Covid-19 Cases In Arkansas Rise 56% Over Last Two Weeks 1

Covid-19 Cases In Arkansas Rise 56% Over Last Two Weeks

Debbie Hewett, nurse and director of critical care services at Mercy Fort Smith in Northwestern Arkansas, speaks on her experiences with the recent surge in Covid cases.

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    1. @January 6th: A Terror Attack
      You are going to have the most shocking time of your life
      Trump is coming back soon . borrego

  1. يقول( اللّه) جل جلاله للملائكة خاصة وجميع عباده كونوا لطفاء مع زوجاتكم ونساء اهل الجنة ولا تجعلوهم اسيرات لديكم

  2. Why haven’t I seen a video about Louisianna. They have the highest number of cases. Is it because they have a governor with a D next to their name?

  3. What are the statistics ??..oh that’s’s whatever they want them to be convenient.

  4. Love how these guys wanna pick on republican states when California has the same rate as Arkansas in the same exact time frame.
    Love that bias MSNBC
    Keep on being you!
    We see you…..

  5. So I’ve got to say that YouTube is fishing around with the likes to dislikes ratio on these covid videos. All of a sudden they’re going from mostly dislikes to a higher ratio of likes……

  6. I would like a true number(percentage) of the new cases that are people who are fully vaccinated. I’m guessing it’s a lot higher than any main stream media would actually report.

  7. Ooohhh, I’m scared, I guess I’ll just hide behind a mask like dictator Fauci says. Why can’t you just go do something else, your no good at journalism.

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