Country Struggles To Catch Up As It Reaches Grim Milestone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Country Struggles To Catch Up As It Reaches Grim Milestone | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


The panel continues its discussion on the lack of an organized White House response to the coronavirus and the impact this is having on the country. Aired on 3/26/2020.
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Country Struggles To Catch Up As It Reaches Grim Milestone | Morning Joe | MSNBC

94 Comments on "Country Struggles To Catch Up As It Reaches Grim Milestone | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Tobi Sherwood | March 26, 2020 at 11:36 AM | Reply

    This is what happens when you have a Sociopath for a President!!!

    • Ms. Vee just google how many people just get the flu world wide, and how many people die! Not Trumps fault with this virus ! It’s worldwide!

    • Janet Crawford | March 28, 2020 at 8:33 AM | Reply

      @Luis Boqcas lol are you high? Everything americans claimed to stand for is nothing but a double standard profitting ploy to generate good public image for themselves. You effectively admitted that in your lengthy response. Trump has nothing to do with this. Americans have long been murder for profit terrorists and for well over half a century. This whole trump argument of yours holds no truth to it whatsoever since trump was most definitely not president while a vast majority of these hypocrisies occured. The freedoms, democratic standards and basic human rights were established by an emerging internationalized movement, rooted in european constitutions and the history of democracy. Canada and europe championed a great number of policies that led to standards we have today. Americans didn’t set the stage for anything but steal off everyone else’s ideas to mask the fact that they’re a greedy murderous lot who would like to appear like the rest of the free world despite being glaringly hypocritical.

    • @Janet Crawford you appear to forget where Europe was during most of the XX century. Half of Europe was ruled by authocrats and economically extremely reliant on extracting wealth from colonies. That system engolfed Europe into two destructive wars during the first half of the century that brought Europe to the verge of destruction. US was key to preserve democracies in Europe in the aftermath of the war, not only leading by example but also by supporting financially European governments and stopping further countries to fall prey of left wing authocratic regimes. The freedoms, human rights and democratic standards were set through US leadership and the participation of Europe and Canada, but the leadership was always done by America. There is a lot of things America got wrong but do you want really compare the US actions with European colonial past? I am European, and I am proud of the values we have today, but I do not ignore our past mistakes, and I measure the good and the bad we made. We cannot only see the bad, when there are things which are good to consider. And that is the problem of the post-trump America. The good parts of America leadership are gone and now you only have to deal with a self serving superpower that try to use its power to push everyone around and destroyed the trust built over 80 years of cooperation in just a couple of years.

    • @Luis Boqcas i know you are a lying american. Europeans chose to stay democratic, it had nothing to do with american support. Canada was equally powerful in the first and second world war so your whole emphasis over american leadership is false and everyone on earth knows that. Only inbred americans who spent all their days tooting their own horns would be oblivious to such common knowledge. Most of the constitutions of the free world all share a vast number of similarities because they all trace their roots to rome and greek origins, later tailored through the french revolution and refined during the collapse of European colonialism by europeans, not americans. Americans contributed absolutely nothing. In fact while everyone else was already giving the rights to vote for women and people of color, americans were still trying to suppress black votes. There’s nothing forward or democratic about america, but the lies they paint themselves in to not appear like the monsters they are.

    • Janet Crawford | March 28, 2020 at 9:38 AM | Reply

      @Zerus Duke lol i was thinking the same too. This guys gotta be a moron to think he can fool people that he’s european. Europeans won’t not know their own history

  2. A wartime President who’s a draft dodger: oh the irony!

    • @Cathy Pack well said!

      Stay safe, and your parents too.

    • @Don Williams Not really trying to get in the middle of things, but at least a conscientious objector has some sort of moral code, an ethical reasoning. Trump just lied to get out of it. Also, could you honestly imagine either Biden or Bernie trying to do things like throw themselves a military parade, insult a Gold Star family, get a Purple Heart like a CrackerJack prize from someone who actually earned it, and call themselves a wartime hero then do next to nothing to comfort & help the least among us? I certainly can’t.

    • Cathy Pack more like a bunch of nazis in the gop, like trump!

    • TRACK PETERSON | March 31, 2020 at 5:40 PM | Reply


    • @TheToff, Ya know, it absolutely makes me want to puke every time I see our draft dodger in chief salute – troops, police, anyone! He salutes as if he’s earned the right to do it. Galls me to no end that we have Putin’s puppet in command of our military.

  3. I am a Canadian and today is the last day that I can subject myself to listen to American news. Just can’t do it.
    Republicans are not even human.

  4. If seniors are “unproductive” and “costing us money,” then Mitch McConnell should go first.

    • @Antonio Arambula U wanna stimulate Trump? Use ur right hand……or ur mouth…🤮

    • Arlene Krucinski | March 26, 2020 at 2:10 PM | Reply

      @Antonio Arambula Aww how nice of you…why r u watching MSNBC shouldn’t u be getting brainwashed by FOX news.

    • Antonio Arambula | March 26, 2020 at 2:18 PM | Reply

      @Arlene Krucinski I get my news from YouTube only. I don’t pay to watch fake news!

