasar position of Rome at the early stages of the Roman Empire.

    Success in the field and showing up the other leadership gives notariety and that brings respect and power ultimately leading to a coup. Of course I don’t know everything because early on I thought his name was Dmitri. Eh he wasn’t a household name. He is now. Putin should be very scared of him.

    1. @greg hill Ukraine is the second biggest country in Europe by land mass. The GDP is much smaller than Russia’s but 10% is agriculture compared to Russia’s 5%. This is nothing but resource plunder. Wagner gets paid in mineral leases – never rubles

    2. @VICTORY UKRAINE There’s not much more we can do brother. Great and wise American leaders with two and a half centuries of liberal democracy behind them could risk a land war and we would – but Puta is a savage trailer park dog with nukes and we can’t provoke the mad man. It is not our world to risk. We must trust in the glorious heroes of Ukraine

    3. @Michael Petrovich “Popular?” Of course he is, Michael… But then, so was Adolf Hitler.
      “Winning?” Well, Putin just seems to be taking an embarrassingly long time doing it. It’s almost as if the Russian military is so corrupt that it hardly has any motivated and equipped servicemen, or any motorised equipment that’s serviceable.

    4. @Tomas Pita It would have been far cheaper for Putin to simply buy all the carrots he needed. Britain would have even been prepared to give him some shopping trolleys.

    5. @greg hill i did know this was a speed contest.
      We will take all the time we need to denazify and Demilitarize Ukraine.
      You just keep sending that money and military. weapons.
      Ok Greg.

    1. dying but taking more inches of territory that look like they are winning with sacrificing some of the troops.

    2. Being an “Elite” russian soldier (i.e Wagner group) is not such a great achievement. They only have to be more skilled than a potato to be elite over there.

    1. “From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 4:17

      “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matthew 5:38-39

      “And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” Matthew 6:5-6°

    1. Those convicts used by Wagner often are serving for rape, murder… Giving them freedom, and money for killing is a candy many couldnt resist. They couldnt care less about the ulterior motive of the war

  4. Even with glaring examples right beside them, Russia chose the middle-eastern way instead of western European model because apparently the right-wing religious countries are all doing great and the liberal democracies are all crap-holes. To be a leader in this world and choose that path means absolute contempt towards your own people.

  5. Even posing a question like this in the title show how woefully inadequate West’s understanding of modern Russia is

  6. Their training film is, “The Dirty Dozen.” The sequel has Steven Segal leading, “The Frozen Several Dozen.”

  7. Prigozhin will have some sort of unfortunate accident, be a military casualty or die of a previously unknown condition long before he gets a chance to replace Putler. Unless Pulter has some sort of unfortunate accident, be a military casualty or die of a previously unknown condition…

    1. As long as he fetches up in a ditch….it doesn’t matter who does it. But it will happen. Maybe not today or tomorrow but very soon.

    2. @Alexander Backert IT’S PEOPLE!
      They talk about ‘puta’s chef’ putting hundreds of thousands of men into the ‘meat grinder’
      Just ewwwwww

  8. After this video one of them is going to mysteriously “fall out a window”. That’s my prediction.

    1. They would need to take out ALL of his Top officers too. So they’ll need trust worthy men that have good tactics and work together like an assasins. Like in those vicious gang video games.

  9. “The hottest corners in hell are reserved for those who, during the greatest moral upheavals, remained neutral”

    1. @John Gordon Norris how about a 10 crackers in a minute challenge? Go one big boy, get to eating.
      PS you *CAN* eat six if you eat three at once, then two, and eat the last cracker before the chamber spins

  10. Imagine being a officer in Wagner and sending your men to not only fight, but to SWIM across a frozen river in the middle of Ukrainian wintertime, so they freeze and lose limbs before they even reach the other side what madness is this?

    1. @bob dillon Right, Stalin lost a million men at Stalingrad (so did Axis) but he won that part of the war ONLY because we gave them $278B in today’s money under the Lend Lease Act (1941). Stalin said they couldn’t have won without machines and America was a “machine coutry”. We sent over half a million Studebaker 2.5 ton trucks – that was the number one piece of eqpt that won that part of the war for the mad genocidal punk who went on to kill more than a million Russians when the war was over

    2. @Eder Pires It was literally commentary from a Wagner commander lmao. CNN didn’t make the video its Wagner propoganda lmao…

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