    • @Arlene Krucinski 👍😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • No I agree with him, under 2 conditions: 1. we let seniors die only until the problem is solved and 2. Donald Trump is the first senior Citizen to go. After the first death we can solve not only the Coronavirus problem but also hundreds of other problems as well.

  5. If bombs were ventilators every American would have one.

  6. The “Repugnicants”, are only pro life, if it concerns their own corporate interests!

    • And they are only “pro-life” in public. Many of them have insisted that their pregnant girlfriends have abortions.

  7. Cathy Jo Simonton | March 26, 2020 at 3:21 PM | Reply

    Mika is showing some real passion, very clearly speaking with her heart and brain

  8. Colin Houlder | March 26, 2020 at 3:21 PM | Reply

    Senior citizens did their part and contributed already. We are benefiting from their contributions. They deserve to enjoy their golden years. They should not have to sacrifice their lives now to corporate greed.

    • Colin – Senior citizens are not going to sacrifice their lives; it was just a stupid outlandish idea put forward by a few people. But it does reveal the brutal, economics-driven approach of some in government. And this idea has surfaced in other countries, not just America.

  9. Schooling Diana | March 26, 2020 at 3:27 PM | Reply

    Nazi death talk/rationale from the White House.

  10. Over50andFantabulous | March 26, 2020 at 3:30 PM | Reply

    He is 72 himself! Shame on him. I’m 60 and my fricken life matters.

  11. The actual HOAX on America is trump, a Russian Intelligence success.

    • A simple test for US voters:
      Do you still believe in Russia-gate hoax??
      If no longer, do you believe that Biden participated from the start (Obama certainly has)?

    • Landon .Weiss | March 27, 2020 at 11:42 AM | Reply

      Boris Petrov I’m
      Not American, it’s just easy to see that trump is Putin’s puppet and the Russians have been meddling in western affairs for decades now. My family moved to North America to escape Russian oppression we are not blind.

    • Boris Petrov | March 27, 2020 at 2:42 PM | Reply

      Landon .Weiss Dear London — you are totally blind. Russia-gate hoax was invented by DNC and deep state — this was obvious from the start and proven over and over. That Trump is incompetent, toxic and dangerous does not change facts. And — in foreign policy both parties are identical, militatistic and — suicidal for all of us.

    • Boris Petrov, if you live under Putin, you are spewing HIS propaganda with NO INDEPENDENT thought.

    • Boris Petrov | March 27, 2020 at 3:59 PM | Reply

      Vee Ay Our “thinker” shared further thoughts…;-)) I live in isolation because of Trump-virus — an appropriate name because of his incompetency.

  12. What Republican has the balls to say “Trump you done wrong”?

    The answer is simple, None of them.

  13. Fatman inatincan | March 26, 2020 at 4:07 PM | Reply

    The only way Trump will ever care about this pandemic is if he catches it himself

    • @Cliff Cartwright You trumpanzees have a big surprise coming up in a few weeks!!! And by the way, russian traitor, you have the coronovirus!

    • Craig Crawford | March 27, 2020 at 10:03 PM | Reply

      @Cliff Cartwright Notice Acts 20:35 champ? “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

      Now, Paul says “by this kind of hard work.” What hard work is Paul talking about? Then, Paul continues “that we must help the weak.” This is not a suggestion, this is a command, “must” indicates it is a command to help the weak with the kind of hard work Paul is referring too, which is what Cliff?

      Furthermore, in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 Paul states “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat” and specifies people are not to be idle and busybodies.

      Now, Job lost everything, so he couldn’t work for however long, and Paul didn’t work while in chains, and I could go on, so, when you say God supports those who work for a living I ask where it says that but you don’t include pertinent verses. You think God ignores the disabled or infirm? You think God ignores those whom are too old to work?

    • Cliff Cartwright | March 28, 2020 at 12:08 AM | Reply

      @crikey8 let me guess, another impeachment hearing? man! the dems will do anything to avoid work.

    • Faye Toliver | March 28, 2020 at 9:49 PM | Reply

      You know he caught it…and Lied…Lol

    • Fatman inatincan | March 28, 2020 at 11:17 PM | Reply

      Haha! Riot!

  14. I feel for the reporters – they are gradually looking more and more worn out. This must be a really tough time for them. They get no credit and only abuse from the highest levels of the government. They are our 4th estate. Know that we appreciate what you do.

    • @Lorelai Gilmore LG, right you are. There are many contributing and sacrificing. Certainly have not forgotten them. I hope you and yours remain safe.

    • Suzanne Lehman | March 27, 2020 at 2:04 AM | Reply

      Freedom of the press can not be compromised!

    • The health care professionals have all but been thrown to the wolves. Seriously, have you seen how worn out they look?

    • Respect/Walk | March 27, 2020 at 9:24 AM | Reply

      Nah can’t be worse than trying to sell the Russia live for three years

    • Constituent A | March 27, 2020 at 4:46 PM | Reply

      @Respect/Walk My God! He was selling live Russians, too??? As like, slaves, or were they children, part of the trump-Epstein pedophile ring, or what? Or are you talking about when he had Nastya Rybka record her encounter with Oleg Deripaska on that yacht off the coast of the Seychelles?

  15. Does Trump think he’s young? Hello reality check dude you’re OLD TOO!

    • @Blu Blood I hope the McDonalds and adderal diet will contribute to offing him when corona strikes him.

    • Respect/Walk | March 27, 2020 at 9:26 AM | Reply

      And and slow Joe isn’t

    • Old, Ugly, Demented, Delusional, Drug Addict and above all LOW IQ!

    • Dianne Fulton | March 27, 2020 at 2:43 PM | Reply

      I am not young, but I would like to have a life of peace and happiness before I die. Trump won’t allow me that!? He is not pro life, he is pro death. He is the anti Christ, pure and simple. We need to act now.

    • not old enough! Actually, he knows. There was one video where a Senator stated she had a cold..he was standing beside her. Maybe you saw him–he jumped a mile high and scooted to the end of the line of other people that were standing there, too. Funny! Yeah..he knows. He just isn’t interested in the topic except in how it affects his election–which I’m sure you know. Hah!

  16. I’m a 73 year old Brit and Joe brought tears to my eyes talking about the way people of my generation are being treated by Trump and his cronies. God bless all the vets and may Tump get his comeuppance

    • Cassandra Lord | March 26, 2020 at 7:49 PM | Reply

      Trump is 72. This virus could definitely change our house and Senate. Many of our senators are very old. I hope you stay safe during this trying time. My mom is all I have left and I hope that she doesn’t get exposed to Covid-19.

    • Your government was favoring herd immunity early on, so you could have been in the same position.

    • C Bliss

    • @Peri TurnerHerd immunity maybe, but not sacrificing the over 70s and those in poor health because we’ve been put in a minimum of 3 months self-isolation, only to be ‘released’ when the curve has been flattened meaning the NHS would be able to cope with another rush of cases. If another spike seems inevitable we’ll be put back in self-isolation. As it is at the moment though, the whole country is virtually in lockdown. One household is not allowed to socialise with another household even if they are relatives. When outside people (not from the same household) are expected to keep 6 feet apart. Emergency services, food stores and pharmacies are open, refuse collections are continuing. For people working in these services who are unable to organise child minders (elderly relatives not permitted because they’re in self-isolation) some schools are open, staffed by teachers, and will remain open throughout the Easter/spring vacations.

  17. My last grandparent that was alive, my grandmother passed away 2 years ago and I miss her everyday, but I’m almost grateful she went then peacefully and I don’t have to worry about her dying from this terrible virus I know she would be scared and would be locked down in her assisted living facility and I wouldn’t be able to go in and visit her. Godspeed everyone, keeping all Americans and citizens of the world in my thoughts tonight.

    • Thank you.

    • Angela Scott | March 27, 2020 at 5:49 PM | Reply

      My mother still lives in her own home and is 97 and has plenty food but I have been ill and haven’t been out in nearly a month now. I am very worried about her. She has a carer for 15 minutes twice a week so if she needs anything they will help her.

  18. America has fallen apart, and there’s hope we put it back together again. Vote in November.

    • Jeff Whitman | March 28, 2020 at 8:47 PM | Reply

      November could be too late. This President is out of control and is risking the lives of thousands of people. There is a thing called the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. It allows all 14 cabinet members to act in unison to remove a sitting President on the grounds that he is not able to perform the duties of office. And so, there is a way to safely remove the President from Office, at least temporarily until the health crisis is over, but I don’t see how it can be done without the help from the media and from some very wealthy people, like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, to show their support.

  19. Gov Cuomo sounds and comes across more and more like a president.

    • Vincenzo Napoles | March 27, 2020 at 7:06 AM | Reply

      Uh no, I’m saying that the guy who is responsible for 20,000 less beds in NY hospitals over the last decade and cuts to Medicaid which defunded some hospitals would not be my choice. I wish more people would research who they deem would make a good president instead of how they “come across” on TV for a few minutes. Anyone would be a better president than Trump so that comparison means nothing.

    • @Vincenzo Napoles If that would be the case, Trump wouldn’t be President and you guys would have had another situation

    • Look at what he did at earlier times. He did not close schools and kept business open after so many teachers went on strike. So many teachers are infected. Now he is over the top that why people are in park.

    • 1979 Hellcat | March 27, 2020 at 8:29 AM | Reply

      Ashok Mehta IG he runs I’ll vote for him 1 million times over. N no I didn’t vote for trump

    • His father–the previous mayor of NY—had the same moral fortitude. He was asked to run but refused. I wish this one would run in 2024. He would win, I’m sure.

  20. legitimate soul-police | March 26, 2020 at 9:36 PM | Reply

    They keep blaming Obama Administration when Trump had 4 years to get it right.

    • Since Rump is such a manlet, he always has to compare himself with a real man trying to be just “as good as a real president.”

    • UMANITEA4Life | March 27, 2020 at 6:44 AM | Reply

      And Trump fired the Pandemic Team with a smile during his first few months of being in office.. now look at us. Yes.. how far are we willing to let him go on this? To save his Presidency?

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